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21 Quick Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers in 2023 [New]

According to YouTube, one billion videos are watched there every day, resulting in billions of views and comments. Ninety percent of individuals claim to find new companies and goods on YouTube.


In addition, YouTube receives 500 hours of new video uploads every minute.


If you’re just getting started with your YouTube channel and want to increase YouTube subscribers count but are intimidated by these numbers, we can help.


You only need a YouTube channel and a concept for the kind of material you want to create.


Then, you can follow our comprehensive guide, which will give you practical advice on how to quickly grow your YouTube channel by gaining more subscribers.


Let’s jump in and get to work straight away.


1. Grab the audience in the opening ten seconds


It’s believed that when you meet someone for the first time, you make a judgement about them within the first few seconds. Numerous studies have supported this claim. The same idea also holds true for your YouTube videos.


If a user’s attention is not captured in the initial few seconds of a video, video desertion rates rise. This time limit is ten seconds for shorter videos and two minutes for longer ones.


The audience will move on to the next video if you have not captured their attention by that point, and you will have lost a potential subscriber.


The dilemma that now emerges is: How can you make the video’s introduction more captivating? The secret is to develop a hook that will pique the interest of your viewers and keep them watching until the very end.


Arouse curiosity


The goal is to pique interest and give viewers a taste of the value proposition your video offers, or what your users will gain from watching it through to the very end.


Start with something intriguing to make the beginnings more engaging.


  • A joke
  • An intriguing tale
  • A fact
  • a saying
  • a trouble spot


Despite the fact that we advise starting with an intriguing topic, make sure it is not off-topic. Additionally, check to see if it’s not misleading or clickbait.


Don’t start your video by saying things like, “Learn how you can earn thousands of dollars writing articles by following my tips,” for instance, if you want to teach your viewers how to produce interesting articles. That is completely false.


Be pertinent and direct.


Avoid avoiding the subject. The so-called “build-up” or a five-minute introduction is not something viewers want to listen to.


Try not to make too many promises right away.


Once you’ve developed a compelling hook, don’t let it go. Build an intriguing story around the hook while continuing to move forward with the same enthusiasm and train of thought.


Make sure to provide your viewers with the response if you promise them one in your video. To reveal the solution, start incorporating it into the story from the beginning rather than waiting until the very end.


The goal is to skip the filler and focus on the important information.


Make your video pleasant to the eye.


Make sure your video has an appealing appearance. If your background is just a plain white or the lighting is poor, viewers will turn away.


If your background is busy, viewers can find themselves concentrating more on it than the video’s content.


2. Include Related Video Promotion at Your End Screen


By highlighting relevant videos on your end screen, you raise the likelihood that your visitors will perform the desired action rather than completely passing up the opportunity. On the end screen, you can add a continuation to your video or other videos from your channel.


Even a Subscribe button can be added to the final screen.


Four items can be added by creators to their end screens on YouTube. You can lead viewers to other authorised websites, solicit subscriptions, link to your website, or promote additional videos on your channel. In the final 5 to 20 seconds of your video, you can include these.


What should be displayed on the final screen is the question that now has to be answered.


Our recommendation is to insert a relevant video from your channel, preferably one with a good conversion rate or one that is linked to the current video’s subject.


Consider yourself the audience and ask yourself, “After watching this, what information would I seek?” If you’ve just given your audience a list of the tools you use, you should probably include a link to a video that explains how to buy those products.


It makes sense that the videos you linked would follow a certain order.


Make sure the Subscribe button is present on the final screen since you are attempting to raise the number of subscribers to your channel.


Make sure your channel icon is attractive because YouTube will use it for the subscribe button. Later, we’ll talk more about this.


Include up to two videos with your subscribe button when determining how many videos to link to on your end-screen; otherwise, your screen may look cluttered and not all of the videos will appear when viewed on a mobile device.


The conclusion screen for Gauging Gadgets has so many features that it gives the impression of being cluttered.


Additionally, the more options you give your viewers, the more likely it is that they won’t make a decision at all.


The end screen in Hell’s Kitchen is done well. They feature a subscribe button and two video recommendations.


Make sure to add CTAs like “Watch Next” or “Coming up next” when you add videos to your end screen so that viewers know what to do next.


The ability to alter pieces after placing them on your end screen is a benefit.


The End Screen report lets you see how your end screens are doing, and if you see that your audience isn’t clicking on the videos you’ve suggested, you may always try something different.


3. Include an effective subscribe button.


If you don’t prompt your viewers to subscribe to your channel, they’ll probably forget. Additionally, they might leave your site entirely if you keep reminding them so frequently that it starts to feel spammy.


So, how can you strike a balance?


You can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel in a variety of ways.


Request their subscription


You can invite viewers to subscribe to your channel at any point in the video, ideally near the finish to avoid upsetting them when the flow is interrupted. It’s fine to ask them once each video, but if you do it several times, it could come off as spammy.


In the description, include a CTA.


Include a CTA as a reminder in your video’s description. As an alternative, you can pin them and remind your viewers in the comments section.


Your video should have a clickable subscribe button.


You can add a subscribe button to your video on YouTube. The watermark appears near the conclusion, during the video, or whenever you specify. It’s simple to add this subscribe button.


It only takes a few clicks to upload the image to the branding option in the Creative Studio after downloading a subscribe symbol from the internet. When you set it, it will then show up in the video as a clickable watermark.


Then, the setting is applied to all of your videos. The subscribe button is typically displayed in the final fifteen to twenty seconds of YouTube videos.


Due to the location of the subscribe button on the video, several YouTubers have gained plenty of subscribers quickly. Your users won’t need to take any extra steps or minimise their screens.


Add a choice to the final screen.


Additionally, you can add a subscribe icon—basically your channel icon—to the end screen of your videos. It changes into a clickable subscribe button when your subscribers hover over it.


