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5 Ayurvedic Herbs to Prevent Hair Fall and Boost Regrowth

Everyone sheds a bit of hair every day. It’s a normal process that is part of our body’s growth and repair. However, the issue arises when we shed the majority of our hair or when it does not grow back to normal levels. The primary reason could be an imbalanced diet. Foods that aren’t high in protein and iron can hinder hair growth since they are essential nutrition that our body requires for a healthy scalp. Another cause could be the imbalance of doshas, particularly Pitta. An overactive Pitta could cause overheating of the hair follicles, which can lead to brittle and weak hair and slower growth.

There are many methods to treat these problems organically. Add the below Ayurvedic herbs to treat hair loss and regrowth to your regimen will help ensure strong and healthy hair.

Fenugreek seeds, also known as methi seeds are among the most effective Ayurvedic remedies for hair loss and growth. They are high in calcium, potassium folic acid, and Nicotinic acid, as well as vitamins C, K, and A. They also contain Antioxidants and properties that reduce inflammation which assist in cooling down the scalp and nourishing hair better. With consuming this fenugreek seeds you cacn also visit the kendra to get best shirodhara treatment in jaipur for  your hair loss problem

Fenugreek can be incorporated into the diet of your choice by adding it to curries, sabzis, dals or creating an organic hair mask using the ingredients at your home. To make this, soak some seeds of fenugreek for a few hours. Blend them to form a paste, then mix it with some curd. Apply the mixture on your hair at minimum 30 minutes prior to when you wash it off to promote healthier hair growth.


High in vitamin C Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is an additional Ayurvedic herb to increase hair growth. It reduces stress, cleanses blood, and restores its natural coloring of hair, which helps prevent premature gray hair strands. Incorporating amla into your diet will help to strengthen hair from within. Drinking fresh amla juice early in the morning can provide excellent results. Another option is make a hair tonic by adding freshly squeezed lemon juice into amla juice. You can also apply it directly to the scalp by rubbing lemon juice into amla juice and then applying directly to your scalp. The mixture of amla oil and almond oil or coconut oil can also be beneficial for the scalp and encourages hair growth.


Since Vedic times Brahmi was considered to be a highly efficient Ayurvedic herb for increasing hair growth. The alkaloids found in brahmi attach with hair protein, resulting in more robust and stronger hair follicles. This decreases dryness, itchiness and flakiness, and creates beautiful hair.

At at home, you can apply Brahmi in the form oil. Massage it on your scalp and then let it sit overnight. The leaves can be consumed straight or fresh in salads of all kinds. It is also possible to mix it dried and ground together with other ayurvedic herbs to increase hair growth. It is available in powder form like amla, reetha or shikakai. You can mix it into a smooth paste using coconut oil or water for hair mask. Apply the mask, and wait for one hour before thoroughly washing your hair. The use of Brahmi for your hair will reduce split ends, and it makes your hair shiny.


One of the most important ingredients of the ancient Indian treatment, ashwagandha is commonly known as “Indian Winter cherry” or “Indian Ginseng”. It stimulates the production of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), a natural hormone in your body that keeps free radicals from harming the scalp and hair follicles, resulting in healthy hair growth. The Ayurvedic herb that promotes hair growth has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that keep your scalp healthy.

There are many ways of making use of Ashwagandha to improve your hair. It can be consumed by mouth or as supplements, as well as you can make use of it to create refreshing tea. Another method to make use of it is to make the paste by mixing the powder of ashwagandha and warm distilled water. Then, apply the paste directly on your hair and scalp for 30 to 45 minutes prior to washing thoroughly and styling your hair as normal.


Pudina leaves are antimicrobial as well as antifungal properties. They can be used to be used to treat a range of scalp conditions including the dandruff. It stops infections or bacteria from developing in the head. The pudina leaf extract is an excellent source of antioxidants and carotene that encourage hair growth and prevent falling. It helps fight off lice and dandruff, and help with other scalp issues as well. Pudina is a good addition to your daily diet as well. Make a chutney and mix it into nimbu paani or khus sherbet. You can enjoy it along with your meal. For a quick hair treatment grind some mint leaves, and create an oil using lemon juice. Apply it to your hair for around 20 minutes, then wash it off.

These herbs to increase hair’s thickness and growth are effective by themselves, however for the best results, consider using them in conjunction along with other methods like massages on your scalp, as well as other natural products for hair care. If you’re losing more than 50-100 strands every day, get in touch with our experienced ayurveda doctor in Jaipur via either video or phone calls or make for a visit to your local Jiva Clinic. They will provide a personalized natural treatment to address the root of the issue and help promote longevity and wellness.

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