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5 Fashion Faux Pas You Should Avoid at a Wedding

The wedding season is just round-the-corner, and Indians are looking forward to donning their very best and glowing in the radiance of all the zari and bling.

While there is nothing quite as bright, colourful, and vivid as a big, fat Indian wedding, a fashion faux pas may leave you embarrassed.

Here are a few of these that you must avoid.

Upstaging the bride

This is the one cardinal rule that supersedes all else. You may be dying to get your own designer bridal lehenga out of the closet and wear it again, but it may be a good idea to tone it down with a plainer kurta or a long coat.

The bride may have carefully picked the best of Anita Dongre’s wedding outfits and picked out jewellery and accessories to go with them. You do not want to outshine her on her special day.

Going all-black or all-white

Indian weddings are a riot of colours, and the temptation to stand out by wearing all-black or all-white is quite understandable, but this may not go over well with the families for religious and sentimental reasons. If you do choose to wear black or white, team these up with bright dupattas, jewellery, and accessories.

A flowy black saree or white lehenga with a multi-coloured jacket or shawl may be a good idea. Semi-precious stone-studded jewellery, heels, and clutches make for dramatic ensembles.

Too much gold

There is no such thing as too much jewellery, is there? Actually, this is a common fashion faux pas at Indian weddings. While this is certainly the occasion to indulge and wear your best pieces, it is quite important to remember that too many pieces take away the focus from you.

Your jewellery pieces need to highlight your beauty. Also, remember to match the outfit with your jewellery. Pick platinum or silver if your ensemble does not have gold trims or embroidery.

Fashion-forward men

Men often do not think they need to be fashion-conscious when it comes to weddings, but this is a mistake. If you are going with a partner, you may want to match your sherwani colour to her outfit. Pocket squares do not need to match the tie, but they must complement the tie and accentuate the outfit.

Denim trousers and leather jackets are also a no-no when it comes to Indian weddings.

Bold, not brash

Bright colours are all the rage, but loud, jarring ensembles are not. A hot pink or bright orange sharara set may be a good choice for a wedding outfit but adding loud makeup or too many accessories that clash with your look may not be a good idea.

The idea of fashion is to create harmony while making you look more beautiful than ever.

No matter what outfit, accessory, or jewellery you choose, remember that a wedding is the perfect occasion to get together with friends and family and have fun.

Wear something that will feel comfortable and make you look stunning at the same time.

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