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Best IAS coaching in Dehradun

Doon IAS Academy, Dehradun, nurtures students by inculcating a positive study ethic so that they do not feel disappointed at any stage of UPSC preparation and is not only a provider of the best IAS coaching institutes in Dehradun.

A proven method of teaching is developed and refined to maximize your chances of selection at Doon IAS Academy. We at Doon IAS Academy regularly upgrade our teaching strategy and study material for a better understanding of the candidates and to meet their needs of the candidates. Apart from this, we also try to give individual attention to each and every candidate.

Why do most of the IAS aspirants come to Dehradun for UPSC/UKPSC coaching?

Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is in the Doon Valley at the foothills of the Himalayas. Dehradun Delhi for North India, Delhi can be an option for IAS Coaching in Dehradun.

Nestled in the lap of Shivaliks, Dehradun is more than a picturesque hill station. Several major research centers like the Forest Research Institute, Sericulture Institute, and Wildlife Institute of India are located in Dehradun. Dehradun is also the base of the Indian Military Academy.

IAS Coaching in Dehradun is a destination for young minds who aspire to join the prestigious civil service. The teachers of the academy have devised a clear teaching method and other learning techniques as we believe that only an intuitive understanding of the comprehensive syllabus and rote learning will not make you successful in the UPSC exam.

Our vision is to convert this competitive talent into efficient bureaucrats who will work for the larger national interest rather than narrow selfishness. Best UPSC Coaching in Dehradun i.e. Doon IAS Academy can be a boon for all the IAS aspirants who are in the initial stage of their preparation. Of course, for the reasons mentioned above. Doon IAS Academy is the best IAS Coaching Institute in Dehradun. Moreover, we are consistent in locking all the top ranks of India in Civil Services Examination.

How to choose UPSC/IAS Coaching Institute in Dehradun?

Since we have understood the importance of joining an IAS Coaching Institute through our FAQ section, the next dilemma is how to choose the right UPSC Coaching Center in Dehradun as each IAS Coaching Institute is known to be the best. claims to.

There is no single answer to this question, but a candidate must keep the following factors in mind before joining the Civil Services Examination Coaching Institute-

Batch size-

An institution with a limited number of students per batch will help in better learning. The batch size is 100-120+ in many institutes of Dehradun where it is very difficult to understand what is being taught.

Talk to Alumni-

One of the best ways to judge is to talk to past students at the institute and try to learn about their experiences.

Check Reviews-

An in-depth analysis of reviews on Google and social media can give you some idea about IAS coaching institutes in Dehradun.

Past results-

Try to verify whether the results being shown by UPSC Coaching Center in Dehradun are genuine or not. And you can also watch through their YouTube channel.


The fees of the IAS coaching institute in Dehradun are generally very high. But there are many good affordable options available these days. There is no point in paying very high fees when one can find a good coaching institute at an affordable cost and thus avoid paying very high fees for Civil Services Exam Coaching in Dehradun.


One should check whether the faculty teaching in the IAS/IPS coaching institute in Dehradun has a deep inclination towards civil services exam background or not besides having a good experience. It should be checked whether the faculty members are coming from Dehradun or not.

Study material-

Many UPSC coaching centers in Dehradun offer their own study material and avoid important reference books and NCERTs. Once students join a coaching center, they later come to know that they have to buy reference books and NCERT books themselves. One must verify whether the recommended reference books as well as NCERT books are being given in hard copy or not.

Test series-

Your success in the Civil Services Examination also depends on whether you are doing self-analysis and making progress on time through the evaluation of the test series being provided to you. One must find out whether the test series provided by the Civil Services Exam Coaching Centers in Dehradun consist of standard reference books, and relevant current affairs and align with the Civil Services exam pattern or not.

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