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Difference between Condenser and Evaporator

Equipment such as condensers and evaporators are commonly used in factories for processing different products . However, we also use these types of equipment in our everyday life and do not even realize that we are using them. They absorb or release heat. Both of them are essential parts of many electronic systems.

The working mechanism of both differs from one another. Evaporators are used for vaporization and heat absorption, condensers just liquefy it, remove the heat, and release it into the surroundings. Every type of Evaporator Services is available in the USA. 

Let us know what exactly the condensers and evaporators are in detail-



Condensers are devices that help in exchanging heat. It condenses the gaseous substance into a liquid state using cooling techniques.  It works on the condensation principle which states the transfer of a gaseous state particle to a liquid. 

The condenser transfers gaseous substance into a liquid form when high-temperature substances cooled down with enough heat exchange. It leads gaseous substances to a liquid form. 

Condenser works on the exothermic mechanism in which the energy is released in the form of heat, light, or sound to its surroundings.  Condensers release their energy in the form of heat. Inner substances lose their surrounding heat when the inside temperature is higher than the surrounding temperature. This lead to a drop in the temperature and liquid condensation. 

There are various kinds of condensers that are used for different purposes. They are:-

  1. Air-Cooled condenser – Air-cooled condensers use air as the external fluid to reject the heat from the system. It consists of copper coils when the refrigerant flows in. This condenser is also of two types i.e., Natural convection and Forced convection. 
  2. Water-Cooled Condenser- It uses water as fluid to remove the heat from the refrigerant. We can only use this condenser with adequate availability of water. It is of three types – Double tube, Shell & coil, and Shell & Tube.
  3. Evaporative Condensers- This is a mixture of air-cooled and water-cooled condensers. Both water and air are the condensing medium for evaporative condensers. 


Evaporation is the inverse of the condenser. It works on the evaporation principle.  This is the process of converting the liquid into the gaseous form. 

The process of endothermic is used in evaporation where the substance absorbs the heat from surroundings and increases the temperature. 

Basically, evaporators absorb the heat which eventually increases the temperature and causes the vaporization of the substance.

They are part of the heat exchangers. Working substance accept the heat from their surroundings as it possesses low temperature compared to the surroundings. The acceptance of heat gradually increases the temperature. This increase in the temperature forms vapors. 

You can easily find Evaporators Made in USA.

Let’s discuss different types of  Evaporators. They are:-

  • Forced circulation Evaporator- it consists of a tubular heat exchanger for feeding a concentration. This evaporator is deployed when there is a high chance of feed or product liquor slating. 
  • Rising Film Evaporator- The liquid which needs to be evaporated, is fed into the evaporator from the bottom. The condensation of steam on the outer surface takes place and the liquid within the evaporator boils up. 

There are other types of evaporators such as Falling film, Multiple effects, Agitated thin film, and Self-cleaning. 

Condenser VS Evaporator:

  1. The condenser is known for its property of releasing heat, whereas, the evaporator is known for absorbing the heat. 
  2. Due to the condensation, a large surface area is required by the condenser but evaporators do not require surface area. 
  3. Condenser works on the principle of exothermic process. However, the evaporator works on the endothermic process. 
  4. The condenser changes gas into liquid form and the evaporator converts liquid into gaseous form. 
  5. A condenser is a device that uses refrigeration to cool and condense steam while to cool or remove heat from the enclosed space we use evaporators.


Condensers and evaporators are the types of heat exchangers that we use for releasing and absorbing heat from the substance. One changes liquid into gaseous form and the other converts gas into liquid form.

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