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6 Ways To Get a Good Haircut

Even in the circumstances like getting a haircut, communication is important. You risk getting a terrible or ridiculous haircut if you don’t give your barber a clear idea of what you want. And to make matters worse, it can wind up costing you a lot of money. Perhaps you anticipated a better level of understanding from your stylist, or you desired highlights that were more vibrant or a whole different cut. Clear communication with your hairdresser is essential for getting the ideal haircut for you.

Although we anticipate professional barber services to understand our instructions, there is always a potential for misunderstanding. We’ve included some advice to help you interact with your barber more efficiently in order to help you avoid these situations. Start by reading the sections below.

First, Schedule A Consultation

One of the finest pieces of advice people picked up over the years is to make sure the consultation and cut are included when scheduling a hair appointment. A consultation should be offered as part of the standard package of services. Usually, at high-end salons, they typically allot 15 minutes to this process with each customer but sometimes it’s less depending on the need. As far as you have complete communication, time doesn’t matter.

You should feel at ease while spending your hard-earned money on your hair since it is important to you and has an influence on your personality and everyday life. It is advised to schedule a consultation and blow dry appointment. By doing so, you may get to know the stylist and their style before engaging in any significant activity. Afterward, schedule a second appointment for a cut, color, or any other luxury service if it fits well.

1.      Choose Haircut According To Your Face

There are two components to a perfect haircut. You should always opt for a haircut that complements your face shape and the haircut you want to get. While switching things up and trying something new is undoubtedly entertaining, there is something to be said about a timeless, pleasing shape. Consider it your base of operations—the look you can use repeatedly.

Do you need some further explanation? Both experts concur that there isn’t always a single right method to cut hair, but there are a few pleasing guidelines to follow. In order to highlight some of your features and direct the focus away from other features of the face.

2.      Search For The Haircut You Want

Get ideas from television, fashion magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram. A hairstylist’s profession includes keeping up with the latest fashions. If you’re clueless, they can fill you in, but it’s advisable to conduct some research to gather some suggestions if you have no idea what you want.

The stylists we spoke with when creating these 6 ways, advised browsing Pinterest, beauty publications, and Instagram accounts of fashion influencers. You can save a few images on your phone so you can show the stylist what you like. To give your stylist a clear concept of what you want to accomplish, it’s always a good idea to show them a photo.

3.      Request Styling Guidance

You’ll want to take measures to ensure that you can replicate the stunning appearance of your locks when you leave the salon. High-end barbers’ shops advise finding out from your stylist whether there are any specific methods, equipment, or supplies you ought to be employing. You are more likely to like your appearance over the long term rather than simply for the first day or two after your salon visit.

4.      Examine Your Barber’s Reviews

It’s fantastic if you believe you have discovered the right hairdresser for you! Do your homework and look at what has been published about them. Professional fashion critics advise searching for hairstyles and haircuts on Google and Instagram, and of course, displaying authentic reviews. They continue by suggesting you take every review you read with a grain of salt. People are often more driven to write about negative experiences than positive ones.

5.      Avoid Getting Too Technical

It’s crucial to use the correct language, but it’s also crucial to avoid being overly technical. Being excessively technical might confuse the barber, especially if you’re speaking at the same time.

Instead, while speaking to the barber, use metaphorical language. Include whatever specifics you may have to be as detailed as you can. You can tell them that I am thinking of getting my hair to be flat-topped, tapered, and blended. By doing this, you’ll be able to express yourself more clearly and make it simpler for the barber to follow your directions.

6.      Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Do not be hesitant to express your worries if you are concerned about the direction the cut or color is taking. Additionally, you must be able to politely tell your dissatisfaction with the cut or color once it has been applied. Honesty is valued by stylists. Nothing is worse than a frequent client who leaves your salon without returning, especially if you don’t know why.

7.      Don’t Lie To Your Stylist

Although it may seem apparent, it is vital to be open and honest with your stylist about your expectations for your new style. You won’t ever get your ideal look if you aren’t open with your hairstylist about what you like and don’t like, warns Toth. You must constantly express your complex or firm thoughts if you want your hair to get better.


Good haircuts depend on effective communication. Your barber should be informed of your needs and desires so they may do their best to meet them. You’ll be able to express yourself in a way that results in the best haircut if you use the advice we provided above.

Look for a barbershop that is known for its work, the qualified and experienced barbers will handle the rest for you, including any haircut, colors, treatment, or refreshing shave!

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