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Do you want to enroll in the top digital marketing courses in Kolkata? If so, you’ve come to the correct place! In this article, we’ve done extensive research and provided a list of the top 10 digital marketing course with placement in Kolkata, along with information on each program’s curriculum, length, cost, and other factors. But before we go through the list, it is important to understand what digital marketing is and the options it offers those who wish to pursue it as a career.

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing? And what employment options are available following digital marketing course with placement in Kolkata?

A non-traditional virtual platform, or the Internet, is known as “digital marketing,” and it is used to advertise goods and services, connect customers, and discover and comprehend the needs of those who use digital technologies and gadgets. The field of digital marketing is one that is still developing and is relatively young. There is an unending and actually prospective demand for the digital marketing course with placement in Kolkata.

Since practically every business brand or product today requires assistance from someone to promote them or create a positive image for their goods, there is a great need for digital marketers in Kolkata. Due to the high need for digital marketing experts, the UAE is one of the biggest marketplaces for internet marketing.

Having a unique website or app via which many promotions and resources may be linked and used is the foundation of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the most effective strategy for reaching the target market economically and makes it simpler to scale the company more quickly.

Kolkata has 10 digital marketing schools.

 Academy Of Digital Marketing

One of the largest Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata is  Academy Of Digital Marketing. The digital marketing agency has also taken the initiative to offer courses that are entirely appropriate for all types of students, created by experts, and cover a variety of topics in digital marketing training, including SEO, SMM, SEM, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Content Marketing, ORM and Display Adv., among many other domains.

Candidates taking the Kokata digital marketing training course can also apply for internships. The certification program gives students practical work experience with organizations like BMW, among others. If someone wishes to enroll, the course is truly quite flexible and can last up to 5 months.

2.The Indian Institute of Digital Education 

IIDE, which offers Digital Marketing courses in Kolkata and employs a quite futuristic teaching strategy, comes in at number two on the list. IIDE chooses to study from a personalized study curriculum rather than learning from old PPTs, which is contrary to the normal traditional approach. With 13+ Certifications and a cutting-edge teaching approach, IIDE provides a thorough online digital marketing instruction curriculum.

The IIDE curriculum offers a comprehensive syllabus that covers everything from managerial abilities to execution-related skills, all of which are critical for a successful career in digital marketing. The IIDE offers its students a wide range of flexibility, from its 12-hour short-term course to its 11-month extended post-graduation course.

 3.Morgan Worldwide

Another location where one may receive digital marketing training in Kolkata is Morgan International, where they concentrate an emphasis on actual knowledge rather than just theory. The entire topic is covered in the course, including the introduction to digital marketing as well as SEO, SMM, and other topics. The learners’ comprehensive mastery of the essential knowledge, experience, and abilities they need to advance in today’s environment of rapid change is Morgan’s primary objective. For their potential clients in Kolkata, they provide a very adaptable course that is simple to find on their website.


One of the top educational institutions in the globe, Simplilearn has helped over a million students and businesses in more than 150 countries obtain training, certifications, and skill upgrades for their staff. This award-winning online boot camp for digital marketers is created and updated annually by more than 2,000 renowned academic and business authorities. This teaching course is adaptable because it offers both an online course in digital marketing and a postgraduate program that is a legitimate certification course.

5.Easy Learning UAE

Another of Kolkata’s largest institutions offering digital marketing courses is The Easy Learn UAE. The school makes an effort to properly familiarize the students with what digital marketing is and all of its components. This institute also covers practical skills in digital marketing and topics including developing an online strategy, email marketing, online user behavior, social media marketing, and online advertising and promotion. The institute will offer a three to four month long course that includes a certificate the students will need.


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