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Can’t Find QuickBooks Company File? Here’s a Resolution for It

QuickBooks is the fastest-growing accounting application. All the financial data of users gets stored in the company file. While opening the company file, users sometimes come across can’t find QuickBooks company file error. The error shows up on the screen with a warning message, “The company file you selected could not be found.” Follow the complete article for detailed insights on QuickBooks company file lost error and solutions to fix it.

If you can’t find QuickBooks company file and facing a problem, get help from the QuickBooks technical support team by calling us on our helpline number 1.855.738.2784

Reasons why QuickBooks can’t find your company file

Following are the factors that prompt company file missing error in QuickBooks:

  1. The company file you are trying to access in QuickBooks is missing from the folder or its path is incorrect.
  2. QuickBooks company file has been deleted accidentally from the local storage.
  3. QuickBooks is not able to connect with the server computer due to network connectivity issues.

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Solutions to Deal with Company File not Found QuickBooks issue

Solution 1. Search for QuickBooks company file manually

Open the server computer and search for the files manually by typing the names in the search bar. Given below are the correct file names to be entered in the search

l *.qbb (Back Up Files)
l *.qbw (Working Files)
l *.qba (Accountants Copy Files)
l *.qby (Accountants Change Files)
l *.qbx (Accountants Transfer Files)

Solution 2. Make sure you open the company file depending on the type

To open a company file or an accountant file:

  1. Go to the File menu, choose Open or Restore Company and select Open a company file.
  2. Click Next, pick the company file and select Open.

To restore a backup:

  1. Select the File menu, then Open or Restore Company and click Restore a Backup File.
  2. Select Next, then Local backup and choose the company file.
  3. Click Next, pick a location to save the restored file and select Save.

To restore an Accountant’s Copy Transfer file:

  1. From the QuickBooks File menu, choose Open or Restore a company and click Convert and Accountant’s Copy Transfer File.
  2. Click Next. When the What the Accountant’s Copy Can and Can’t Do window appears, select Next.
  3. Pick the transfer file and choose Open.

Solution 3. Check connection to the network by pinging the server

  1. Before you start, you need to identify the name of the server. Here’s how:
    • Press the key with the Windows logo and R at the same time and enter CMD in the Run box.
    • Click OK, type ipconfig/all, and tap the Enter key.
    • From the screen, note down the Host Name.
  2. Next, enter ping [name of your server] and tap the Enter key.
  3. If you get a reply for each packet, you are connected. If there is a packet loss or delay in reply, connect with IT professionals for help.

This blog ends here. It has covered the most reliable solutions that will help you resolve can’t find QuickBooks company file issue. If you feel stuck at any part of the troubleshooting process, give a call on our toll-free number 1.855.738.2784 and connect with the QuickBooks technical support team.

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