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5 Best Tips to Find the Right Color for Your Hair

You have decided to change your color. Perhaps you are tired of your current color or you want to change it. It is now clear: you will dye your hair.

Today In this article we will share the key points that professionals use to achieve the perfect hair colors.

What Color Is Your Skin?

It is important to consider both your skin color and your eyes color.

  • Fair Skin is best served by blonde, gold, red, or copper hair colors. A light brown is a great choice if your eyes are light. You don’t need to wear extremes, as they won’t suit you, not the bluish blacks or the nuclear white. Your skin will still appear lighter.
  • Avoid ash tones, if your skin is medium-colored Warm tones, including mahogany, are best for dark eyes, brown, amber, or hazel.
  • The best hair colors for olive skin are brown, chocolate, or dark brown. However, gray/blond and even black are also good choices.

If you’re still not sure about your color, choose the bronde color to be certain to find the right one. This is a mixture of brown and blonde, which gives it a beautiful copper tone. It’s also important to know about the hair colors for yellow undertones.


How to Determine Your Skin’s Tone.

Two scarves, or clothing, are placed in front of you. One orange and one fuchsia. This simple trick will allow you to choose the best color. If the color fuchsia is more appealing to you, then your skin tone may be cold. On the other hand, if you like the orange scarf that you see yourself better with, then your skin is warmer.


You Must Taste Into Account Your Life

Each person’s professional and personal preferences will influence the color choice. You will need to choose more elegant and sophisticated colors if you have a formal job.

Also, you can wear bolder and more suggestive colors if you have a more artistic and free-spirited job. You should also consider how frequently you can visit the salon.

Choose Hair Color Rejuvenates

  • You can experiment with fantasy colors, Nordic blondes, or explosive reds if you’re between 20-35 years old.
  • For those between 35-45, caramel, copper, and brown hair colors are best.
  • The gray percentage rises rapidly after the age of 45. This causes hair to lose its density and volume. We will also take special steps to restore and maintain that density. We should avoid excessive bleaching and colors that contain high levels of oxidants as they can cause hair damage. Avoid excessively darkening your hair as it can add years to our lives.


Be Aware of Color Trends

This year’s colors are very flattering. The most beautiful shades of color are chocolate, hazelnut, and golden blondes.


Find Your Style

It is crucial to choose the right color for you. Being beautiful can make us feel more confident, strong, and vibrant. Warm tones will convey intimacy and closeness.

Cold colors, on the other hand, can create a sense of distance. This is because cold colors tend to make our skin harder. You want to look natural and harmonious, so choose a similar color to your skin.

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