By including these buttons, we can quickly remind viewers to hit the subscribe button if they like the film. If you want to routinely post videos to your website and want your viewers to be notified whenever you do, this function is crucial.


4. Manage your YouTube playlists


There are a tonne of videos on YouTube, and many of them are watched for hours on end. If you don’t organise it for your viewers, how will they find the information they’re looking for?


If you want to seriously increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel, making playlists is a crucial step. It offers numerous advantages both in terms of value addition and search.


Enables searching for your videos


You must consistently publish videos to YouTube if you want to build a successful company from it. Eventually, your channel will have more than a hundred videos.


Users will quit your channel earlier than they intended to if they can’t locate what they’re looking for or if it’s too cluttered.


You can arrange your films into relevant categories and give them appropriate names by creating playlists. This makes it simple for your readers to glance at the playlist names and determine whether the list contains what they are looking for.


Enhances the results page’s visibility


Making playlists for your YouTube videos enhances their searchability and makes them more visible on the results page. Not just one video but the complete playlist also shows up!


Consider that one of the languages you teach on your channel, which is about teaching people how to speak other languages, is Spanish. A YouTube user searches for tutorials that will teach him how to pronounce a specific Spanish word.


A playlist that contains all of your Spanish lessons increases the likelihood that the full playlist will appear in the search results. Additionally, it’s very likely that the viewer will click on the playlist, scroll through the other videos, and maybe even subscribe to your channel.


Boost the reputation of your YouTube brand.


If your channel has multiple playlists, it provides viewers the impression that it is packed with content, increasing the likelihood that they will subscribe as opposed to if it only contains a few scattered videos combined.


5. SEO on YouTube


Remember to make videos that people truly want to watch and not just content you feel you should put out there if you want to increase YouTube subscribers you have on your YouTube channel.


While producing high-quality content is essential to a YouTube channel’s success, it is only the first step. You need to pay particular attention to YouTube if you want to increase your number of subscribers, viewers, and position on the results page.


Let’s examine some SEO factors you should take into account when creating your YouTube channel.


Research keywords


You must be aware of what viewers are looking for in order to produce videos that they will enjoy watching. Only through keyword research is this possible.


You can use Google Trends and choose YouTube as the search engine, but you might only receive a general idea of how popular a word is rather than specific statistics on search volumes and other metrics.


You will need to use additional tools in order to obtain complete information on search volume, keyword difficulty, and other factors. While some of these tools are available without charge, others require monthly fees.


Semrush is one such instrument. The greatest keyword research tool available from Semrush is the Keyword Magic Tool.


You can obtain more significant statistics in addition to keyword search volume, such as competition density, SERP features, keyword difficulty, top competitors, and click potential.


Simply enter the seed keyword and your preferred country, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have access to a lengthy list of pertinent keywords that you can use in your channel description, channel tags, video titles, and other places.


Along with using a tool, there are two other ways to conduct keyword research.


  • You can enter your seed keyword into YouTube’s autocomplete tool to see a menu with a list of suggestions after you input. This provides information on various user search intentions and typical searches on the subject.


  • By right-clicking next to a video and opening the page source, you can search for terms in other well-liked videos. Use “Ctrl+F” to search for “keywords” after that. You’ll see a list of every keyword used in the video by doing this.


Identify searchable video titles


Once you have the keywords, it’s crucial to dynamically insert them in your video titles for the greatest impact. It may be optimised for the search engine while still being catchy enough to draw in viewers.


Otherwise, relevant searches won’t even find your video.


Here are some things to bear in mind while you write the title for your video.

  • Limit the title’s length to 70 characters or less.
  • Put your primary keyword in the title’s first few letters.
  • Instead of making it a list of keywords, make it a natural statement.
  • In your video, take the target audience into account and deal with a problem.
  • Make sure your headline is not click-bait.
  • Ensure that the video’s title and content are relevant.


Include transcripts for each video


This stage, which can lead to a significant increase in engagement and subscribers, is often overlooked by YouTube creators.


Your audience will grow by increasing accessibility for those with hearing impairments by adding a transcription to your YouTube video.


Additionally, it is very beneficial if your target market is international. Instead of completely skipping the video if you have an accent, speak too quickly, or there is any background noise, your viewers can use the transcription.


1. Steer clear of YouTube’s auto-transcription feature


Despite its seeming convenience, YouTube’s auto-transcription technology is still in its infancy. It’s likely that a large portion of the transcripted material won’t make sense if you utilise it.


Instead, you can utilise a better programme or a transcription service to transcribe your movies, then upload the files individually.


2. Be sure to incorporate relevant words throughout the transcript.


Here are some reasons why transcription helps your channel’s SEO. The written material for your page is the transcripted text, which YouTube and Google crawl and index. Your video becomes searchable when you use your goal keywords and additional pertinent keywords.


3. Speak to a global audience


English is the most widely spoken language in the world, therefore if your film is in a different language and you cater to a worldwide audience, be sure to provide English transcriptions.


Similarly, including transcriptions in the language of the target audience can help them grasp the content of your film.


Improve the descriptions of videos.


Your video descriptions are crawled by the search engine, making them a crucial component of YouTube SEO. Your video description is divided into two sections: the part that appears before the “show more” option and the part that appears once you click it.


Make sure your video is adequately described in the “show more” section. Instead of cramming the description with keywords, start the description with your goal term and make it conversational. Before choosing to display more, viewers will first see this section.


In the second section of the description, you can provide further details like connections to websites and social media accounts, information about your channel, and other channel details.


Include pertinent meta tags


Keywords that characterise your film and make it discoverable are called meta tags or tags. It increases the likelihood that your video will show up for a certain video when users enter the tags relevant to your videos.


