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An Ultimate Guide To MOT Check For A Car

Are you in a dilemma of what an MOT check means and why you need it for your vehicle? Well! If you are living in and around the UK, you will know that the \ MOT is mandatory for every citizen with a car. After all, we all should acknowledge that not all vehicle issues can determine at home. Hence, we need a professional hand to find any issues and fix them in time. Unlike any normal tests, the MOT is officially a compulsory check issued by the government. After all, the main motive behind these tests is to check whether your car is safe in accordance with the road and transport guidelines of the country. Eventually, the MOT Check Bolton also determines how safe your vehicle is with the environment.

How can I get an MOT test for my Car?

MOT is the short form for the Ministry Of Transport. This test examines the overall well-being of many externals and internals of your car.

The UK government introduced the MOT as the department of Road safety. However, this department came into practice in 1960 and became a mandatory test for every authorized vehicle.

However, this obligatory test duration was initially ten years. With increasing safety concerns over the years, the duration reduced gradually to 3 years as of now. Hence, every car holder must sign up for an MOT check whenever they become three years old. Also, the consumer must continue to test their vehicles after every third anniversary of the vehicle.

Besides, there are a few specific vehicles that need the MOT check every year. You can find the details of these particular vehicles on the official government website for MOT.

MOT Checking became quite easy these days. Well! There are many authorized MOT providers providing efficient online services in the UK. For instance, if you wish to buy a car, you can check for the MOT history of that car before purchasing it. The process is quite simple for checking MOT history online. All you need to do is fill in the details of your new vehicle, and you will get all the desired information in a snap!

Purpose of the MOT Check

We understand it always hits very confusing for new, even active car users about the purpose of an MOT. But this is a mandatory test for two-wheeled motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, and even large on-road vehicles. Hence, we all should get an idea about the MOT before handing our vehicle to any service provider. Also, we need to find the best-authorized service provider for this work. Because some research says that approximately 40% of vehicles fail in the first MOT check. Hence, do your best research and give your vehicle to the best service provider to avoid future concerns.

What Exactly Does An MOT Check Tests in A Car?

MOT reviews the overall health of the car that includes a wide range of tests on internal and external parts. Those are:

Interiors of Car Under MOT Check

Seats : Under MOT, your service provider checks whether the seat is adjustable, fitted perfectly, and in an upright position that promotes comfortable and safe driving.

Seat Belts : This test checks for the seatbelts arrangement and functioning in your car is safe. Also, the MOT checks the airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioner.

Warning lights : The MOT test will check the illuminating condition of key warning lights like, Power steering light, Airbags light, ABS light, ESC / stability control light, Low tyre pressure indicates light and ECU engine warning light of your car.

Wipers and washers : Wipers and Washers are crucial for better vision for the driver. Hence, your MOT service provider will examine the overall functioning of these parts.

Brakes and Horn : This test carefully examines all the important braking systems like ABS and ESC. MOT also tests the working of horns.

Exteriors of Car Under MOT Check

Registration plates and Lights : The MOT examiner will review the placing, colour, and pattern of the number plates as per guidelines. Also, MOT will inspect the condition of every light.

Tyres and wheels : MOT expert will check the car’s rim and tyre condition. Also, examine the precise size fit of the tyre.

Doors, Windscreen, and Mirrors : Under MOT, the tester will examine the working condition of all doors like the rear, front, and back doors. Also, this test will scan the perfect fitting of windscreens and mirrors.

Tow bars and Bonnet of Car : MOT tester will check the overall security and functioning of your car’s tow bars. Also, this test will inspect the precise closing of the bonnet.

Body and Structure of Vehicle : The MOT inspects the entire body and structure of the vehicle. Your Car Service Bolton tester will review whether there is any external damage to the car, including corrosion.

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