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Celebration of special events in the presence of desired cake

You can make someone’s birthday party special by sending him a delicious cake. Without cake, nothing is complete especially when it is the time of an event. These days a variety of cakes are available online as well as offline. You can place an order of delicious cake along with a bunch of fresh flowers by using the online portal of this website, OyeGifts. It will provide you with the facility of fastest delivery of the gift. The gift is delivered within 2 to 3 hours after placing the order at any place in India. You can send chocolate and flowers along with a combination of flowers and cakes to your loved ones. You can select the entire combination or the most suited combination according to your choice.

Let us see some of the available options:

The truffle cake

You can send this special combination of chocolate truffle cake along with a plant of money plant. The truffle cake is decorated with curvy lines made out of cream and a flower of cherry in the centre. Money plant is one of the natural air purifiers hence it is one of the best gifts you can give to someone.

Rose and butterscotch


This bouquet of roses is formed by the arrangement of yellow red and white roses together in a multi-layer packaging of red sheet. A delicious butterscotch cake which is decorated with nuts and cherries is kept to one side. White chocolate pieces are arranged in the centre of the cake. A teddy bear is kept at the back of the bouquet. This is one of the best arrangements for a gift for someone.

Pastel beauty in a pink

This bouquet in pink is arranged inside a baby pink sheet of paper. Together with green fillers, this bouquet looks mesmerizing. The base of this bouquet is tied with a broad baby pink ribbon. Multiple knots are formed using this ribbon. A delicious chocolate cake and a pack of 5 dairy milk chocolate are arranged in this gift. This chocolate cake is very special because the game of cross and zero which we used to play in our childhood is recreated on the surface of the cake by using the cream of different flavours.

The Ferrero rocher cake

1kg Ferrero Rocher Cake

This is the special chocolate cake which is decorated with the pieces of Ferrero rocher chocolates on the outer circle of the surface of the cake. Some hundred roses are picked and a big bouquet is formed out of these Red roses. To support the base of these hundred roses a ribbon of red colour is tied. This combination is precious and ideal for big celebrations like marriage anniversaries.

The kit kat bouquet

The kit kat bouquet multi coloured paper is arranged and they are packed forming different layers. Inside the layers kit kat chocolates are arranged vertically. This bouquet is a pretty yellow and red combination which carries chocolates in place of flowers. This is a unique creation perfect for people who love eating kit kat chocolates. You can surprise your friends and loved ones by making their ordinary day extraordinary through this surprising bouquet.

The greeting card

The greeting card a box of Cadbury celebrations is something which people will enjoy eating. Celebrations have chocolates of different varieties. A bouquet is prepared by clubbing yellow roses together inside a yellow sheet. A special feature of this gift combination is the greeting card which is put inside an envelope. You can write your special message inside this card.

The dairy milk gift hamper

This is the cute short mini bouquet prepared by arranging dairy milk chocolate in double layers. This bouquet is decorated with a flower made up of blue fur cloth. The piece of net cloth covers the boundaries of this bouquet. It is a special gift which you can give on special occasions as well as on ordinary occasions. You can also gift this to kids on their birthdays.

Teddy with rose

Teddy with rose on a beautiful lush green glass vase some flowers are arranged. These are purple seasonal flowers among which in the centre a cute white teddy bear is placed. Red roses are placed inside this vase, covering this teddy bear from top to bottom. The delicious Bournville chocolate is also added to this gift. This is a perfect combination of soft toys, chocolate, and flowers.

The basket of love

You can gift your partner or best friend this basket which is loaded with lovely items. On one side of this basket, we have an arrangement of a bunch of Red roses in the presence of green leaves and seasonal on the other side dairy milk chocolates are placed. A cute white teddy bear is placed on the back side of this basket. It seems as if this teddy bear is peeping through the side of the bouquet.

There is a variety of chocolates, Cake and flowers Delivery online available on this website. You can place the order easily by exploring the suitable section.


OyeGifts is the one-stop solution for all your gifting needs. Send the most exotic and affordable gifts to your near and dear ones and show them that you truly care. Browse through our excellent collection of online gifts and you will definitely come back for more!

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