Here are some pointers for making powerful meta tags:


  • As the first tag, use your target keyword in its exact form.
  • Two to three words per tag are the ideal length.
  • Put a few long-tail keywords to use.
  • Limit the number of tags you use on your videos.


Publish lengthier videos


Videos that are longer perform better than shorter ones. The average runtime of videos that show up on the first page of YouTube search results is 14 minutes and 50 seconds, according to Backlinko. In order to monetise your channel, longer videos are also crucial.


6. Put Quality Before Quantity


Any amount of work will not result in you getting the desired number of subscribers if your video is of poor quality. This is true even if you use all of the greatest SEO techniques, collaborate with famous people, and promote your channel on every social media platform available.


Therefore, making high-quality videos that your audience will enjoy watching and find useful is the key to having a very successful YouTube channel.


The next thing you might be curious about is how to make high-quality videos. Or, what makes a good video?




First and foremost, a video’s material should be high quality. Even if you have a clear notion of what you want the video to be, if you can’t surround it with intriguing, worthwhile content, the viewer could not stick with it.


In addition to being engaging, high-quality content should also answer a user’s concern, such as a problem, a question, a review, a guide, a tutorial, or a demo.


If your video doesn’t offer the audience anything of value, they might think you don’t value their time.


Decide what you want the film to be about and plan your video in advance. Answer some inquiries, such as


  • What exactly is the video about?
  • Who will be your co-star in the video?
  • What problem are you attempting to solve?
  • What mood do you want the video to be in?


It is also recommended that you and your team members prepare what you will say in the video well in advance because, if you decide to speak on the fly, you risk losing important information and precious seconds.


You can pay individuals to write the screenplays for your videos if you’ve never made one before or don’t have professional experience in that area. In-demand scriptwriters can be found on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Flexjobs, and others.


The scriptwriter you employ can assist you in developing a plot around the topic you have chosen for the video.


Acoustic quality


Create audio-rich videos that can be clearly heard at the right volume and don’t have any distracting background noise.


You must spend money on high-quality tools if you want good sound. A Lavalier mic, also known as a clip-on mic, will let you record high-quality sound for the majority of videos. The Boya BY-M1, Shure MVL, and RODE smartLav+ are some of the top Lavalier mics.


Your equipment doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The majority of these are under $100. To discover if other YouTubers have had success with these mics, you may even use YouTube to watch some reviews about them.




It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with lighting for videos since it plays a significant influence in the aesthetic appeal of your videos. Although natural light is the best option, there are also many indoor shooting options.


Simply put a few table lamps behind the screen to provide lighting if you are recording with your laptop or computer camera.


Ring lighting is a common technique used by beauty bloggers and makeup professionals on YouTube when filming videos because it produces even illumination around their faces and enables them to position their phones correctly directed at them from the centre.


Neewer’s 14-inch LED ring light, which comes in several colour temperatures and can be used standing or sitting, is a terrific option.


You can also position a light in the background to obliterate the foreground and make you appear more dominant.




There should be no question that if you want to record a high-quality video, you must have a good camera. When choosing a camera for your YouTube channel, you should take into account things like price, portability, battery life, audio quality, and video quality.


Our top suggestions for the best cameras in various price ranges for YouTube video recording in 2021, depending on your budget, are


  • Stream Cam by Logitech
  • DJI OM 4
  • Black GoPro Hero 9
  • Start Mevo
  • Zeiss ZV-1




Video editing is a crucial step that enables you to determine whether your video was correctly recorded and whether the entire piece looks decent as a complete. It’s a good idea to play your video over a background noise once you’ve filmed it.


By breaking down the screenplay and then putting everything together, you can capture short pieces instead of the complete video in one sitting. Jump Cut editing is the name given to this method.


Because you won’t need to memorise lengthy scripts, you won’t need to start over if something goes wrong, and the video recording will take much less time, this tip can be very helpful.


7. Interact with your audience and respond to every comments.


Developing a relationship with your audience is one of the main components of growing your YouTube channel’s subscriber base. Responding to their comments on your videos is one approach to achieve this.


After releasing their video on YouTube, many producers frequently simply respond to the first few comments and disregard the rest. You instantly distinguish yourself by responding to each and every comment on your YouTube channel.


Tools like Hootsuite for YouTube make it simpler to manage all of your YouTube interactions from one location rather than searching for comments on each video because as a creator you may have several channels to manage and many conversations happening everywhere.


Since you have other responsibilities in addition to running your YouTube channel, it may be challenging for you to manage your videos alone if they have already received millions of views and countless comments.


You can ask for comment management on your channel as a service if you have outsourced your channel management or you can engage a social media manager to assist you with this work.


One of the reasons you should respond to comments on your videos is because when you do, the commenter is reminded of the video and given the opportunity to watch it again.


The comments section is crucial since it may be a fantastic place to find inspiration and content ideas. Many popular YouTube creators actively draw inspiration from their comment section, which prevents them from running out of ideas for new content.


While we advise you to respond to every comment on your YouTube channel, you should only do so if the comment is genuine. Do not reply to “trolls” or other malicious comments.


Frequently, creators even remove sincere critical comments from the comments section, but this could have a negative reaction. Even if a comment from a viewer is unfavourable, you should still respond to it. It proves to your audience that you are real and not just the person behind all the compliments.


It’s beneficial for the exposure of your channel if you respond to comments on your YouTube videos. Your channel’s rating is boosted when viewers comment on your video and you respond in kind. This is recognised as a positive sign by YouTube and Google’s algorithms.


Here are some options if your channel isn’t getting enough comments.




Asking your audience to submit comments while the video is playing enhances the likelihood that they will do so. If they have any queries, encourage them to ask them.


Make a video where viewers must choose a side.


You can choose a contentious subject, but since businesses can be at danger, choose one that allows viewers to express their opinions. After choosing a position, your audience will leave a comment indicating whether they concur with you or not.


