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Build Memories with These Graduation Photo Booth Prop Ideas

So you’re finally a graduate now. Congratulations

A big grad bash full of fun, celebration, and memories should be your next goal, right? 

You must’ve planned something really exciting for your big day. But have you planned something to capture those sweet memories so you can cherish them over time?

Setting up a photo booth loaded with graduation photo booth props can be a perfect way to click those Instagram-worthy pictures you and your guests will look back at in a couple of years. 

From classic backdrops to fun props, there are countless ways to set up a booth guaranteed to impress. We will walk you through a few of those ideas in this post. So let’s begin…

Graduation Photo Booth Prop Ideas to Double the Fun

Pretty Pom Poms

Your graduation photo booth should exude all the happy and positive vibes that can keep your guests hooked during the entire event. And what else could be a better way to instill joy than colorful paper-crafted pom poms and fans? 

The best part about them is they’re pretty affordable. You can easily DIY them at home if you’re tight on your budget. Plus, there’s a whole variety of colors you can choose from. This also allows you to create a photo booth setup that can blend perfectly well with your overall party decor. 

Grad Flags with a Pallet Background

Grad flags can be a perfect addition to any graduation photo booth setup. Get your desired message printed on these little beauties, and you’re all set to announce your success loud and clear. 

You can have a wooden pallet as a backdrop topped with balloons and a few tassels. Give each of your friends a pair of decorative grad flags to hold. Now, capture moments that will last a lifetime. 

Photo Stick Props

Want to create a personalized photo booth experience while staying within your budget?

Photo stick props can be your best answer.

While you can make these sticks at home, we’d suggest you purchase them online as there’s a massive variety available. You can also get them customized by printing your required text on top. Not only will this save you time and effort, but you’ll also buy more innovative and sturdy products (specifically helpful if you have a sibling next in the queue to complete graduation).

Instaframe Grad Cutouts

Customizable Grad cutout frames can breathe new life into your graduation photo booth. You can add your own hashtag and other unique details about your bash. There’s also a space for you to write a few lines of personalized message. Your family and friends will remember this gesture for years to come. 


A graduation celebration is certainly one of the biggest events in one’s life. And we don’t find a single reason to not celebrate it to the fullest. Just don’t forget to set up a dream photo booth and gear it up with some of the props we shared with you in this article. Thank you So Much 

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