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Best Digital Marketing Institute with Placements in Delhi 2023

You have the advantage to carve out a niche for yourself in this competitive field of online marketing thanks to the several digital marketing courses offered in Delhi. There are many prospects and potential in the online world. Given that Delhi is one of the most populated metropolises, taking a course in digital marketing there can lead to employment chances across a variety of industries.

Academy of Digital Marketing

The Academy of Digital Marketing, which is run by founder and CEO, includes Academy of Digital Marketing. One of Kolkata’s top institute offering courses in digital marketing is this one. Karnavati University, Globsyn Finishing School, Calcutta Business School, and IIM Shillong are further training partners of Academy of Digital Marketing.

Since 2020, Academy of Digital Marketing has a connection to training and services for digital marketing. Additionally, Silicon India listed it as one of the top 15 suppliers of digital marketing institute.


The Academy of Digital Marketing’s instructors have a range of educational backgrounds and are skilled in teaching digital marketing. They have business administration degrees and are authorised Google expert trainers in addition to being competent grads.

They have successfully managed numerous profitable Startups and campaigns for brands including DN Homes, Primarc, Pran RFL, Rene, etc. for more than ten years.

Type – For courses in digital marketing, they provide both in-person and online instruction.

Course Length: 8-months Master Program in Digital Marketing, 3-month certification program in Digital Marketing

Academy of Digital Marketing Certification

The following certifications are available: Certified Digital Marketing Professional, Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, Certified Digital Marketing Ninja, and Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Some of the programmes for digital marketing also include specialist training. There are certifications available for the same. For instance, certification in social media marketing and affiliate marketing, as well as in search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Additionally, certification courses in email marketing, content analysis and strategy, WordPress development, and web and graphic design are offered.

Course title: Master Program in Digital Marketing

Course Outline

  1. SEO Education
  2. Social Media Education
  3. Online market analysis
  4. Optimization for search engines
  5. Write Web Content
  6. Research And Analysis Of Keywords
  7. Link Creation
  8. Writing Articles and Blogging
  9. PPC Education
  10. Analytics

An online course in advanced digital marketing

  1. The following chapters are covered.
  2. Fundamental HTML Structure
  3. Content Promotion
  4. Use of social media
  5. Adwords on Google
  6. Internet Analytics
  7. Webmaster Resources
  8. Writing Content
  9. Content Promotion
  10. Use of social media
  11. Mobile Advertising
  12. SEO Both Off-Page And On-Page
  13. Adwords on Google
  14. PPC
  15. Affiliate Promotion
  16. Domain And Hosting And So On

All of the modules’ course prices are extremely reasonable. Additionally, they offer a free demo session so that you may learn more about the course material and curriculum.

Additionally, they hold corporate digital marketing training programmes for professionals. You should be aware that different course modules have different lengths and training requirements. Depending on the course you select, you will also work on a number of real-world projects.

Address: 3rd Floor, Vasudewa Building,  Iswar Ganguly Street, Kolkata-700026

Course lasts for eight months, with three two-hour lessons held each week.

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