This is a fantastic technique to encourage video comments.


Tell them that the next video will provide the answers to any questions they left in the comments.


This technique is popular among YouTube influencers who need to create content for upcoming videos. Inform your viewers that you will choose ten of the greatest comments and respond to them in the upcoming video.


Three ways are aided by this. You obtain material for your upcoming video, you stir up interest in it among viewers, and you also receive feedback on your present video.


Ensure that every comment will receive a personal response from you.


The phrase “Ask your questions in the comments section and I will make sure I address each one of them personally” is a terrific technique to get in touch with your viewers because people want to be heard.


8. Convey your YouTube channel’s message effectively.


Your YouTube channel description serves as the About Page for your channel, outlining its goals and what viewers may expect. It appears on the search results page and is typically the first thing viewers see when they visit your channel.


The description of your channel will be read by viewers who find it on the search results page. They’ll click on it or possibly subscribe if you write an engaging description for your YouTube channel.


When writing the description for your channel, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.


Make it interesting.


On the search results page, YouTube only displays the first 100–150 characters of your channel’s description. Don’t waste it by saying anything like, “Hi, my name is XYZ, and welcome to my YouTube Channel.”


Despite having 63.8 million subscribers, MrBeast’s channel description should be improved. New viewers are not made aware of the channel’s focus. On the other side, 5-Minute Crafts does a good job. You can tell they are about DIY projects as you read it.


Inform viewers of the purpose of your channel in the introduction.


Include keywords


In addition to providing viewers with more information about what to expect, adding pertinent keywords is helpful for YouTube SEO. In order for your channel to start appearing when people search for the phrases, make sure you include some of the most popular keywords in the description.


Consider the terms that people would use to search for your channel, for instance, if it is about digital marketing tutorials, and include them in the description.


You can also start entering “digital marketing” into the YouTube search field to see a drop-down list of the most popular terms connected to digital marketing. Include any in your description that are pertinent.


You must include keywords in the description of your channel, but be careful not to overuse them. If not, the search engine’s algorithm will interpret it as keyword stuffing, and your channel will suffer.


Instead, first create an accurate description of your channel, and only then should you sprinkle in a few keywords.


Consider the viewpoint of the audience.


Switch to a user-centric perspective rather than telling people what you want them to know about your channel, such as “I teach digital marketing tips and tricks that I have learned over the years.”


Instead, describe to viewers the benefits of watching your videos and subscribing to your channel. “Learn practical digital marketing tips that actually produce results,” may be a better example. It claims that the channel was created with them in mind.


Keep it short.


Avoid writing lengthy channel descriptions since viewers might skim them or lose interest while reading them, which will likely result in their not subscribing.


Instead, make sure that your channel description is succinct, clear, and short.


Including a call to action


A nice reminder or prod to readers to subscribe to your channel is to include a call to action at the conclusion of your channel description.


9. Write a tagline for your channel.


The slogan for your channel serves the same purpose as a tagline for a brand. As a result, make sure it is memorable, consistent with your brand, and easy to recall. Additionally, your tagline ought to clearly describe the content of your channel.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with the tagline for your channel.


  • Try to be as inventive as you can.
  • I have to stand in for what you do.
  • Consider what makes you unique.
  • is ageless and will still be applicable in a few years.
  • Speak with your intended audience.
  • fits well within the larger context and is consistent with the voice and character of your brand.


10. Create Clickable Thumbnails


One of the elements that influence viewers’ initial perceptions of your channel is the thumbnails for your YouTube videos.


Thumbnails are brief summaries that let visitors know what your video is about without having to read or watch the whole thing. As a result, it’s critical to create captivating thumbnails and ensure that they effectively describe your video’s subject matter to visitors.


Once your video has been uploaded, you have the option of selecting one of YouTube’s suggested thumbnails or creating your own.


Here are some tips to help you use your thumbnails to draw the viewer’s attention:


Continually adhere to the design


Be consistent with your brand image since it will be reflected in your thumbnails. Adhere to a style and stick with it so that viewers can tell a video is from your channel just by looking at it.


All of this YouTuber’s videos have a recognisable style. Because of his distinctive aesthetic, if you regularly watch his channel, you will be able to identify a video only by looking at the thumbnail.


Additionally, a captivating thumbnail may pique a viewer’s interest and lead them to click on your video.


Instead of using a screenshot for the background, use an image.


Many YouTubers use their video’s screenshot as their thumbnail. When you crop your thumbnail, the resolution may be impacted, making it appear blurry. It is consequently recommended that you use a different image for the background of your thumbnail.


Then, you can add fonts and images to your background image using editing tools like Canva, PicMonkey, or other apps.


Keep the font the same.


Consistency with the font is one of the components of maintaining your thumbnail design. Pick a font that you’ll use consistently throughout all of your videos and that is readable even when you only see it in the thumbnail.


Observe thumbnail fads


Follow thumbnail trends just like you would any other trend to give the impression to your audience that you are a modern company.


Use the ideal thumbnail size


Make sure to create your thumbnails exactly according to the recommended 1280720 pixel size; otherwise, they may appear distorted or fuzzy.


Utilise images and emojis


The aesthetic appeal of your thumbnail can be diminished and made monotonous by using only fonts. Use emojis and images as you please in your thumbnails.


You may even utilise photos of your own face with various expressions to give your brands a face.


When you watch these videos, you immediately recognise who made them or what they are about. A image of the item you’ll discuss in the video can also be used.


11. Tell your email list to promote your YouTube channel


Email marketing is the top marketing channel with the highest return on investment, yet it’s sometimes overlooked when it comes to being a source of YouTube subscribers. The initial few YouTube subscribers may come from people on your email list.


You may afterwards use it to increase the number of views on your videos.


