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5 Top Brands to Buy Polo Shirts Online

For years, Champion Polo shirts have ruled the business. Hence, they have garnered a lot of attention. Even a newbie in the business is familiar with the range of products Champion has offered in the industry. Polo shirts are one of the most commonly used items that Champion features. These are mostly worn by golfers and tennis players off the fields and courts. This has led them to become highly demanding amongst the ordinary people. Hence, it is considered a unique style statement among men and women.

When it comes to choosing Champion Polo shirts, there is a variety of styles on offer. It is still early to say how much longer this style may last. But the style of the Polo shirt is not a new one. The best thing about them is that they seamlessly blend with any apparel regardless of their style. As a result, they bring out a presentable and sophisticated persona in you. That is not all; it also elevates the attitude of the wearer.

Why Champion Polo Shirts?

Champion clothing has always maintained an advantage. However, they have to adapt to changing trends and customer needs. As a company focusing on sports apparel, it was never a simple process. But they kept innovating and maintained quality despite the shifting fashions and times. Champion Polo shirts are an example of how they adapted a situation-specific strategy and turned it to their advantage. No matter which part of the globe their target audience lies, they would love their products for this reason.

How should Champion Polo shirts be worn?

Champion Polo shirts are an excellent choice for showing off your style. As the wearer, you should understand that fashion is not confusing or complex. All you have to do is to match it with adequate footwear, accessories, and bottoms. These are a few things to consider when wearing Champion Polo shirts.

1.    Tucking it in:

When it comes to wearing a Champion Polo shirt, you can tuck or untuck it. However, it would be beneficial to consider the fabric and clothing you wear. Choose appropriate bottoms if you want to boost your appeal with minimal effort. If you tuck your shirt in too tightly, you may ruin your avatar.

2.    Buttons:

Buttons are another important factor to consider when wearing Champion Polo shirts. Avoid closing all the buttons at once. It is critical to pay attention to the button placket. You should not open or close all of them at once.

3.    Collar:

If you want to make a good impression, avoid raising your collar. Wear your Champion Polo shirt with the collar down.

4.    Color contrast:

Always choose a bottom that complements the color of your T-shirt. Don’t match the colors of your pants and T-shirt.

5.    Bottoms:

Champion Polo shirts look great with shorts and jeans.

6.    Pockets:

If you dislike Polo shirts with pockets, you should avoid them.

  1. Prints:

Champion Polo shirts with larger logos are a turnoff. If you see one, avoid wearing it because it is a very cheap fashion statement.

  1. Material:

Cotton knit Champion Polo shirts are ideal for casual wear.

Other Polo Shirts Manufacturers to Consider

Besides Champion Polo shirts, there are several other brands. We have enlisted 5 more companies that sell polo shirts. These are:

1.    Gildan Polo Shirt

Gildan is one of the renowned brands for Polo shirts. It is one of the best companies known in the market. They have a wide range of sizes and colors for Polo shirts for their customers. A wide range of sizes is available, i.e., S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.

2.    Adidas Golf Polo Shirt 

The next brand for Polo shirts is Adidas Golf. There is a wide range of Polyester made polo shirts available. They also include features such as three-button Placket, side seamed with a Drop tail, Rib-collar, and open hem sleeves. These are best suited for outdoor activities. Adidas Golf Polo shirts feature a logo on the right sleeve.

3.    Nike Golf Polo Shirt

Third on the list is the Nike Golf polo shirt. These consists of premium quality design and an understated vertical mesh structure. The Nike Golf polo shirts provide easy breathing comfort to the wearer. A traditional Nike Golf Polo shirt features a swoosh design on the left sleeve. These are available in a wide range of sizes from XS to 4XL.

4.    Harriton Polo

Harriton is the fourth brand on the list for Polo shirts. They include a classy design along with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial features. They are also available in various colors, including Cool Grey, Old Royal, Black, and Navy. Harriton Polo shirts have a range of sizes starting from S to 6XL.

5.    Sport-Tek Polo

Sport-Tek Polo is the last brand in the list made with double poly mesh construction called Dri-Mesh. It allows the body to remain dry and cool under strict weather conditions. Furthermore, regular Sport-Tek Polo t-shirts provide extra comfort and breathability. The range of Sport-Tek Polo shirts includes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL.

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