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Expert MacBook Repair Services in dubai | Call: 045864033

Expert MacBook Repair Services in dubai

Uae technicians provide the most reliable and cost-effective macbook repair service dubai and maintenance services in Dubai. We only employ certified Apple spare components to ensure that your Mac like new. If you leave your MacBook at our facility we can guarantee that it’s safe and secured. When it is returned you’ll have the full functionality of your MacBook.


Don’t put off having your MacBook repaired. We can assist you when you’re MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air is having problems.

MakCity(tm) is available to assist you in the event that your MacBook goes down. Our technicians and customer service representatives are specialists at macbook repair service dubai. They will improve your MacBook repair quicker as well as more effective than before. This is only a small example of what we could assist you with.

  • We can repair damaged hinges that hold your screen’s screen, before it causes permanent damages to the screen
  • We are able to repair any damaged LCD or LED screen. Retina screen
  • Our keyboard repair and replacement experts can fix or upgrade yours, so you can go back to your typing.
  • We are able to replace damaged or broken trackpads
  • We can repair your MacBook in the event of water damage or replace damaged components because of the effects of moisture
  • We can repair the defective MacBook charger so that you are able to recharge at any time
  • We can assist you with retrieving data as well as repair of the logic board so that the hard disk functions effectively and reliably.
  • We repair damaged or worn cooling fans, ensuring that the laptop’s internal components remain cool and in good working.

We’re here to help regardless of the kind or severity MacBook emergency. What should you do if your MacBook will not turn off? Contact us. Are websites or programs loading too slow? We can help. We promise only top repair and replace services of the highest quality. We also guarantee to attempt to repair the MacBook’s components prior to replacing them.

We’re committed to offering excellent service. We aren’t afraid to repair MacBooks that go beyond the warranty. We are a reliable MacBook Repair Company in Dubai. Our main concern is your complete satisfaction. Don’t give your hard-earned money to an inefficient, expensive business. Contact us now and let us do what we are best at.

MakCity(tm) will be able to answer all your queries and get the MacBook back in good working in good working

MacBook Problems we deal in dubai

Our MacBook repair specialists are the top in Dubai. They have many years of experience, an approval and the skills to provide MacBook repair service in dubai. Apple is an established name with a huge following. There are times, however, when you might encounter issues because of a variety of causes. We address the following issues:

  • Replacing crack screen
  • Replacement of batteries
  • The damage to the track pad needs to be fixed
  • Modification of the motherboard
  • How to deal with keyboard problems
  • Modification of hardware
  • How do you deal with issues with power both off and on the grid
  • Overheating problems
  • System failure
  • Screen crash
  • Liquid damage
  • Display Connector problems
  • Speaker repair / replacement

If you reach us, we will connect you with an appropriate individual at the right time. Find out more about our services or repair policy.

Dubai MacBook Repair Service Prices

Service Pricing Start (Rs.) Work Time
MacBook Diagnosis Free 30min – 120min
Delivery and pickup 300/- The next day
Screen Replacement 6500/- and higher For up to 4 hours
Logic Board Repair 1500/- , and higher 2-5 hours or more
Battery Replacement Prices starting at 3500/- to differ based on the model 30min – 60min
Keyboard Replacement The 2000/0 and higher differ based on the model. 60min – 300min
Flexgate Repair Fixed Price Fixed Price: 8000, 3 Months Warranties 2 hours
Port Replacement for Charging Port Replacement 1500/$ and above 30min – 60min
Liquid Damage Repair The first day of the program begins at 1500/-. Same Day
SSD Upgrade 3500/- and higher 3 hours
Data Recovery 1500/$ and above 2-24 hours
Touchbar Replacement 8500 and up 2 hours
Replacement Trackpad 3500/- and higher 1 hour

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