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Anuvittasana yoga strengthens the spine, learn the right way to do it

Anuvittasana reduces muscle contraction in the hips and lowers the back. This helps in toning the muscles and gaining flexibility.

There is also a challenge related to health for those people who are doing work from home. Back pain and muscle-related problems due to working in a bad work center for a long time are troubling people continuously. In such a situation, today we are giving you detailed information about Anuvittasana.

Anuvittasana reduces the problems related to the spinal cord:

Doing Anuvittasana is considered very good for your heart and waist, but people especially use it to reduce the problems related to the bones of the spine. By doing this yoga pose, your muscles get a lot of relaxation. At the same time, it can also prove to be a panacea for those who complain of muscle tension. It also helps to release tension from the body, especially in the neck and shoulders. This asana helps to open up the respiratory system for deeper, fuller breaths.

When done with a proper posture, a standing backbend becomes the basis of deep yoga practices. This exercise is a great starting or ending day exercise which means it is helpful in releasing stress in a better way. At the same time, you can also get relief from back pain caused by sitting in one place for hours. At the same time, it also helps to promote energy in the body, due to which this flow becomes an integral part of yoga sequences. While talking about its other benefits, then

Heart and Blood Pressure: This simple backbend yoga can be very effective in opening the heart. It improves the functioning of the heart. This exercise also controls blood pressure.

Lungs and Respiration: The muscles around the chest and diaphragm stretch, encouraging maximum breathing with the lungs. This stretching improves the functioning of the lungs mitigating any respiratory disorders.

Balance and Awareness: Anuvittasana helps to maintain the balance of the body and breath along the spine. It also improves balance with both body and mind. It creates awareness, which is essential for balance.

If you want to learn different types of yoga asana then you should join a 500 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh.

How to do Anuvittasana:

  • To do this, stand by making a good gap between your feet.
  • While doing this, keep your legs straight, so that all the muscles of your legs are engaged while doing.
  • Now focus on pulling your knee upwards.
  • Place your hands on the side of your lower back.
  • Keep taking a deep breath while raising your head. While doing all this, make sure your core remains stable.
  • Release the spine back and bring it to a position that is comfortable for the body.
  • Now leave your head behind and try to keep the body flexible as much as possible.
  • Do this asana three to five times while breathing properly. While doing this, keep the abs in the correct posture while making the spine strong.

Things to keep in mind while doing Anuvittasana:

  • Try to keep the body flexible while doing backbends.
  • Bend the back slowly, otherwise, doing it all at once may result in muscle strain.
  • Avoid doing backbend yoga if you are facing any kind of injury to your neck or back.

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