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Baseball 101 – Tips for a Better Game

One of the frequently asked questions by players is how they can quickly improve their baseball skills massively. If you are a beginner and dream to represent your team in your custom baseball uniforms in big matches, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to build up your skills and improve your endurance and power in volleyball.

Since the 19th century, it is one of the most widely recognized games in America and teams are representing their countries or companies in their custom baseball uniforms. You might not be born to hit homers like Hank Aaron or with the ability to steal bases like prodigy Rickey Henderson. However, by using the right and proper techniques and increasing the intensity of your practices you can upgrade your skills and level up your baseball game too. As Malcolm Gladwell quotes, “it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master any skill”.

While you are also ready to represent your team this season, working hard to shine in your custom baseball uniforms. There is always room to improve and master your techniques. In this blog, we will discuss the important tips and drills to greatly improve your baseball skills.

Strengthen Your Defensive Stance

Starting off with the drill every baseball player needs to do every day. Despite of how pro you are in your game, always work to improve your defensive stance. Whether it is a game day, off day, or practice day, every player must follow this routine.

Baseball games can last for days. Sometimes you might find yourself playing back-to-back games in a day. Thus, to avoid missing the ball because of your fatigue from long games, and to get down to stop the ball naturally, working on your defense position is important. Practice your defensive stance for five minutes every day to develop better leg strength.

Tips To Become an Unstoppable Hitter

Every baseball hitter wants to improve their power to hit more home runs and crush more doubles and singles. Follow these deadly hitting drills every day to add power to your hitting.

Wide Base No Stride

It is very important for hitters to control their hands. This is the drill that you should do as the very first thing every day before the game to get your hand familiarized with the touch of baseball. Spread your legs out and isolate your hands on the baseball. All you need to do is load your hands back and without a stride fire your hands above the baseball. As you start getting a good rhythm and your hands start feeling alive, hence this drill helps you get your hand inside the baseball. In addition, it helps to strengthen your driving force in the center. Keep challenging yourself more by increasing the height of the tee.

The Knee Drill

This is a key drill to get your knee, hip, shoulder, and head to stay centered in your body when you are making your power hit. This is a good drill for those who either lunge at the ball with their head or come out of their legs. Hence causing flyouts to opposite sides of the field or ground balls to the pull side.

For the knee drill, set in your stance. Go through your whole swing. Take a 100% cut. Finish your swing and go down to your back leg knee. Your balance or your weight can still go to your back foot after your fall through. However, your knee must stay in the center for this drill.

The Screen Drill

The third important drill is the screen drill. This drill helps you to keep your hands compact and tight to your body and allows you to release the barrel perfectly. This drill helps you to get rid of casting your barrel. Also, it helps with speeding your hands.

For the screen drill, firstly put the knob of your bat to your belly button and the end of the bat to the bar in the L screen. This is to get the perfect distance.

You can do this drill off front toss or tee. If you are doing this off the tea, you would have your screen about the outside third of the plate. You can put the tee and the ball inside a third of the plate. Always try to challenge your hand and keep the ball in the middle of the field.

Opposite Front Toss

For the players facing trouble in keeping their eyes on contact, this is a great drill. In this drill, the yellow screen is slightly skewed to the left side of the field for the lefties and the right side of the field for right-handers. This drill will let you accomplish driving the baseball to the other side of the field.

As the velocity decreases and the ball goes away, the biggest mistake that most of the players make is to go all out to try to get everything. This drill will help you to lock in to recognize pitches away and stay closed long enough to allow the ball to come towards the contact point.

Make sure you are not coming out of your legs to do this drill. Let the ball travel to you. You have to see the backside of the baseball and drive it to the shortstop Additionally, this drill also tests your balance.

Perfecting Your Pitching

To improve your pitching and to throw faster the first thing you need is to have your body temperature warmed up. Baseball pros don’t throw to warm up or don’t play catch to start getting loose. The pro players get loose to play catch and throw.

Warm your body up with high knees, butt kickers, running, side shuffles, or jogging, and then throw the baseball. This key tip guarantees a lot of improvement, fewer injuries on the mound, and improves the health of your players. In addition, this helps in achieving good body control and body balance which is essential for great pitching.

You can also improve your pitching by perfecting your sliders, sinkers, and cutters to make your hitter look silly.

A pitch can only be perfect if it is accurately targeted. Improving the consistency of your delivery helps you to increase the accuracy of your pitching. Having repeatable delivery will help you have more control over where you want to put your ball. Thus, keep practicing your pitching in a consistent routine. In addition, visualizing your target in your routine for five minutes a day will further improve your target accuracy of pitching.


If you want to master your skills in baseball practicing without any failure or excuse is most important. Always practice hard like you’re playing a real game. Keep challenging yourself with new goals or targets and analyze your performance to massively improve your skills. Finally, never fail to follow instructions from your coach and your fitness expert in all aspects.

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