Sending an email blast from your personal email may not be the best choice if you have a large email list. It’s possible that Google will label your account as spam. Instead, you can use solutions for email marketing that will simplify the process.


You can use the same techniques to deliver regular updates to your subscribers once your subscriber base and YouTube email list have developed.


ConvertKit is one of the best resources for writers of internet material. You can use it to make unique landing pages in addition to sending emails to your current email list. When you’re attempting to expand your YouTube email list, this can be useful.


You can design a landing page that users can access to submit a form for signing up for your newsletter. If you want to sell anything that you display in your films, you may also use these landing pages.


12. Create a Powerful Channel Trailer.


How frequently do you choose a movie to view simply because the trailer was so amazing? Right, it happens a lot. The function of your YouTube channel is the same as that of your channel trailer. It explains to visitors what your channel is about and aids in gaining their subscription.


Use your channel trailer to briefly explain yourself, your channel, and the benefits your viewers will experience. Getting them hooked is the key.


We’ve compiled a few strategies that, from our experience, work well for people who choose to build channel trailers.


Keep it brief and direct.


Your channel trailers should ideally be between thirty and ninety seconds long. According to studies, one-minute videos are the most effective in grabbing viewers’ attention. It’s crucial to make your films sharp because they are so brief.


Describe your channel and yourself.


Start your trailer by providing a brief introduction of yourself so that the viewer is familiar with you. Add them in as soon as possible if you think that certain data about your past, such as your master’s degree or something comparable, will increase the credibility of your films.


Don’t forget to describe your channel’s focus to viewers. They can determine what to expect from your channel and whether it is appropriate for them based on this.


In order for them to know when to tune in, you can also offer them a general notion of the schedule you plan to adhere to.


Give the value argument.


Visitors won’t become subscribers unless they believe that your channel solves an issue for them or otherwise enriches their life.


If you own a fitness channel, for instance, you may promise your viewers that watching the videos on your channel will help them lose weight without having to adhere to strict diets.


Demand for action


If you want to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, always include a call to action in your videos. Adjust the message to fit the tone based on the brand’s personality.


Create a description that matches.


Like all the other videos on your channel, your channel trailer will have a description. The headline “My Channel Trailer” or something like should not be added, though. Tell them explicitly what the video is about instead.


Prepare a video.


It may be difficult to accommodate all of the information you want to say in thirty to sixty seconds. It’s likely that you will halt while thinking or waste a few seconds to “uhs” when impulsively recording your video.


It would be a good idea to outline your speech and make a list of the points you want to cover in advance.


Regularly update the channel trailer.


You might want to add fresh themes to your video as the months pass. Whenever you intend to introduce something new that might pique the interest of new viewers, make sure your channel trailer is updated.


13. Add YouTube videos to blog posts 


This may be a compelling argument for starting a blog if you don’t already have one. On both of these channels, you can cross-promote your blog and YouTube channel. If you have no prior blogging experience, this guide can teach you how to start a blog.


You can draw visitors and subscribers from the site’s readership by embedding your YouTube videos in blog entries. Similar rules apply to guest blog posts. However, you needn’t have this as your only motivation for starting a blog.


This is how a YouTube video can be included in a blog post.


  1. Select the “Share” icon next to each video.
  2. Copy the provided link after selecting the embed option.
  3. Wherever you want the video to appear on the blog, paste the link there.


You must make sure your YouTube videos are pertinent before you can include them in your blog entries. Either you can make a video expressly for a blog post you intend to write, or you can generate blog articles based on already-existing videos.


In this way, if you run out of ideas for blog posts, you still have content ideas and may reuse your films.


Integrating YouTube videos into blog posts establishes your expertise on the subject. In addition, the majority of individuals will choose to watch a video rather than read when given the option.


By doing this, you allow them to select between the two. A effective technique to point readers to your YouTube channel and encourage them to subscribe is by include videos in your blog posts.


You can also include your blog post in the website’s code if you have one. It may be a good idea to think about having a website if you don’t already have one because it can have many advantages.


If you’ve never created a website before, there are many excellent website builders online that can make the process simpler for you. To learn how to design websites on your own, you can also use a beginner’s guide.


14. Conclude videos with a compelling call to action


A CTA is used in this situation. Humans require constant reminders of what needs to be done, and YouTube videos are no different.


Asking your viewers to subscribe is the most popular and straightforward CTA, but if you only use this CTA on your channel, you risk missing out on many other opportunities to influence your audience’s behaviour.


Each video should have a compelling call to action at the end to persuade viewers to do the desired action. Here are a few samples of the many CTAs you can use in case you need some guidance.


Request that they view relevant videos.


Although you can use this CTA to point viewers to any of your other videos, it works best if the video in question is a part of a series. You can tell your audience to watch the video that came before this one or even the segment that will come next.


Get them to visit your social media sites


You can ask your audience to follow you on your social media channels by directing them there in your CTA. You may cross-promote all of your platforms in this way.


If you don’t include links to your social media handles in the video description, your viewers won’t know which link to click.


Send them to your online store instead


It is great to launch your online store and send viewers there in order to encourage them to make a purchase from you if you offer goods or other things through your channel.


You can create an online store if you sell a variety of products and do not already have one to give your company a stronger online presence. You may instantly launch your online business using one of the many online eCommerce store builders.


Request their comments, likes, and shares for your videos.


You can ask your viewers to leave comments, like, and share your video in addition to inviting them to subscribe to your videos.


By doing this, you raise channel engagement, and viewers who truly appreciate your video will remember to share it with their friends or other potential viewers, which will help you gain a lot more subscribers.


Based on your revenue model, include a CTA.


What action do you want your visitors to take in accordance with your revenue model? Do you want them to sign up for your online course or download your ebook? You can include persuading CTAs depending on your business strategy.


