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Best Car for Middle-Class Family

If you don’t own a personal vehicle yet, you might still not fully understand its potential. Simply put, purchasing your automobile isn’t merely for road vacations with the family. There’s no denying that you should always look to get the best car for middle class family. This will allow you to accommodate everyone when travelling somewhere with the family. 

It is undeniable that public transits are a hassle and costly proposition when travelling with the family. The seats are not available most of the time. And then again, you will have to schedule your travel with the public commute. If you don’t make it, you’ll have to wait longer for the next one.

The best car for a middle class family allows you to nestle kids safely in the rear, away from strangers. Your SUV cars will make attempts to simplify your already complex and busy life. 

Ideally, you must do your homework and shop around to ensure you get the most excellent bargain. This will help you immensely when buying the best car for the middle class family.

Renault Kwid

Most people will admit that Renault has provided a mid-life makeover to the Kwid. This has given it additional features and a more appealing appearance than before. Experts say the makeover is highly influenced by The Triber (who happens to be the older sister of the two). 

Speaking of the design, the front end of the compact hatchback has been substantially redesigned to resemble SUV designs. This new car for the middle class family promises longer and has more ground clearance than the previous model.

Looking at the specifications, the car proudly features 0.8-litre and 1.0-liter 3-cylinder petrol engines. To put it in greater detail, the 0.8-liter motor is connected to a 5-speed manual transmission. This allows the engine to produce 54PS and 72Nm of peak torque. 

On the other hand, the 1.0-liter engine produces 68PS of maximum power and 91Nm of maximum torque. This particular engine is paired with a 5-speed manual or an automatic transmission. You must ideally keep in mind that the car emits fewer pollutants due to both the engines complying with BS6.

The redesign has made the Kwid more appealing, and it now resembles a tiny SUV. It is geared at individuals looking for a small hatchback to utilise in the city daily. It is, in doubt, a fine choice as the best car for the middle class family.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

The new Maruti Suzuki WagonR promises to be significant as the best car for the middle class family to impress its loyal customers. This is essential since the car proudly features a bold design, more space than ever, and unprecedented comfort. It also has an advanced K-series engine that provides excellent fuel efficiency and supports spirited driving. 

The much-sophisticated 1.2 L and 1.0 L K-series engines in this car provide an unrivalled driving experience. Remember that the 1.0-liter petrol engine produces a maximum torque of 90Nm @ 3,500RPM. Furthermore, you can also expect a total power of 67.04BHP @ 5,500RPM while on the road. 

Then again, the 1.2-liter petrol engine produces maximum torque of 113 Nm @ 4200 RPM. Like the previous engine, this one also provides a total power of 81 BHP @ 6000 RPM. The engine in this car for the middle class family is connected to a five-speed manual transmission. Also, you get an automatic gear shifting technology to further back it up on the road. 

Maruti Suzuki WagonR is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching pieces of beauty with never-before-seen top-notch features. Furthermore, the pricing for this automobile in India is always very reasonable. This aspect makes it the best car for a middle class family that promises superior mileage, performance, and space.

Hyundai Santro

The new Hyundai Santro 2018 differs from its predecessor in every possible aspect. This applies to everything- starting from its appearance, feature kit, or presentation. You must note that the new Hyundai design now comes with 14-inch steel wheels instead of alloys. This, in itself, is a significant difference and makes it an affordable car for the middle class family

Furthermore, the celebrated car manufacturer has loaded the entry-level hatchback with absolute comfort and infotainment features. This includes a 7.0-inch touch screen entertainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the top-spec edition. This automatically provides an edge over competitors for the car. 

The best car for the middle class family, you must remember that the new features include a 1.1-liter 4-cylinder engine. This engine can ideally produce 68 horsepower and 99 Nm of peak torque. It is connected to a base 5-speed manual transmission and an optional Hyundai-developed AMT transmission. 

Bottom Line

Part of the fun of owning the best car for the middle class family is enjoying the convenience along with independence. Owning a vehicle allows you to live wherever you wish because you have reliable transportation.

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