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Kasol, a small town nestled amidst the flowing waters of the Parvati Valley is perfect for all the people who love thrill and adventure. Right from exploring nature’s creation , trekking to various sites and villages , knowing about unique cultures around that area and most importantly having the CAMPING experience! What better place than Kasol to camp along with your friends around a pleasant backdrop with a nice campfire set up and a hearty talk among your friends. 


In this article I will enlighten you all that you need to know about camping in Kasol. Also called as Little Amsterdam of India due to it’s surroundings and the residents. You will come home with a bag full of good memories of camping in such a breezy beautiful atmosphere. Camping can be a great idea for someone who just wants to lay down , enjoy the view and listen carefully to the whooshing sounds Parvati Valley makes that will surely enthrall you.


Riverside Camping is the most famous around here which is being provided by not only many companies but you can just pitch a tent for yourself after finding a perfect spot!


Riverside Camping  – 

Staying in comfortable tents , vibing to your favourite music and having delicious food at a campfire has got to be the best thing you could ever do! But what can possibly top this? Well doing it beside the river , listening to the harmonious melodious sounds of the river. Once you’ve set a camp , you can do all these – 

  •  Star trek to Chalal
  • Go to the neighbouring villages and explore them fully including their famous attractions , food , culture and many more
  • For the ones seeking an adventure , go river rafting , paragliding
  • Have some nice DJ night arranged.
  • Take a stroll down the woods and the campsite appreciating the beauty.


Other famous camps around this locality include – 


Kabila Camps

Amidst beautiful mountains and nature’s best undulations lies the Kabila Camps. These are the most preferred among the tourists. There cannot be a better stressbuster than this. And what more? You can customise according to your budget! Right from a Swiss sophisticated tent to a normal one this fits right with everyone. 


Location of Camp – Almost 4 km from Kasol Town and 6 km from Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib

Amenities include –  Garden, Free Wi-Fi ,  Local tours, Taxi services, On-site cafe and many more.

Activities: Camping, Trekking and if you’re lucky enough paragliding is an option.

Price: Range  from INR 1,800 to INR 6,000/-


Campin’ Wild 

This is a little further from Kasol than the rest. It also offers yoga classes and has a well developed fitness center. If this isn’t your thing , rent a bicycle and ride along the bumpy pathways of mountains. This also has an option of booking bridal suites , in case you need them.


Location – Chorrang 

Starting price – INR 2,000 to INR 10,000

Amenities include – Comfortable tent , Wifi , Local tour guide , delicious buffets and many more.


Orchard Camps – 

Just next to the Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib this place is under cover of surreal mountains , breezy weather that soothes you. Walk to the Gurdwara , relax yourself out and reconnect with nature.


Location: 5 to 8 minutes walk from Kasol market area

Amenities: Hot spring bath,  Seating area

Activities: Sightseeing and Hiking

Price: Starting from INR 2,000/- ( according to customization )


Kasol Camps – 

If you’re someone who enjoys staying in a tent rather than exploring the outdoors then this could be perfect. It really allows you to enjoy the small things such as listening to the flow of Parvati River and fish in the river. There are also some comfy picnic spots for having lunch with family and friends and towards night they have DJ nights , water sport activities. 


Location – Manikaran road

Amenities – Pretty much everything you get in a hotel , what more do you need?

Price – Starts from INR 6,000/-


Parvati Wood Camps – 

If you’re looking for a place in woods , then this is your place. Priced very reasonably this keeps all your stress away for an entire weekend offering the much needed vacation. Many prefer this camps because of its proximity to Parvati River so they can just enjoy the view and go river rafting.


Location – Manikaran Rd, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 

Price – Rs. 500 ( begins from that )

Amenities – Bonfire, Music , restaurant

Activities – Cycling , Trekking , Fishing , River Rafting 


IYC Riverside Camps – 

This place is very unique in comparison to the rest. It allows pets and gives you some romantic time with your partner. The coloured luminescent tents give it a beautiful appearance with a background of earthy terrains. The sight will bedazzle your eyes.


Location: Sumaropa, near Parvati Woods Camp 

Amenities: Playground , Spa, Swimming pool, garden, fancy restaurant serving both Indian and International cuisine and pets room.

Price: INR 3000-4000 per night.


Aman Camps – 

A pleasant soothing atmosphere along the banks of the rivers. It offers some great food both Indian and International for it’s campers. The best part is customization according to budget is also there ranging from small tents to luxurious ones. There are even hot water baths here that will perfectly synchronize with the weather.


Location: Old Kasol

Amenities: Hot spring Bath, Restaurant.

Activities: Evening Entertainment, Bicycle Riding, Hiking. 


Author’s bio – 

The author , Manasvini is a student who is a travel enthusiast and has explored many places already in India. She plans to work in the tourism sector in her future and is looking forward to make international trips. She loves learning new languages , cultures and taking home many memories through travelling. She loves reading too.


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