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Braiding at Home: A Beginners Guide

It’s not impossible to learn to braid your hair at home. But like with anything, practice always leads to near perfection. Medium to big knotless box braids or a slicked-back braid ponytail is great places to start if you’re a newbie. While perfecting your signature hair braiding technique, large braids imply less styling time.

Where to buy hair

Finding the perfect match is usually not too difficult if your hair color is only one tint. Finding the perfect match, however, could be difficult if your hair is highlighted. A close friend who wears protective styles or your hairstylist can offer rapid video consultations. For buying braiding hair, there are several possibilities. Your neighborhood beauty supply shop is your best bet if you want variety without paying for shipping. However, the Hair Factory in New York is the finest choice if you want to look beyond your neighborhood beauty supply store for high-quality hair.

Tools to use for braiding

Your DIY braiding experience can be improved by having the appropriate tools on hand. To get started, I advise spending money on a braid rack to keep you organized and your braiding hair clear of tangles. Then, prepare a pomade like Shine N Jam Magic Fingers, mousse, four to five packs of hair braiding, an alligator hair clip set, and a rat-tailed comb.

Hair preparing techniques

For protective styling, the hair must first be prepared. It’s essential to start with stretched, clean, and well-conditioned hair. That entails deep conditioning the hair for at least 30 minutes and blow-drying it with a heat protectant while using low to medium heat. Depending on the density and length of your hair, divide the parts into four to six.

Installation technique

Make sure you have enough patience and time to braid your hair before you begin. Braid installation by professionals might take up to eight hours. In light of this, if this is your first time braiding your hair, be kind to yourself; as some do-it-yourselfers share, the procedure might take a few days to complete. The enjoyable portion, braiding, is now up.

Applying pomade to the roots of your hair before installing the braided hair is the first step in preventing frizz or bumps for each area of hair. Your natural hair should mix in with the braiding hair without standing out. Therefore depending on your hair, you might need to add more pomade to the ends.

Don’t give up if it takes a few tries to find the technique that works best for you. With some practice, I’m confident you’ll master it. Apply mousse to your natural hair from the root to the length once the braids are in place, and then dip the ends in hot water to seal them.

Have realistic expectations

After your first at-home braiding experience, you might discover that you have a natural gift for hair. However, I want you to know that you are not alone if you wind up with uneven braids or less-than-perfect portions. You will improve. Consider it: Experience is how skilled braiders advance to the level of mastery in their trade. Rarely does it occur overnight.

Braiding aftercare

It would be best if you didn’t experience too much tension after installation because the knotless braiding technique is gentler on the scalp and edges. The care you give your scalp and hair should be the same as if your hair were in its natural form, though, and I want to urge you to do that. Even with protective styling, weekly washing and conditioning are still necessary.

It may seem difficult to treat your scalp, but here’s a pro tip: put your shampoo in a bottle with a nozzle. You may apply shampoo to your head in this manner without causing your braids to fall out. After using the shampoo, gently massage the scalp with the pads of your fingers before rinsing. To prevent accumulation, only condition the lengths of your hair and then completely rinse.

Apply a leave-in conditioner after finishing your wash-day regimen, and then wrap your braids in a t-shirt or microfiber towel to soak up the water for up to twenty minutes. If you see frizz beginning to appear, apply mousse to the length and roots of your braids, wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head’s middle, and sit under a hooded dryer. After using this easy method to eliminate frizz, it would be best if you had freshly cleansed, moisturized hair.


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