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8 Foolproof Tips to Help You in Shifting Your House from Mumbai to Pune

In this article, I have the 8 foolproof tips to help you in shifting your house from Mumbai to Pune. So, as you are shifting your house from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai to the calmer greeneries of Pune, you will be shifting to a different city in the same state. The distance between Mumbai and Pune is 148 kilometres. This is not a local house shifting but not an interstate shifting either. You will not be shifting away from the culture and linguistic aspects that you are accustomed to. The best part is that you can come down to Mumbai on any long weekend whenever you miss Mumbai.

Now that Ganpati Pujan is around the corner and you will be craving to visit the mighty Lalbaugcha Raja, don’t forget that the impressive Shri Kasba Ganpati is waiting for your visit in Pune. Yes, Gods wait for the devotees as much as the devotees wait for them; but you don’t wait to start with your shifting preparations at the last minute. With the right plan and preparations, you can make your house shifting experience a blissful one.

Here are the 8 foolproof tips to help you in shifting your house from Mumbai to Pune:

1. Make a plan of action

You need to plan out the most vital points on which your entire shifting is based. Decide the moving date and the moving budget. If you have the luxury of choosing the moving date on your own, then choose a date that is at least 30-45 days after the present date. You need time to plan and prepare, and this much time is required for things to go slow and steady.

While fixing the budget, you should see that the moving charges should not affect the regular monthly expenses. After deciding the date and budget, it is time to decide the mode of shifting. You can carry out the shifting on your own or you can hire packers and movers for the same.

2. Get expert assistance

You can always decide to move on your own if you have a budget constraint or you are unable to find reputed packers and movers near your area. But if you have a sufficient budget and you have the time to look for the most suitable packers and movers from Mumbai to Pune, then start finding one. It is always advisable to move through the professionals. The proficient packers and movers are experts in their job and they do the packing and moving on a daily basis.

You are not experienced in packing things in the right way and on the contrary the professionals know the right techniques for the same. They will pack, load, move, and unload your belongings with utmost care and precision. So, choose expert assistance.

3. Make an inventory

Make and inventory to schedule the preparatory tasks on certain days before the moving day. This way all your tasks will get completed and you will not miss out on anything important. You should also make a list of belongings for different rooms. The lists should have the names of all the things that you want to shift from Mumbai to Pune. You will then remember to take all the things and not forget anything essential back in the current house.

4. De-clutter the house

Your house in Pune will indeed be bigger than your present house in Mumbai. But that does not mean that you will carry all the unnecessary junk from Mumbai to Pune and clutter up the new house. You should strain out the unnecessary things from your belongings and you can choose to sell or donate the reusable things. Discard the damaged things from the house before the moving day. This will reduce the size of your move considerably. Lesser the size of the move the lesser the cost of packers and movers.

5. Keep the valuables protected

Don’t wait for the last day to arrive when things go out of hand. You should keep the valuable things in your house protected and kept safely in a particular bag in the wardrobe. Things like your jewellery, watches, electronic gadgets, confidential documents, etc. are some valuable things. Do not disclose this bag to the packers and movers on the moving day. Carry it with you as you move from Mumbai to Pune in your car.

6. Make an overnight kit

An overnight kit can be a packing box or a large-sized tote bag. Pack all the essential things that you will need on the first day after you shift to your new house in Pune. Things like your toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, soap, hand wash, face wash, shampoo, bed sheets, a fresh set of clothes, and undergarments should be packed in an overnight kit. It should be the first box you pack and the first box you unpack as you move from Mumbai to Pune. If you forget to pack an overnight kit, you will have to search all the packing boxes to hunt for your towel or your clothes. To stay away from such disasters, pack an overnight kit.

7. Get insured

As you move from Mumbai to Pune, anything wrong can happen on the way and your belongings can get lost or damaged. To assure the safety of your belongings on the go, you should get moving insurance. In this case, your moving company in Mumbai will settle all the monetary claims and you can be stress-free about the safety of your goods.

8. Take care of the utilities

You should disconnect the water connection, electricity connection, gas connection, DTH connection, and internet connection as you shift from Mumbai. As you arrive at Pune, you have to connect to new utility service providers and get new utility connections.

The Closure

Intercity house shifting is a complicated phenomenon. But in your case, it is not that complicated as you are shifting within the same state. You will be shifting to Pune which is easily commutable from Mumbai and is less congested than Mumbai. The liveability quotient of Pune is much better than in Mumbai. And not to mention the daily episode of “Mortal Combat” on the local trains, you will not have to experience any such hardships in Pune. Get a Scooty and you are sorted in Pune. After reading the above-mentioned 8 foolproof tips to help you in shifting your house from Mumbai to Pune, I am sure you got a clear idea about the same. I wish you a happy move!

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