For instance, if you design online courses, you can include a CTA that nudges your audience to join up and share a promo code for a discount.


There are numerous excellent platforms for building online courses, including Thinkfic and Teachable, which can help you build some excellent online courses.


comparable to this, you can send visitors from your channel to your online store if you operate a Shopify, Etsy, or other comparable eCommerce business. You can even provide viewers discount codes near the conclusion.


Encourage viewers to subscribe


Last but not least, don’t forget to invite your audience to subscribe. Try to take advantage of any chance you have to remind your audience that if they want to see more of your content, they should subscribe to your channel.


Consider creative ways to offer the same information to them so you can get them to subscribe rather than just asking them to. Some of the top YouTubers make it a point to solicit feedback from viewers twice: once at the start and once near the end.


15. Discontinue regular YouTube live broadcasts


Even if you continue to make the most amazing videos, you will be missing out on a significant potential if you do not consistently hold live streams on your channel. Live videos are preferred over pre-recorded ones by the algorithm.


As a result, by routinely hosting live YouTube streams, you raise your channel’s searchability and visibility. Additionally, it makes your channel more likely to appear in relevant Google search results.


People prefer watching live streams over previously filmed videos, therefore you should host them as well.


Over 53% of viewers prefer watching YouTube live streams over regular videos, according to YouTube Culture and Trends, because it makes them feel more connected to the content creator.


Your viewers can see you in real-time when you offer live streams on your YouTube channel, and they are aware that the content they are watching is being delivered to them unedited and unaltered.


According to YouTube Creator Academy, live streaming on the platform receive three times as much attention as regular content. Weekly live streamers have experienced a 40% rise in subscribers on their channels.


If you haven’t yet hosted live streams, here are a few suggestions for the many formats you can use to get the most viewers.


AMA or ask me anything


This kind of live stream is most popular since viewers can ask you directly what’s on their minds.


Asking your audience to submit questions in advance will allow you to prepare for an AMA session even before you go live. From there, you may choose the top ten questions to address in your subsequent live stream.


Demonstrations of goods


This is one of the most effective strategies for YouTubers to grow their subscriber base. 96% of people view explainer videos to learn more about goods and services, according WordStream.


So you can perform a live unboxing of a hot item, like a brand-new iPhone, when it is in high demand. You can go live and demonstrate or review a product that you have been mentioning in your regular videos.


Such live streams also have a large audience if you have discovered certain tricks for doing things differently.


Training or webinars


Have you thought about enrolling in an online course? YouTube live streams are a terrific place to start if you are still figuring out how to launch a successful online course but would like to garner some traction in the interim.


People frequently watch YouTube videos to learn new things or to find quick fixes for issues. You can run webinars, training sessions, workshops, DIY sessions, and tutorials using your live streams.


Actual interviews


Meet up with other YouTubers or personalities who are popular and have a large following. By doing this, you will be able to access your interviewee’s subscriber base in addition to providing your audience with informative content.


Occasion streaming


Live broadcasting of well-known events on your channel is another strategy to increase your subscriber count.


A background scene


Viewers enjoy seeing what happens behind the scenes, so if you are stuck for ideas for your next live stream’s theme, offer your viewers a tour of your office and demonstrate how you run things in places like your studio, gym, etc.


Make sure all of your live broadcasts are engaging, frank, and enjoyable.


16. Collaborate With Additional YouTube Channels


By collaborating with other YouTube channels, you can increase your channel’s visibility and gain more exposure. When you cooperate with another YouTuber, you are introduced to their audience and have the opportunity to get a lot of subscribers from them.


Here are a few guidelines for a productive YouTube cooperation.


Configure your channel.


Remembering to correctly set up your YouTube channel is the first step in working with other channels. You can be working with a YouTuber or a friend you made online.


In the second scenario, you’ll probably need to make a pitch, and your channel’s appearance will be the first thing people notice. They’ll be able to tell how committed you are to maintaining your YouTube account.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that when you work with other YouTubers, you will be promoting their brand, and vice versa. Before you make a pitch, set up your account’s description, channel icon, playlists, channel trailer, and everything else.


Post material often


Be consistent with your material so that both your collaborator and your audience are aware of your channel’s activity. An active channel is more likely to get subscribers than one that only posts once a month.


Create a sizable following


We all know that the goal of working with other YouTube channels is to gain more subscribers, but before that can happen, you must have at least a handful of subscribers who are aware of who you are.


When you contact another creator for a collaboration, it lends you credibility and provides information about the kind of users who follow your account for both you and the collaborator. This aids in determining whether you appeal to the same demographic.


Find writers in the same field.


It’s vital to exclusively work with creators in the same genre, whether they be your buddies who are YouTubers or people you meet on online forums.


If you work with someone in the gaming sector who has a skincare speciality, you may create a fantastic collaboration, but it may not result in any subscribers because their target audience may not be interested in your videos and vice versa.




Create two videos and post them on each other’s channels to get the most out of each partnership. In this way, both you and their subscribers are introduced to one another.


Make sure to include verbal calls to action as well as links to each other’s channels in the descriptions.


While you might want to work with YouTube channels, one issue that could come up is that you might not know who to work with and that none of your contacts are YouTubers. There is an answer to this.


YouTubers like you can find partners to cooperate with on a variety of internet communities. Visit these sites, look for possible collaborators in your industry, assess each person’s profile, and strike up a dialogue.


Make sure to pick a partner who has a bigger fan base than you do.


17. In your YouTube videos, conduct celebrity interviews


Interviewing famous people for your YouTube videos can be a terrific opportunity to capitalise on their appeal and reach new audiences. The fear of rejection, however, prevents many YouTubers from approaching celebrities because they find it daunting.


We’ve compiled some advice to help you attract more celebs to your channel.


small at first


Start with less well-known celebrities while you are just getting started rather than going after the most well-known. eventually keep moving up the ladder. This lends confidence to your claim of complete development.


