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Digital Marketing

5 Latest benefits of link building to improve your SEO

Research says tons of digital marketing strategies are there that are giving mind-blowing results. But the most trending these days is Link building. Even Google gives rankings based on this strategy for websites. So, you all know now that we are going to talk about this digital marketing strategy. Check out the benefits of link building to improve your SEO. 


Introduction to Link building

This crucial part of SEO is playing a great role in acquiring good links from other websites to your own website. It is the easiest way to improve off-page SEO because it sends direction to search engine algorithms that the content you are presenting is valuable. 

So, it clears all the paths and gives a good ranking to your content in SERPs. 

  • More than 52% of marketers said this strategy impacts organic search ranking.
  • Around 62% of SEOs say Link building is the most challenging aspect.
  • 13% of SEO experts say that this strategy is the most valuable tactic.


Understand its importance in increasing Referral traffic

Most of you believe link building is just to give you great traffic from search engine ranking. That is true but it is not just a single benefit. When SEO experts make a good link-building email campaign, you can seek the ultimate quality of traffic for your business website. 

The process of this referral traffic begins when the audience clicks on the hyperlink of your article/blog and lands on the webpage of the website. Those who are interested in reading your content stuff will come to your website. It means you are getting valuable referral traffic. 

  • We researched and found that 62% of people trust referrals from people they know.
  • Referral traffic gives a 70% higher conversion rate.

One of the best benefits of link building to improve your SEO is brand awareness. How?

When a consumer sees your brand name and hyperlink on various third-party websites they feel like it has a great market share. The point is consumers trust those websites more and make a purchase. If your business has more online awareness then you can achieve desired results faster. All credit to link building with the right website. 


Did you know?

  • Around 61% of marketers are investing 10% of their budget in this strategy.
  • The average cost to purchase a backlink today is $361.44.
  • You will get more than 77% of backlinks when going with long-form content.

Expect fast indexing only via Backlinks

Who here wants late indexing of his/her blogs? We are sure nobody will choose that path because it feels good when indexing on google gets done swiftly. 

Have you seen that situation when your contents are not getting indexed on time? If yes then you need to adapt the strategy of link building. All you need to do is follow the best link-building strategy and it will help your URL get noticed and crawl on search engines. SEO experts follow this concept to gain a good advantage, so we are sure you are going to do the same. 

Understand Page authority

Page authority, popularly known as PA, was created by a popular SEO tool called Moz. It is basically built to measure the strength of the URL on that page. It is far different from Domain authority (DA). It is one of the crucial metrics of SEO that every newbie must be aware of. 

The higher the PA score is the better possible a web page ranking in SERPs. When you get deep into PA, you will realize that it is totally based on the quality and quantity of incoming links. When talking about Domain authority, the algorithm of a tech giant does not consider Page authority if it is about ranking. 


Yield a good revenue from Link building

Is it true? Have you ever discussed it with SEO experts about it? 

When you get good rankings on Google and the visibility of the website is increasing every day, you will get a large audience. Also, you get lots of clicks on the website and they jump into your work. You can get good consumers who are looking at what you are selling. They can buy from you and insist others to do the same. 

So, this increases the sales and revenue of your business. No matter how much time and investment is needed in backlinks, you can seek an awesome amount in the future. 



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