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A Complete Guide To Buy Gold Coin Safely And Various Deciding Factors

In India, gold is the precious metal that brings warmth, prosperity, and wealth. It is given as a present at festivals and special occasions. You can even gift the bride on the occasion of marriage to secure her future. Gold can be presented as coins, idols of deities, or gold jewelry. You can get the precious 10 GM Gold Coin online from a reputed dealer who sells it at the current price of the gold. They also provide these coins with a certificate of authenticity. The mark of their purity is also presented on the coins too.

How can you purchase them? What are the various factors you need to consider when purchasing a gold coin? Let us walk you through all the required things.

Where can You Buy 10 GM Gold Coin Online?

Gold is already in transition, with its stocks already rising in 2023. It has 100% become a hedge against inflation, with umpteen factors affecting prices of gold.

You can check out the expert comments where they are stating about the performance of gold. It is now trading at $1,870.50 in the international market. However, it is still termed the most stable investment of the year. So, you can go ahead with any of its investment modes like coins, gold bars, jewelry, etc. Here, we will let you know where to buy the gold coins.


The best thing about buying gold coins from the banks is that they offer discounts if you buy in bulk quantities. The coins offered are of the highest purity, 24 carat or 999.9 purity. There is tampered-proof packaging done for the purchased gold coins. They will also provide you with a certificate of authenticity of the gold coins. People prefer banks because their reach is widespread in the country, and the banks will offer the same rate across different states.

Online Gold Dealers

As everything is digital nowadays, buying gold coins online has become the easiest source. You will be free to view the various types of gold coins and check their current prices too. The buyers can purchase any time of the day or even night. Most reputed online dealers are authentic and have received the authority to sell gold coins online.

You can purchase 5 gm, 10 GM Gold Coin online, or more than that. It depends on your budget and your requirement too. Check out online dealers’ hallmarks and ISO certifications before purchasing the gold. Do check out if they have been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. It will help you to select the right dealer.

Through Jewelers

Apart from banks and online dealers, you can also make personal purchases. It can be done from your nearest jewelry shop. However, remember that not all jewelers will sell gold coins. You must do wider research in your town or ask your near and dear ones about the right shop for gold coin selling. The shops may differ in each state, but you must always visit the government-authenticated dealers. It will help you not to get into some legal soup.

Auction Sites

Yes, auction sites sell vintage or antique things and gold coins. There are many government-certified auction sites where purchasing the 10 GM Gold Coin online is preferable. If you want to purchase from a private site, ensure it comes under the compliance set forth by government agencies. However, you may pay more at the auction site because of the fee they will charge you. It may go up to 11% or more. So, check out their terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing the Gold Coin

Check The Dealer’s Reputation

Experts predict that gold may increase to $3,000 by the end of 2023, and in the coming next 5 years, it will increase to $6,700. The prices of this metal will vary because of the price of the Dollar, inflation, interest rates, and many other factors affecting prices of gold. The offline or online dealers will be registered with the government or have government authentication to sell the gold coin. By checking their reputation, you can only make purchases from reputed dealers.

Inventory of Gold Coins

Check out the inventory of gold coins a particular dealer offers. Many professional gold dealers offer gold coins from 2 gm to 50 gm or more. Many of them sell gold bars too. You can choose from varied weights and prices. However, do check out that these gold dealers sell the hallmark gold coins and those that are 24-carat and pure. You can go ahead with the classic to modern gold coins.

Check The Taxes

You must pay a 3% GST when purchasing the gold coin in India. It will not be more than that. However, the higher the gold coin’s weight, the higher the tax. So, always check the full adjustment of tax done by the dealers. It will help you pay the right tax on your gold coins. Make sure to consult the experts before you opt for a purchase.

Always Read Reviews

Every gold coin dealer, whether an online or offline seller, has a website made. They have reviews on their website or Google reviews too. Always go through them and make sure to read through both positive and negative kind of reviews. It will help you to decide further on the dealer. You can make purchases without hesitation.

Buy Gold Coins without Hassle!

You know where to buy the gold coins from. It can be banks, jewelers, or the 10 GM Gold Coin online dealers. You must always check out the authentication and reviews of the dealers before buying the gold coin. The Gujarat Gold Centre is there to help you with gold coin purchases, offering 24-karat gold coins with 999 purity. Head on to their website to make your first purchase.

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