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Desert Safari In Jaisalmer and Experience The Thrill

From on foot the sand dunes to taking part in the sight of historically decorated camels, there are numerous activities in Jaisalmer that make it’s far a really perfect vicinity to be protected in a journey to Rajasthan.


Vibrant nights make the coronary heart and soul of barren region safari camp in Jaisalmer. Wherein you throb to the song of neighborhood tune and bask withinside the glory of the moments. 

Two Types of Safaris in Jaisalmer

Do you desire to discover safaris in your excursion and need to revel in an notable experience on a camel or a Jeep? Here is the listing of Safaris you can don’t forget in your subsequent journey.


1. Camel Safari: 

Enjoy your experience at the deliver of the barren region

Travelers taking part in camel safari on the time of sundown


Comprising all main sights withinside the barren region, the camel safari in Jaisalmer is the maximum admired interest as you intend for a barren region safari withinside the dunes of the ‘golden city’. Sit at the again of a camel maintaining directly to its hump because it takes you on a bumpy experience throughout the Thar.


The experience takes you to the far flung regions of the barren region and gives you the first-class of vegetation and fauna. Also, you come upon numerous settlements in which the indigenous citizens of the vicinity live. Explore the huge riches of the barren region and experience the picturesque sundown, which makes it sure that camel safari is the first-class barren region safari in Jaisalmer.


Soon after the experience, be organized to behold one of the maximum stunning sunsets in the back of the dunes. Head to the camp withinside the evening, and get a grand conventional welcome with aarti-tika and dhols. Enjoy the welcome drink at the side of the Rajasthani peoples dance and tune at your chosen barren region safari camp in Jaisalmer.


People exploring the sizable dunes of barren region whilst taking part in camel safari in Jaisalmer


Attractions of the camel safari in Jaisalmer: Catch the terrifi view of the sunrise, Kuldhara- an deserted village, the barren region wildlife, oasis, and magical sundown

Time taken: A entire complete day experience takes round 5-6 hours, that is typically unfold throughout  periods of camel safari, one withinside the morning and the opposite one withinside the evening. Afternoon burns like a furnace, therefore, humans frequently take relaxation at some point of the afternoon via way of means of the oasis.

Charges for sundown camel safari: INR 1500 in step with man or woman onwards (dinner protected)

Charges for in a single day camel safari: INR 1850 in step with man or woman onwards


You can also enjoy an adventure day in Jaipur with Puno Jaipur, where you can experience adventures games like trampoline ropes etc,. 

2. Jeep Safari:

 A experience alongside the gusty wind

Tourists taking a jeep safari in Jaisalmer


The maximum famous interest after camel safari in Jaisalmer, jeep safari takes you throughout the unexplored splendor of the Thar Desert with a lot ease and comfort. Jeeps, compared to camels are rapid and make for a a laugh experience alongside the glittering sand dunes. The truth that jeep safari is the maximum famous interest amongst maximum of the travelers headed for a barren region safari camp in Jaisalmer, speaks loads approximately it.


Mostly it starts with a go to to the Fossil Park or Desert National Park observed via way of means of a pit prevent at Sam Sand Dunes (given in element below) and in the end taking the site visitors to Padholi Sanctuary whilst protecting the first-class that the barren region has to offer.


Visitors taking part in jeep safari in Jaisalmer


Attractions of jeep safari in Jaisalmer: Fossil Park or Desert National Park, Sam Sand Dunes, Padholi Sanctuary, spend a night time in one of the families of Padholi village. They are nonetheless untouched via way of means of the out of doors influence.

Time taken:

To trap sunrise: 5-6 am

To trap sundown: 6-7 pm

Charges for a jeep safari in Jaisalmer: INR 1200 in step with man or woman onwards


Tips for barren region safari in Jaisalmer

Carry a hat, cap or turban at the side of sunscreen and sunglasses

Cover your self up well with lengthy-sleeve shirt, lengthy trousers, shoes or boots

Remember, the solar turns adversarial in barren region region

Keep your camera’s battery fully-charged, you’ll discover masses of notable photographs to capture

Don’t overlook to maintain a torch, towel, bathroom paper, and clinical package with you

During the iciness season, should deliver heat garments for the night time hours

Though the Thar barren region has masses of traveler sights, however there are some that stand out and make your journey to Jaisalmer even greater exciting!

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