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Candlelight dinner with Honeymoon Package in Andaman


A honeymoon in Andaman is a time of bliss and romance. It is the time when newlyweds can spend a few days or weeks together in an exotic location. Away from their routine lives, to explore each other’s company and plan their future together.

Honeymoon packages are a great idea for newlyweds who want to start their married life in the right way. It allows them to plan their honeymoon and take care of all the details so that they can enjoy their time away from home without any worries or hassles.

About the experience

A candlelight dinner in andaman with a honeymoon package is a romantic experience that you can enjoy with your partner. It is an unforgettable moment for two people to spend together. A candlelight dinner with a honeymoon package comes up in different ways nowadays that suit all budgets and tastes. The most popular way is to offer it as a service at restaurants, hotels, and resorts. Some companies offer this service as a part of their wedding packages.

You can book a candlelight dinner with a honeymoon package which includes a romantic dinner at the main course, a bottle of champagne, and breakfast in the morning. Another option is to book a honeymoon package which includes a romantic dinner at the main course, an overnight stay in a king-size bed or the Junior Suite, breakfast for two, and one bottle of champagne. 

Options to choose from for a Candle Lit Dinner

1. Honeymoon Package with a candlelight dinner in a Restaurant

It’s ok if the restaurant is working hard to make it a perfect honeymoon date. After all, it is going to be the most beautiful moment for you both. Giving some suggestions to make it extra special is very much dependent on your thoughts. 

There are many restaurants giving honey packages to couples. The package might include the below services they offer-

-A romantic setup that includes decoration with rose petals, a bouquet, and candles

-A private area

-A small cake

-A bottle of champagne or wine

-Starters, Main course, and a dessert

-And free Photography

A small gift can also be given to your loved one to make the moment extra special and an unforgettable experience that you both will cherish forever. After all the memories created together have to be good ones.

2. Honeymoon Package with a candlelight dinner in a hotel

Many good hotels offer many facilities in a honeymoon package. Like flight tickets, hotel stay, spa, activities, and candlelight dinner. The facilities provided will solely depend on the package that you will take and the cost. A few good hotels also curate customized honeymoon packages as per your needs.

Few hotels also provide a honeymoon suite package which includes candle light dinner on the balcony or a reserved area in the hotel, breakfast served in the room, and a spa or therapy.

3. Honeymoon Package with a candlelight dinner in a Resort

Opting for a honeymoon package with a resort is also a great option to consider. You can get several options to explore while on a break here. Since the area is big there is a swimming pool, they also offer a few recreational activities, candlelight dinners,s and much more. Several days packages can also be taken based on the time you have.

You can get a wholesome package that includes a candlelight dinner, a few activities, a bottle of wine, and others. 

A candlelight dinner in a resort has various options where it can be organized-

(a) By the pool- 

Capture the romantic moment at the poolside of the resort. Float some candles in the pool and the beauty of which will leave you awestruck. Take a sip of your favorite cocktail sitting beside the poolside and snuggle up with each other enjoying a cozy time together.

(b) In the garden- 

Treat your loved one with a fairy-tale-like experience using the candles, flowers, and lanterns among the trees and plants. There will be a sense of warmth you will experience from the glow of the candlelights as the daylight subsides. 

Set up the table with some flowers and rose petals. Enjoy the food of your choice and for dessert try some chocolate-dipped fruits and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows dipped in. 

(c)In the Balcony- 

Take the advantage of the staff and make a perfect setup for your candlelight dinner on the room’s balcony. Decorate the area with tea lights, flowers, and a portion of classy food.  

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