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Effective Ways To Mix And Match The Upholstery For Your Living Room

Matching and mixing the different patterns, textures and styles of the upholstery has become very trendy as it can instantly enhance the overall look of your space and give a feeling to the living room. One might choose high contrast colours to go bold, while others might play safe with low contrast colours. It is solely based on the person and how they choose the styles and textures of the upholstery to match the array of the living space. 

We will know about the different styles and texture options to give an elegant look to your living room. Also, if you own beautiful upholstery, you must have the proper types of equipment to clean them. We have the best collections of carpet and upholstery cleaning machine that can help you effectively clean the upholstery. 

Select the proper design styles

Just placing a mid-century sofa in the middle of Victorian Antiques is going to make the living space look odd. You will require other furniture items, suitable soft furnishings and an effective colour scheme to perform heavy lifting to bring the mismatched sofas together. Certain typical styles lend themselves to simpler matches than other options, or you can simply select sofas of the same style but different colours. In fact, colour can be an effective option to make your mixed and matched room look better and more beautiful. 

Bringing the right colour schemes

There are two different ways to proceed when you select different sofa colours for your living room. The first option is to choose sofas and chairs of similar hues or shades. Two different tones of blue, grey, green or any other colour will be easier to mix. Also, you can select different colours with similar tones, like Vine green with teal colour. These shades complement each other and make the room look brighter. If you have sofas, you must also have carpets in your space. However, they must be cleaned adequately to maintain their longevity and cleanliness. For so, you can grab the best carpet cleaning machines for sale and carpet cleaning products that can serve your requirements.

The other option is to select experimental and bold colour options. For example, mixing grey and pink or green and red can become a fruitful combination. To make these colours work effectively, you must utilise accent colours. Moreover, there is no limitation to selecting the colours for your living room. Extra seating, bold patterns, and soft furnishing can all add improved and enhanced colours to your palette.

Carpet Cleaner Detergent

Mixing and incorporating the upholstery patterns

Mixing patterns and colours can be challenging, especially when you have thousands of choices in front of you. You can mix a broad range of colours, and your room will just look like a Toddler room. However, if you can do them accurately, you will just get to hear “wow” from people who see the living space.

Here are some tips for the upholstery patterns that you can follow:

  • Mixing the scale of the pattern. You can use the squint eye test formula to see if your small-scale pattern is not similar to the larger scaled pattern.
  • Limiting the number of patterns in your living room is also essential. You can have a maximum of two or three on your upholstery and five in your living room.
  • Spread the patterns in a consistent manner to provide a beautiful and attractive decoration to your room. 

While doing these, do not forget to use solid colours. Fabulous patterns shine brighter in a room where your eyes can rest, like on a solid sofa or a neutral wall. You can get the best carpet steam cleaners for sale from our stores at affordable rates. 

Strike a balance between the furniture and the focal point

An ideal room structure will focus on the focal point and its primary function. In most cases, you can strike out an imaginary line from the focal point for dividing your living room. If you have any inspirational piece of material that you wish to highlight, it must be placed at the centre of this line. You can utilise this division to determine where you can place added pieces of furniture to strike a balance inside your living room. 

Secondary pieces of furniture can bring balance, functionality and layers to your room. Determining your needs separately will help you determine what things you must keep inside your room to mix and match the beauty. 

Final Words

From this article, you must better understand how you must mix and match the items and other furniture inside your room to match the array and style of your house. While arranging them, you might also find out that you love the traditional pieces of furniture more than you thought of pairing them with fresh patterns or new colours. 

You can also take help from home designers who can assist you with exciting colour and structure combinations that you can apply in your room. Moreover, you can also contact us for an upholstery cleaning machine to clean the upholstery properly without any issues. We are always there to serve you the best without any hesitation. 


John Smith

John Smith works as a marketing consultant at Cleancare Australia, where he has a long-term perspective and an open-minded approach. Cleancare's brand visibility, reputation, and financial success are all enhanced as a result of John's efforts. Additionally, he is keen to share his expertise by writing blogs on various topics related to the industry.

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