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12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Hangzhou, China

12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Hangzhou, China

Marco Polo said of Hangzhou during his visit to the Song Dynasty capital at the end of the 13th century that “it is without a doubt the finest and most wonderful city in the world.” Hangzhou is still the most beautiful city in the world.” In the present, it’s easy to see why he loved it so much. The people as well as the temples, street food, the culture, and, of course, the lake is beautiful, peaceful, and gorgeous as they were a century ago which is why they continue to be the source of romantic poetry and avcılar escort myths. We have compiled our top 12 reasons you shouldn’t overlook the city of Beijing in China. There are Chinese name generators available to help you generate Chinese names.  

Visit Hangzhou


  • West Lake

Absolutely, West Lake is the top attraction for visitors during their stay in Hangzhou. A perfect spot to watch people Here, you can see the way Chinese individuals spend their leisure time.

  • Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea)

Longjing Tea can be described as a sought-after variety of green tea because of its distinctive flavor, which originates from its terroir, and its unique drying method of pan frying that keeps its freshness. It is grown only at the foothills that make up Longjing Village and nourished with mineral-rich water from an artificial lake the legendary Dragon Well.

  • West Lake Impressions

It is an outdoor spectacle of music, dance, and lighting effects that are performed every night in the backdrop of West Lake and the surrounding mountains. The show was directed by the award-winning Zhang Yimou. The show has hundreds of performers and features music by famous Japanese composer Kitaro. This performance is specially designed for Hangzhou.

  • Museums

Hangzhou is the home of more than 100 museums that focus on all aspects of Chinese culture that is possible including tea, medicines the traditional Chinese food. Two of the museums to be on the lookout for include two museums: the Chinese Silk Museum as well as The China Tea Museum.

  • Dongpo Pork

This delicious slow-cooked dish of braised pork was named in honor of the well-known Song poet of the dynasty Su Shi (nicknamed Su Tungpo) who is believed to be the idea of the dish. This dish, while well-known all over the world, originated made in Hangzhou so where better to try it than in Hangzhou?

One of the biggest and richest Buddhist shrines in all of the globe, Lingyin has been regarded as being the central point for Chan Buddhism. The temple is located on a hill. the grounds of the temple are home to a multitude of grottoes with hand-engraved Buddha statues, both on the in and out. It is among the few Buddhist remains that have endured the Cultural Revolution.

  • Qing Hefang Street

The lively promenade dates into the Song dynasty. It is brimming with stalls that sell various souvenirs ranging from tea to high-end silk scarves. It is possible to buy snacks, take an image in front of the large Buddha or sip tea in the traditional tea house. There’s also a long-standing pharmacy, called Huqingyutang, and is a must-see

  • Former home of Xueyan Hu

The traditional house is well-maintained and showcases exquisite architecture from the Qing Dynasty. It’s also furnished with pagodas, furniture Koi ponds, and koi gardens.

  • Liuhe Pavilion

The tower has 13 floors, six faces, and six edges and stands over 60 meters tall The pavilion-style tower is characterized by an incline that takes you to the top deck from where you can enjoy all-round views of both the city as well as the Qiantang river.

  • Hangzhou Botanical Gardens

With over 5,000 plum trees, as well as the bamboo forests that it has The botanical gardens are an idyllic getaway from the bustle of the city. There are all kinds of medicinal plants, from beautiful blossoming trees in an idyllic Oriental garden.

  • Huqingyu pharmacy

This storied pharmacy has been in operating today as a dispensary and museum. Apart from the beautiful design, the pharmacy provides an amazing guide to Chinese medicine.

  • Street Food

There is a myriad of delicious dishes to pick from (though some may seem strange to those who are familiar with Western foods). Hangzhou is the perfect spot where you can sample street food.


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