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Why Is Your Site Not Showing Up On Google? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons

There are probably many reasons why your site is not visible but here we will be talking about 5 main reasons and along with it what can be done to improve it. It’s heartbreaking for a businessman to invest his hard-earned money into any digital marketing company and expect a return in which traffic will be generated into his website and their business will improve. But it does not happen the same he was promised of. Webpulse is a leading web development company in India that has brought solutions to the problems mentioned above. You can visit our website and check our profile and discounted packages like SEO Packages and Local SEO Packages in India etc.

Here are the 8 reasons:

1. Your website is not indexed by Google:

 This is a very important point to be noted. If a site is not indexed, it won’t rank in search engines. The reason why your site is not showing up can be either of the things mentioned below:

(a) New Website: Search Engines take time to index your page. Usually, it would take multiple weeks if you have created a webpage and submitted a sitemap or requested an index. Google searches for quality and type of inbound’s links to rank, if missing from your website then google won’t show up on your mecidiyeköy escort website.

(b) Erroneous No-Index Tags:  The no-index tagging should be perfectly placed and shouldn’t prevent your website from getting crawled or indexed. Robots.txt file usually stops Google crawlers from visiting complete sections on your website, so you’d want to ensure that accidentally you’ve not placed any of the pages you want them to rank. Hence, it should be done carefully.

2. The website has been penalized: 

Ranking could also be affected if the website is penalized. Penalization is done if the website is not made according to the google quality guidelines. You need to search for the reason in the google search console and according to that, you can write a reconsideration request.

While writing a reconsideration in google Docs (don’t use any other non-google product to write a request. Remember some important things like making it understandable that you understood what you did was wrong therefore it won’t be repeated and mentioning whatever steps you will apply would match the google quality guidelines. If you gave your work to any SEO agency and they did poor work because of which the website went penalized, then you should briefly add every detail of that SEO agency. And in future, if you want your work done according to the norms you can contact our company Webpulse which is India’s best Website Designing Company and Best SEO Company in Delhi.

3. Need for User Experience:

Whether it’s a physical shop or a website if the user lacks a good remember able experience they will leave the site which gives google the indication that the site shouldn’t rank. The only way to solve this is by improving the UX of a website. This will entertain visitors, decrease the bounce rate and will also improve ranking in SERPs. Steps you could use to apply to improve website UX are :

(i)Try to fasten up the website speed by using page elements. 

(ii)Visual elements should be added beside the content to make it look more interesting and that may engage customers while they go through it.

(iii)Providing Navigation or drop-down in the website is a must today for accessibility for users so that they can directly reach the topic they are looking for rather than scrolling and searching manually for that particular topic.

4. Website Optimization is done erroneously:

A well-designed website can lack traffic just because of poor search engine optimization. Now you must be thinking about how can one improve SEO. For this purpose, you can directly contact us, whether it’s making the website or Website Designing Company in Delhi we excel at everything. And the most important point for which Webpulse is known is its Quality Content. Other factors that matters are :

(i) loading speed of the website

(ii) Using Keywords which are most searched

(iii) website code should be clean making it easy for a search bot to index the website.

5. Using Trendy Keywords :

Keywords are like an essential nutrient to the content whether it’s a blog or an article. Trending keyword uses according to the niche you are writing content in and by adding that you could for sure collect traffic to your website. Nowadays using long keywords is preferred as it has less competition and it makes the search intent clearer. You could use tools that may help you in finding dapper keywords related to your headline or topic that are most searched.

6. High-Quality Backlinks : 

If you have applied all the above method’s given and still your page is not ranking then most probably it is because of not using enough backlinks. In simple words, these are links from another website page to your website that will help another website’s traffic come to your site. The more the number of backlinks you use the better the search engine ranking is going to be.

  1. Technical issue: A small tech issue is enough to bring your ranking down. There must be some glitch which you news to fix. Some of them are:
  2. Your site may experience problems like server crashes, DNS problems, and HTTP errors. This will create a hurdle for google to index and crawl your site.
  3. Next could be the use of heavy javascript on your website. The use of javascript makes it difficult for google to index your website.

The solution to this problem is easily accessible to any website owner. The first is getting a high-quality web host. This will help you solve your technical problems and with that, you won’t face any server issues. The next thing is to minimize the amount of javascript on your site or instead you could use the fetch and render tool on the google search console to find out which particular java script element is causing the problem. The last thing which you should do and that will be beneficial for your website is having regular technical SEO audits. This is the best solution for your website to solve the technical glitch you are going through.

Website is hacked or removed from Google:

This could also be one of the reasons that your website is hacked and because of which your site is not ranking high on google. Your site may be blacklisted or removed from the index and seeing this google may show users written as “ This site is hacked” after opening your site. 

The solution to this problem is that you may check if your website is hacked or not by going through Search Console Account. In SCA, go to the Security issue section and look for any URLs if they are listed.

Point’s to Remember :

The above given are the problems because of which your site is not showing up. Now in brief we will see what is the solution :

  1. Have a Google search console account
  2. Try to submit your sitemap
  3. Most importantly, Create unique content
  4. Get high-quality backlinks
  5. Regular technical SEO audits.


You can visit our website and check our profile and discounted packages like SEO Packages and Local Seo Packages India etc.

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