Always choose a celebrity who is a little bit more well-known than the one you just interviewed. You can also search for famous people who may be prominent at the moment because of a product or service they may have introduced.


Message them on their social media platforms.


How do you contact them now is the question that emerges. Investigating your network to see if anyone can introduce you to a celebrity you’re interested in or one they know would be the first step.


The second step would be to search social media because, these days, everyone—especially celebrities—are active on various social media platforms. On other social media platforms, celebrities are also quite responsive and frequently respond.


You may try Instagram, which is currently the most popular social media network, or Twitter, where the majority of celebs are avid tweeters.


Discover their agents


Another option is to look for the celebrities’ agents, however this might be challenging. For this, you’ll need to do some serious research to learn who represents them, their contacts, and then finally contact them and receive a response.


Be informed about your visitor.


It only makes sense that you are familiar with your interviewee when you approach a celebrity for one. It’s always a good idea to start with praising one of their most recent accomplishments.


The reason you are approaching them for an interview can also be based on something they did that struck your interest. Make sure you conduct some research if you don’t know much about your celebrity.


Be precise with the interview’s dates and topic.


Instead of posing general inquiries such, “Would you like to do an interview with me sometime” or “I’d like to interview you someday”, be precise and provide a date in your request.


If you leave it unfinished, it’s likely that they’ll forget after a week or that something else more pressing will come up.


Additionally, it is a good idea to let them know what you plan to ask them about in the interview. You can discuss the interview’s agenda with them after they confirm. In order for them to be more prepared, you might also let them know the questions you intend to ask.


Add links to earlier interviews


Celebrities favour hiring individuals who have previously collaborated with other celebrities. Therefore, be sure to highlight your prior experience interviewing celebrities in your proposal.


Include links to your best projects that demonstrate your proficiency with the tools you use, your level of preparation, your interviewing style, and other factors.


Before approaching someone for a collaboration, it’s a good idea to have a personal website or online portfolio. Before you begin building one, look at some of the best online portfolio examples.


A follow-up


The first time you mail a celebrity, you might not always get a response? Your proposal may have been overlooked in the sea of emails they get, or it may have simply slipped their minds. A follow-up might serve as a useful reminder and demonstrates your tenacity.


A follow-up is frequently helpful in getting a good response from a prospect you may not have heard from.


18. Encourage viewers to follow your YouTube channel


It is a good idea to offer incentives to people if you want them to perform the desired action. It increases the likelihood that they will comply with your request in order to receive the reward. The same idea applies to YouTube channel subscribers.


Inform your audience that you will be offering a reward for each new subscriber you get. If you don’t provide the number of followers you currently have, you won’t be able to defend your actions in the future.


You can state that you will give out rewards till you achieve a particular increase YouTube subscribers while also noting the increase YouTube subscribers you now have. This will enable you to observe a speedier increase in your subscriber base.


You might now be asking what I can provide for my subscribers. Here are a few advices:




Freebies are the nicest and simplest way to thank your YouTube subscribers. Consider the items that your target audience could find interesting and include them in your list of freebies.


Journals, holders, phone coverings, paperweights, novels, or DIY kits are a few good examples of freebies. Freebies will only be beneficial if your audience will actually be interested in what you are offering.


Reduced prices for your online courses


This might be a terrific method to attract new channel subscribers and students to sign up for your online course, if that is one of the services you offer.


Sheets of paper and online schedulers


The workbooks or productivity tools that many YouTubers use are their own. If you have anything similar, you can provide subscribers with a free connection to your worksheets and tools.


No cost books


This is comparable to giving discounts on online courses, except that you are giving away your booklet for free.


You’ll need to make a landing page to which you send your new subscribers in order for this all to be successful. They do this so that you may send them their incentives when they subscribe. They give you information like their address, email address, and others.


Sheets of paper and online schedulers


The workbooks or productivity tools that many YouTubers use are their own. If you have anything similar, you can provide subscribers with a free connection to your worksheets and tools.


No cost books


This is comparable to giving discounts on online courses, except that you are giving away your booklet for free.


You’ll need to make a landing page to which you send your new subscribers in order for this all to be successful. They do this so that you may send them their incentives when they subscribe. They give you information like their address, email address, and others.


Additionally, you can choose a lucky subscriber and offer them a prize, such as an exclusive interview with you or two complimentary tickets to a popular event, for example.


19. Add a Beautiful Channel Icon


Make sure your YouTube channel symbol is beautiful because it will appear more frequently than any other part of your channel on YouTube. New visitors will notice this tiny image, which serves as a representation of your channel.


They can see your subscriber count by looking at the number that appears beneath your channel icon. Your channel symbol notifies your audience that it is you when you respond to comments. Since it informs viewers that it is your video, your channel icon serves as your identity.


So make sure it is distinctive, appealing, and obvious.


Here are some suggestions for producing fantastic channel icons in case you’re thinking of redesigning your current channel symbol or making a new one.




The most popular kind of channel symbol is a logo, and they work great when you talk about various topics or have several persons linked with them. It aids in building the brand image of your channel.


Make sure the components of your logo are visible because the channel symbol appears to be rather small. If you already have a logo, make sure it fits the proportions of the channel icon. If not, make a different version of your logo.


To create your logos, you can utilise programmes like Canva, PicMonkey, and Desygner.


Use a photo of yourself


Use a professional headshot if you wish to represent yourself as part of your channel’s personal brand. In this manner, your face serves as the face and identity of your channel.


Similar to this, it is a good idea to have a channel symbol with a photo of you two together if you have a family vlog or a partner.


Everything relies on what you want your YouTube brand identity to be.


Icons or pictures


Choosing a graphic that is creative, specific to your brand, and captures the essence of your company could be challenging.


