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Everything You Need To Know About Sharps Bin Disposal

Learn all you need to know about sharps waste disposal by reading this article. In this handy tutorial, we will explain how to properly utilise sharps bins as well as what items may be placed inside of them. At Trikon Clinical Waste, we can provide your company with free sharps bins to use. In addition to that, we can tailor a cost-effective waste collection plan to meet your requirements.

What exactly are sharps bins?

In situations when safety is of the utmost importance, you should always utilise sharps waste bins to temporarily store sharp waste. The bins have a variety of colours, and lids that are both locked and resistant to tampering. Sharp waste bins are composed of polypropylene, which is a very durable material. This indicates that they are resistant to damage caused by impact and penetration and will not allow any fluids that may be contained inside them to escape.

Because different kinds of waste such as sharps waste are thrown away in various ways, waste cans are colour-coded according to their contents. By separating the waste, one may prevent the contamination of different chemicals and goods with one.

What kinds of waste should be placed in bins designated for sharps?

A needle is any instrument that is sharp and may be used to penetrate or lacerate the flesh. This is the most straightforward description. The most typical kind of sharps waste is called sharps clinical waste, and it consists of items such as:

  • syringes
  • scalpels
  • insulin pens
  • needles for tattoos and hypodermic injections
  • razor blades

The term “sharps waste” also refers to the waste that contains sharp objects such as knives, pins, staples, and stained glass.

What exactly is it that waste bins for sharps are used for?

For the secure disposal of sharps bins and other potentially dangerous waste, you will want sharps bins. Some waste must be disposed of in a sharps container, even if the waste itself may not be considered “sharp.” Take, for instance, a prescription medication that has beyond its expiration date.

The waste contained in sharps containers should be disposed of appropriately and securely, following the Health and Safety Regulations. See the section on the clinical waste legislation and legal requirements on this site for more information on the laws and regulations that pertain to the disposal of sharps waste.

What colour are bins for sharp objects?

Sharps bins are colour-coded so that any waste from healthcare, including sharps, may be properly segregated from other waste and disposed of appropriately.

By separating the various forms of waste, there is also little chance of cross-contamination occurring.

What should be placed in the bins with the yellow lids for sharps?

Instruments that are potentially dangerous because they have been tainted by a chemical or medicinal substance. For instance, needles and syringes that have been used before in the process of administering an injection. It is not possible to dispose of all medical waste in bins with a lid coloured yellow. A container with a lid coloured purple must be used for the disposing of sharps that have cytotoxic or cytostatic effects.

What should be placed in the orange-lidded sharps bins?

Sharp tools that have not been polluted by either medical or chemical waste. For instance, a blade that hasn’t been used or a syringe that has been used to draw blood from a patient are examples of such items. 

Sharps that have not been contaminated with pharmaceuticals are placed in bins with orange lids. Examples of such items include tattoo or piercing needles, knives, and sharp stationery.

What should be placed in the sharps bins with the purple lids?

Sharp items as well as those that contain waste that is cytotoxic or cytostatic. These components may be found in certain kinds of pharmaceuticals. For instance, antiviral or antibiotic medication, hormone-based pharmaceuticals, and medicines used in the treatment of cancer.

How to make arrangements for the proper disposal of used sharps?

When the line that is indicated on the side of your bins is reached, you will want to dispose of your used sharps securely. You, as the owner of the company, are responsible for disposing of your sharps bins in a secure manner that reduces the likelihood that someone would be hurt.

How can I use a bin for sharp objects?

As soon as an item has been used, it should be discarded in a sharps container that is specifically designed for that purpose.

  • You should not make any attempt to remove anything from sharps bins.
  • It is not recommended to fill sharps bins more than three-quarters of the way.
  • A pointed item should never be allowed to protrude from a waste can.

Where can I get bins for sharp objects?

Please get in contact with us so that we can provide you with more details about disposal of sharps bins. We can create a collection schedule that is convenient for you and does not cost too much.

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