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Aqua Hair Color No Chemicals, No Allergy, PPD Free

Winter is almost on its way; the days are growing shorter, the temperature is dropping, and the flow of nature is changing. It’s time to start enjoying hot drinks, celebrate Christmas, and take advantage of the frigid weather. Winters are enjoyable, but you should also take precautions against the bad weather to be healthy. But should that prevent you from dressing nicely? All of that and more may be accomplished with just a few small adjustments to your everyday cosmetic routine. Avoid using beauty products that are laden with chemicals and completely switch to organic skin, hair, and even hair colour. Because using a natural hair colour can be the best defence against losing your stylish appearance.

How to protect your hair in every weather condition?

1.      Say ‘NO’ to frequent hair washes.

During the winter, natural oils keep the hair and scalp hydrated and protect them from the elements. Frequent hair washing with shampoos high in chemicals can harm your natural hair colour, strip your hair of its natural oils, and irritate and dry up your scalp. Increase the interval between hair washing. Use an organic shampoo free of chemicals as well to keep your hair’s natural moisture balance.

2.      Say ‘NO’ to heat styling.

During the winter, hair remains fragile and dry. Avoid using heat on your hair since the heat from the hairdryer will dry out your hair, leaving it brittle and more likely to break. Choose air drying and accept your hair’s natural texture. However, it doesn’t follow that you should sacrifice your appearance. Natural hair colouring is always a wonderful choice for hiding grey hairs, emphasising specific areas, or just changing the colour. Try out heat-free hairstyles like buns, ponytails, and twists. Use an organic hair colour and a few drops of organic hair oil to reduce frizz. I promise you won’t regret it.

For a week & Months

To be honest, giving up your straightener for a day won’t make much of a difference in the health of your strands. “After just one day of not using irons or heat tools to style the hair, it will be in the same condition as our hair, which is dehydrated, fragile, dull, and lifeless,” says Millie Morales, a Garnier celebrity hairstylist. If you truly want to restore your strands, you’ll need to set aside more time.


The longer you go without using your styling tools, the more the texture of your hair will change. “You’ve been telling your hair to do something it doesn’t want to do for so long, if you let it do what it wants for a long period of time, you’ll see that it gets more curl and more texture,” Morrocanoil celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett said during a launch event for the brand’s new purple shampoo, adding that your hair is likely much curlier than you think it is.

4.      Do not step out with wet hair.

Winter weather has a greater negative impact on wet or damp hair. Cold air weakens and expands the hair shafts, increasing the likelihood of breakage. Additionally, colour fading could result. Leave the house without your hair wet. Before leaving the house, properly dry your hair. Give your hair extra time to air dry after showers. Your winter maintenance schedule can also be changed in accordance with your outdoor work schedule. Additionally, incorporating an organic aqua hair color into your winter hair care routine may be quite beneficial for you.

Do coloured hair require special attention?

Even though everyone has a different hair type, winter requires everyone to care for their hair tenderly. The aforementioned advice applies to coloured hair as well, but treating hair delicately is especially crucial if you have sensitive or allergic skin, weak or damaged hair, or a scalp.

For patients with sensitive skin, doctors advise switching to natural hair dye. The recommended organic hair dye is “Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Aqua hair Color” if you are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin. This natural hair colour, which was created especially for persons with allergic or highly sensitive skin, is best suited for those who cannot tolerate chemicals on their skin or who are allergic to hair dyes that contain chemicals.

Exposure to chemicals like paraphenylenediamine (PPD) found in inexpensive hair colours is the main cause of skin allergies. Since Indus Valley New hypo allergenic hair dye  doesn’t contain PPD, it doesn’t cause allergies. For individuals who want to avoid allergic reactions brought on by chemical-based hair dyes, it provides a distinctive colouring alternative.

Why choose Hypoallergenic Aqua Hair Colour?

Indigo, henna, manjistha, and chamomile act as the major colouring agents and as healing agents in combination with senna leaf, amla, brahmi, and fenugreek. This product contains 8 organic hair care herbs sourced from organic farms. However, because it is an all-natural hair colour, the results of its coloring take a little longer to show. In addition, it can require a few reapplications if you’ve had previous bleaching or coloring procedures to improve the colour, tone, and texture of your hair. Up to 4–8 washes can be used until the colour is no longer visible. The New Hypoallergenic Aqua hair Color offers 4 unusual shades: black, dark brown, medium brown, and light brown.

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