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Are you wanting to purchase tyres for your car that are suitable for the summer?

Make the change to summer tyres of exceptional quality from our shop and experience outstandingly comfortable riding throughout the summer months. You can additionally also purchase Goodyear Tyres Chingford from our facility.
We present you with best-selling summer tyres. We provide them from a variety of tyre manufacturers that are prominent in the UK marketplace, including luxury, mid-range, as well as budget optionsIn addition, we provide goods for summer tyres in a variety of sizes. We can easily accommodate the various criteria that our customers have.

You may place your order online and pay for it afterwards.

Utilizing the tyre-finding function on our website allows you to shop for brand-new summer tyres for your vehicle. Please be aware that there is no need for you to make any kind of upfront fee on the reservation. If you are content with the installation, then will we take payment.

Why are summer tyres preferable during the warmer months?


Rubber composition with a hard consistency

A hard rubber composition that has a lower percentage of natural rubber is what makes up a summer tyreWhen driving on warm tarmacs, this one-of-a-kind carcass composition maintains the tyre’s rigidity, preventing it from becoming mushyIn addition to this, it offers outstanding durability to the tread.

Lower depth of the tread

Summer vehicle tyres often feature construction with a short tread thickness. This cutting-edge tread design broadens the surface area of contact between the tyre and the roadwayOn warm and dry tarmacs, the tyre can demonstrate exceptional grip and control thanks to this feature.

Tread bars

A variety of summer automobile tyres also have revolutionary tread bars that extend around the whole circle of the tyre. These bars are quite effective at removing water from the exterior of the tyre. They offer unrivalled protection against hydroplaning.

Keep yourself and your family safe this summer by ensuring that your tyres are in good condition.

In the scorching heat of summer, there is no shortage of opportunities to find methods to cool yourselfThe difficulty is that prolonged exposure to the sun’s intense heat has negative effects on everything left outside. One of these things is the tyre on your automobile. Without adequate maintenance, it might become a major risk during the warm summer months.
In the past, tyre explosions have been the result of several tragedies all around the globe. We consider it our duty to inform drivers regarding the dangers of operating a vehicle with worn-out tyres and the best ways to maintain their condition to prevent any accidents from occurring.

The Most Common Causes Behind a Tyre Explosion

It is necessary to have an understanding of the potential causes of a burst to prevent one from occurringThe most likely causes of such a disaster, as well as advice on how to prevent such causes, are in the following paragraphs.

Reduced atmospheric pressure

You must have a solid understanding of the fact that your tyre does not just rotate on the roadway beneath a moving car. Additionally, as a result of the external pressure, it bends with each turn. Because of this condition, the tyre inside becomes hotter. The tyre is only capable of flexing more than it typically would because there is not the appropriate amount of air pressure in the tyre. The heat within the tyre will therefore increase to a larger degree as a direct consequence of this. Your tyre has no chance against the combination of it and the scorching asphalt pavement.
During the warmer months, you should check the pressure on your tyres at least twice every month. This will assist in ensuring that they continue to be in healthy form. No matter how fresh your tyres are, it’s just a short amount of time until they fail, even if they make it through a few trips with the tyre pressure at a lower-than-normal level.


There is a maximum capacity for the weight that a tyre can support. Pamphlets are where the majority of makers set weight restrictions for their products. It’s not a good idea to test one’s limits in this way. If you drive with the additional weight, the cost of maintaining your vehicle might wind up being far more than the amount of money you anticipate saving. Make an effort to disperse the weight uniformly over the loading area. You won’t have to worry about placing an excessive amount of weight on a single tyre if you do this.

Uneven Surfaces

The roads in the United Kingdom are in exceptionally excellent shape. It is quite unlikely that you will run into a crater while driving. However, you should still be on the lookout for unexpected bumps while travelling at fast speeds. Several different elements work together to keep the tyre intact. An unexpected strike at high speed might do serious damage to the tyre. Because of this, it may be susceptible to an explosion. The faster the pace that you are travelling, the more damage it will do to your tyre. Before you go out on your next journey, have a professional look at your tyres just in case one of them has a high-speed collision with anything solid.

The state of the tyres in their physical form

The tread depth of a tyre is the gold standard for determining the overall health of the tyre. You can continue using a tyre until the tread thickness exceeds the minimum permissible limit of 1.6 millimetres. After then, it is a violation of the law to continue using such tyres. Additionally, it has the potential to cause a tyre to explode at any given time.
Inspect the depth of the tread on your tyres regularly to demonstrate that you are a cautious driver. Examine the object for any splits or protrusions. They are likewise an indication of a tyre that is in poor condition. 
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