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A Simple Technique For Hitting A Draw

Hitting A Draw: In the world of professional golf, a draw is a highly sought-after shot that most novice amateur golfers cannot hit, whether it is a powerful draw left or right off the tee or a simple draw into the green with an iron.

Learn how to hit a draw with a driver, wood, or iron because all three clubs have the same basic design.

How do you define a draw?

The right-handed golfer hits a shot that bends smoothly from right to left. Furthermore, many would argue that draws have a more attractive shape in addition to covering more ground than fades.

In golf, a push-draw, straight draw or pull draw can be defined differently depending on the angle of the ball. A push draw starts out straight and draws to the left, a straight draw starts to the left and draws back to the left, and a pull draw starts to the right and draws back to the left.

Let’s draw it out

Your clubface must be somewhat closed at impact in relation to your swing path in order for your club to make a draw. A right-handed golfer’s right-handed swing provides the ball with sidespin, causing it to curve to the left.

It is more common for amateur golfers to hit fades or slices instead of draws, exposing their clubface at impact. Draw shot shapes can be created in a number of ways, two of which will be discussed below.

It is critical to remember that some of these may not be practical or practical for you. You will need to come up with a solution that works best for you.

The first step is to change your alignment.

Aim your feet and shoulders straight ahead of the target, then hit a golf ball from this position. A renowned golf coach, Butch Harmon, recommends producing a smoother swing through impact to make it easier for the club to release and impact the ball in a closer position.

A firm grip is the second method.

When you have a firm grip on the club, you will be able to “flip over” the club during impact and deliver the clubface in a relatively closed position. To prevent an unwanted hook, aim (align) right and avoid turning the club over excessively if you want to hit a straight draw.

When you have trouble releasing the club and delivering the face to the ball in a closed posture, loosen your grip. According to the article above, the goal is to strike the ball with a slightly closed clubface relative to the swing path.

How should I proceed?

A high-quality adjustable driver, wood, or hybrid can allow you to change the weight distribution of the club head. Making hitting draws much easier. Investing in them will make the course more enjoyable for you for years to come.

Several top-notch club manufacturers are to consider, including Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, and Bridgestone.

In conclusion

Several recreational and high-handicap golfers have difficulty hitting draws. In fact, since so many novices tend to come over the top, fades are more common among amateurs. However, the proper technique and some practice will make it possible for you to draw.


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