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4 Key Pillars of the Australian Student Visa Process

Many students across the globe dream to get a degree from an Australian school for different advantages. However, before you apply for admission to any university/college you must get a student visa. But getting an Australian student visa is not easy and you must take care of many things to get the visa. Keeping this in mind today, we are sharing with you four key pillars of the student visa process that can help you easily complete the visa process.


Finance is the key requirement that you must full fill if you wish to get an Australian student visa. You will need to provide valid proof of funds for your tuition fees and other expenses during your stay in the country. Apart from this, you will also need to pay AUD 150 as a visa fee to the immigration authorities. You will have to pay this fee along with your application. To learn how to complete all the formalities of the Australian student visa process feel free to contact our study abroad consultants in Gurgaon for Australia.

English and Academic Eligibility

Since India is not an English-speaking country you must prove your proficiency in English to get a student visa. For this, you can appear for English proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Why is it important to appear for these English proficiency exams? It is important because it allows immigration authorities to know whether you got all the skills that are essential to pursue studies in the country or not. Thus, if you wish to get a student visa to study in Australia then you must clear an English proficiency exam. However, before you register for any exam do check the visa regulations online. This will ensure that you don’t end up giving the wrong exam for the student visa. Additionally, you will also have to fulfill the academic eligibility criteria of the academic institution in which you want to study. Moreover, the immigration officer will also check your professional interests before giving you visa approval.

Health Requirements

The students who apply for a student visa to study in Australia must appear for a medical test. The main reason behind this is to ensure that the applicant is medically capable and healthy to stay/study in Australia. There are mainly two types of medical tests for which you might have to appear to get the visa namely:

  • 501 – Medical Examination
  • 502 – Chest X-Ray Examination

You will get information about the test for which you will have to appear when you submit your application form. So, make sure you don’t waste your money by appearing for these tests before you get intimation from the authorities.

Agent and Documentation

As per Australian laws, every educational institution in the county must submit a list of its agents in every country. This makes it very easy for a student to complete their visa application process. Moreover, these agents also help students learn about the documents that are essential for completing the application process. Plus, they will also ensure that your visa application is error-free/complete. In short, an agent makes it very easy for a student to complete his student visa process. Here are the few things that you must check before you hire an agent:

  • He has the necessary qualification and knowledge.
  • He is an approved agent of the educational institution in which you want to study. For more information regarding immigration laws of the country feel free to contact our study abroad consultants for Australia.


There you have it, four key pillars of the Australian student visa process. So, make sure you take care of all these things before you submit your visa application. This will help you in getting a visa to the country quickly and without any hassle.

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