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Choosing the right interior doors for home? Here is how uPVC doors would be a perfect fit

Interior doors can have a huge influence on the décor and aesthetics of your home. There is a wide range of interior door designs available in the market today that can provide the desired avant-garde, style, and warmth to your home. They can shape your personal spaces and spice up your décor. Currently, there are multiple options available in the market for interior doors, in terms of their materials, shapes, operation and finishes. You can always explore these options online and ultimately install the ones that meet your tastes and can complement the decorative style of your home.

Importance of selecting the right interior doors 

When constructing or remodelling a house, a lot of homeowners forget too much thought about their interior doors and end up choosing the same builder grade panel or flush door for every room of the house. While this may meet the functional need of the space, it does not always provide aesthetic value. Interior doors are among the most visual elements of a house and their overall visual impact must not be undervalued. You would want each component of your personal abode to be perfect, so there is no point compromising on its doors.

Interior doors are not just important for their aesthetics and do fulfil a variety of functional needs at a house. It can provide a level of privacy and security; act as a tool separating each room, and buffer noise. Your interior doors have to be sturdy enough to stand up to constant use. After all, doors for the bathroom, bedroom or balcony would be opened several times a day. As a homeowner, you should try your best to find interior doors that meet all the functional requirements without sacrificing style.

Choosing the perfect door 

Interior doors for residential spaces are commonly constructed with wood or have metal or uPVC frames. They can be painted or stained, and be flush doors or doors with panels. French doors are also a good choice for balconies and patios. Glass panels are frequently incorporated into popular interior door designs. 

While exploring interior door options for your home, you need not select the exact door for all rooms of your house. Each room has its own function, and the door style and design needed for them may not be the same. However, you should try to choose doors with similar colours or finishes for your entire home to maintain a level of consistency and cohesion in your décor. While most interior doors are painted white or in the colour of natural wood, you can always select a hue that would best complement your interior décor. You also need to keep the size of your rooms in mind when selecting the doors. For instance, having sliding doors for compact rooms would be a good idea, as they help save space. Mirrored doors can additionally make a small room look larger. On the other hand, while French doors can create a striking entrance to the patio or a formal dining room, they might overwhelm a small room.

Installing uPVC doors 

While certainly, wood and aluminium doors have their own advantages, a lot of modern homeowners today opt for uPVC doors owing to their high durability, longevity, easy upkeep and aesthetics. These doors are highly customizable and come in a number of colours and styles. You can easily install uPVC doors for your patio to capture natural sunlight or in your bedroom to keep the space well-ventilated.

Here are a few features of uPVC doors that make them an ideal choice for modern homes:

  • Insulation: Indian summers and winters can get unbearable at times, depending on which region you live in. uPVC doors can keep heat out and the cold in or vice versa. During the scorching summers, they do a great job of keeping the heat out. Owing to the UV-resistant properties of these doors, you do not have to worry about keeping vulnerable furniture directly out of the sunlight. Harsh rays of the sun won’t get to your furniture through uPVC doors, and thereby lower their risk of fading with time. On the other hand, uPVC doors manage to retain within their frames while preventing dampness from forming on your walls during harsh winters.
  • Weather-resistant: uPVC doors are non-reactive to elements like air and water. Hence, even heavy monsoons will not disrupt their longevity or cause your door to chip and stain. This feature makes them perfect doors for bathroom, kitchen and other high-humid areas of the home.
  • Save money: uPVC doors are typically more affordable than their traditional, wooden or metal counterparts. Moreover, they also are highly durable and do not incur much maintenance or repair expenses. Owing to their ability to keep heat in or out, uPVC doors can also offer immediate energy savings and lower your electricity bills.

Well-designed, stylish uPVC doors would be a perfect fit for your home.


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