Find out what some of the best channel icons have in common by doing some research on them. Instead of packing it with several aspects, such as a tonne of text, emoticons, or images, make it plain and concise.


As it might affect your identity and may result in copyright infringement, make sure your channel icon is original and not a replica of another channel’s logo.


You can perform a reverse Google search to see whether your icon has previously been used, just to be cautious.


20. Post Frequently and Regularly


Being consistent with your efforts can help you have a successful YouTube channel, just like anything else in life. In order to prevent your subscribers from unsubscribing, you must be consistent and present.


Not only should you upload new videos frequently for your viewers, but YouTube’s algorithm also favours consistency. Your channel will gain more views, likes, and subscribers the more frequently you post.


You may have a busy schedule and your YouTube channel may just make up a little portion of it, but if you are serious about growing your subscriber count, you must be consistent. No other way out is available.


Fortunately, we have some advice to keep your YouTube channel consistent.


Make a posting calendar.


It’s likely that you won’t post anything on most days if you decide to make a video or post when inspiration strikes. You can remember the days you need to post material by making a timetable.


In order to assist you keep accountable, you can also share your schedule in advance with your audience.


Create videos in bulk


Make it a point to plan ahead and shoot your videos. You cannot photograph on the day you want to publish. Additionally, when you have the camera, accessories, lighting, and the desire to shoot a video, we suggest that you shoot your videos in batches.


Carry various costumes that you wear for each video to avoid giving the impression that you recorded everything quickly and carelessly.


Make a plan for the various videos you want to shoot in a single day. Create the themes, the script, the conversations, and anything else necessary in advance to save time when deciding what to shoot.


You must plan ahead thoroughly if you want to complete a lot of work.


Be flexible with video length.


You can experiment with various video lengths. You are not required to make all of your videos long or brief. Focus on creating videos with the durations that your audience finds most engaging, but don’t overthink it if the subject calls for a brief or lengthy film.


It’s acceptable to create high-caliber short videos rather than going completely silent if you have a very busy month and finding the time to shoot lengthier movies prevents you from posting regularly.


Test out various formats.


Try different content formats, just like you would try different video lengths. YouTubers frequently lose consistency when they run out of ideas for new content.


Try out various content formats, get ideas from comments, conduct celebrity interviews, invite visitors, do product reviews, and hold “ask me anything” sessions.


You can do a live broadcast to make up for days when you have nothing at all or when for whatever reason you were unable to post a video on time.


To be ready for scenarios like these unplanned live streaming, make sure you always have a few ideas in mind.


Be truthful.


Determine how much time you will have to spare for your YouTube channel by taking some time to reflect on all of your obligations. Determine how frequently you will be able to publish based on that. Let it be so if you believe you will be able to post once every month.


Make sure to post once per month at the very least. Post whenever you can. Ideally, you ought to be posting once per week or more.


Be honest with yourself and avoid getting overly ambitious and then falling short.


Making a vision board is a creative strategy to accomplish your goals. Make a separate one detailing your goals for and strategies for achieving them through your YouTube channel. You can use online vision board creators for this purpose.


21. Invest in YouTube Marketing to Expand Your Audience 


It’s time to employ YouTube advertising to increase your subscriber count after you’ve done all in your power to develop your YouTube channel organically. Through Google Ads, you can advertise on YouTube and market your channel.


Simply create the advertisement, choose a format, establish your spending limit, and decide which audience you want to reach. As a result, your advertisement begins to appear during, before, and next to videos.


Here are some ideas to help you develop successful advertisements.


Decide on a suitable target market


Make sure you choose the correct demographic for your advertising campaigns if you want to avoid having your ads shown to people who are uninterested in your channel.


In order to reach the correct audience, you’ll need to address some questions, such as


  • Whom are you trying to reach?
  • What subjects pique the interest of your audience?
  • Where is your target audience located?
  • How often should your advertisements appear?
  • What equipment does your target market typically use?


Instead of just generically targeting a specific age range and gender, these questions enable you to more carefully target your audience.


Choose an advertisement format


There are only a few different ad format varieties, and not all of them may be effective for all kinds of videos. You can select one of these formats based on the type of video and your goals.


  • Use Skippable in-stream advertising if you want your advertisement to run before, after, or during YouTube videos.
  • If you don’t want to provide your viewers the option to skip, use non-skippable advertising. They are forced to view the advertisement.
  • If you want your advertisement to appear when a searcher is looking for content to watch, use discovery advertising. These advertisements can be seen next to videos as well as on the YouTube search results page and mobile home page.
  • When you want to communicate with a broad audience quickly, clearly, and with lasting impact, bumper ads work well.
  • You can employ outstream advertisements to increase your mobile audience.


Decide on the campaign’s objective.


In this case, your campaign’s objective is to increase the number of subscribers; therefore, select remarketing via Google Ads as the campaign aim. By doing this, your advertisement will show up to viewers who have seen your videos in the past but haven’t subscribed to your channel.


Examine the outcomes of your campaign.


If you don’t evaluate the results once your campaign is over, you won’t know whether your advertising campaign was effective. You may assess the efficacy of your advertising initiatives using YouTube statistics.


When your ads are finished, you can check the number of subscribers you added as a result of the advertisement under the Subscribers tab in the YouTube analytics dashboard.


  • Additional pointers that can assist you in developing some highly effective campaigns include
  • Grab the audience’s attention within the first five seconds to keep them from skipping the advertisement.
  • Make several ads and test them to see which one generates the most conversions.
  • Use your most well-liked videos in your advertisements since they work.


  • Every single ad should have a CTA.
  • Take your time on the CTA. Make sure it is visible for 5–10 seconds so the viewer has time to react.
  • Use interactive elements in your ads, such as cards, buttons, and other interactive elements.

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