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7 Types of MBA Degrees You Can Pursue in 2022

There are several different MBA programmes that are being offered. Deciding on one programme becomes very difficult. These programmes are different from one another but also have some similarities between them. Each programme has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s critical to do your homework before deciding which one is best for you. The blog will cover the 7 most common types of MBA programmes that can be pursued in 2022. This blog will help you find an MBA programme that will help you achieve your professional goals.

Full-time MBA

A full-time MBA is an excellent way to complete the MBA programme in just one year. The time required to finish the programme and receive a diploma has been shortened. This programme is for students who want to complete their studies first before starting to work, as a full-time MBA does not give them free time to work.

Part time MBA

A part-time MBA is different from a full-time MBA as it offers a good environment for consuming limited time in a day. The classes are taken only during the evening and weekends, which enables the students who want to work while studying. Part-time takes less time to complete the programme. There are some schools that offer part-time graduation in just 18 months. This MBA programme is best for those students who want to spend most of their time working while pursuing their dream courses.

Online MBA

In this modern world, rapidly changing technology has made it possible to study online. An Online MBA gives students the opportunity to attend classes without the need to come to a college campus. This enables the student to study with ease and without wasting their precious time travelling from home to college and vice versa. An Online MBA is a great option for those who do not have a flexible schedule. Project management, time management, and independence skills can be mastered via the programme. Therefore, The Online MBA programme is the best for professionals and students who do not want to spend their time in the classroom (dissertationproposal, 2020). Those students who are busy working can use MBA essay help that can assist in their MBA assignments.

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA has similarities to the part-time MBA programme. The Executive MBA offers the classes in the evenings and weekends just like the part-time MBA. However, the difference between them is that an executive MBA takes more time to complete the programme. The time period is approximately 2 years, but this time duration varies with the specialisation of the MBA degree. This degree best fits working professionals who have six or more years of working experience and have experience in the field of management (Han and Liang, 2015). Executive MBA have tough assignment that also helps the students to learn better. In some cases student can get stuck with the assignment can get help from Canadian essay writing service.

Joint MBA

A Joint MBA is one of the most sensational types of MBA degrees offered in 2022. The joint MBA degree is for business leaders mainly. The Joint MBA is specially designed to learn from the experience of other countries and different campuses all around the world. When registered in a joint MBA programme, you will develop a wide network. This programme offers many training and seminars, including the conferences of the international companies in the organisation.

Modular EMBA

The Modular EMBA has similarities to a part-time MBA degree, but the modular EMBA does not need a student to attend the classes on weekends. It has many differences as compared to the other programmes that are being offered in 2022 as it requires the student to actively participate in the conferences, training, seminars, and other practical activities that are of 2 to 3 weeks or even a few months duration. In some cases, colleges offer student exchange programmes that require students to travel, but the development of new perspectives and growth in the business field is impressive.

Blended distance learning MBA

Blended distance learning MBA, as the name suggests, is a programme that has online as well as onsite classes. The Blended distance learning MBA only requires the student to attend an onsite class on the weekend for the purpose of discussion and meeting. Students also have to attend the video conference sessions, webinars, exams, online tests, and forum discussions. The classroom at the weekend allows the student to interact and to build a network with the classmates, which can lead to enhancing the individual’s knowledge.


The seven most common types of MBA degrees are mentioned above, discussing the differences and similarities between them. All MBA programmes target different types of students, making it easy and possible for all types of students to complete their passionate programme without difficulty. Full-time MBA programmes are designed for students who want to complete their degree in less time. Part-time MBA, on the other hand, is aimed at people who want to finish their degree while continuing to work. MBA offers a flexible schedule for those who are very busy in their lives and cannot afford to waste their time travelling.

Joint MBA, modular EMBA, and blended distance learning The MBA offers training, seminars, and travel to different international companies to attend conferences, which gives them a lot of experience. Mostly experienced and working professionals opt for these degrees as they have previous experience, which they need to increase. Blended distance learning combines both physical classes and online classes. Therefore, Students can enrol in the programme which fits best for them among those being offered in 2022.


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