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Find Suitable Tyres

The traffic congestion is increasing day by day which means more braking and starting. This will require your tyre at its optimal performance. Continental Tyres Andover are the one that provides traction that allows the tyre to accelerate and stop. If these tyres are not compatible with the vehicle they won’t offer you performance. If the tyres refuse to stop even if your brakes are in proper condition you might bump into other cars. That is why you must take your tyres very seriously. There are a few factors which need serious consideration while purchasing tyres. Let us discuss these variables.

Type of Tyre

Tube Tyres:

  • Cheaper than your tubeless tyre.
  • No reinforcement walls.
  • Non-repairable even after a small puncture.
  • High maintenance for the protection and safety of the tyres.

Tubeless Tyres:

  • Expensive in comparison to tube tyres.
  • Comes with reinforcement walls that provide control in case of suffering a puncture.
  • Easily repairable even with a puncture.
  • Have very low-maintenance.


The performance of tyres can also be affected by their size. The smaller size of the tyre than the original will have a different load index and won’t be able to carry the load of the vehicle let alone the passengers. Similarly, if the tyre is larger than the size, it will offer you a more robust look and better performance. But note that this won’t last long. Soon the tyres will start to impact the components of the vehicle which will affect the performance of the vehicle. Sizes other than the original also tend to wear faster even with maintenance. That is why manufacturers mention the original size in the car manual for your convenience. You can purchase Continental Tyres Andover in size that suits you as they are the best tyres on the market.


The combination of sipes, tread blocks, grooves and ribs help the tyre in offering traction. The major role of treads is to prevent hydroplaning and provide traction. They are also responsible for the acceleration, cornering, braking, handling and steering of the vehicle. Although the basic function of tread is the same Tyres Andover offers you different kinds of tread patterns: tread patterns, asymmetric tread patterns and directional tread patterns. The symmetric tread pattern, common in passenger cars, has a single tread design. The asymmetric tread pattern, suitable for race tracks, has a dual tread design to work individually. Whereas directional tread patterns, famous in winter tyres, also have single tread designs but they can only roll in one direction.

Tread Width

The width of the tyre help increases the overall performance of the tyre. Wide tread-width tyres are famous for off-reading as they do not clog themselves even in mud and dirt. These tyres can take you to the grasslands and hilly mountains effortlessly without causing any trouble. Although these tyres are not very successful in city streets. As you already know in the city you have to stop and start your car at various traffic lights and crosswalks. The wide-width tyres do not offer performance or fuel efficiency in such situations.

Climate Condition

The climate condition keeps on changing which can also affect the tyres just like it does crops and vegetation. To sprout like a reliable tyre they need proper weather and climate condition. That is why the introduction of seasonal tyres is a relief. Now you can drive in worse weather conditions without worrying. Seasonal tyres (winter tyre, summer tyre and all-season tyre) are three tyres that offer optimal performance in a particular condition. Winter tyres are suitable for extreme temperatures below 7°C. Summer tyres offer optimal performance in warmer temperatures above 7°C. Whereas, all-season tyres offer optimal performance in both warm and cold moderate conditions but are dead weight in extreme temperatures.

Rubber Material and Compound

The rubber that has poor quality material won’t offer you longevity. In addition to that, it won’t offer you heat resistance from the heat produced because of continuous friction between the tyres and the ground. It can also lead to blowouts or severe damage. So make sure you purchase good quality tyres.


If you are looking for tyres and not an expert on them, there is no shame in asking for help. It is not like you just buy Tyres AndoverOur service provider and their team are always here to help you purchase a tyre that enhances your vehicle’s performance. Don’t wait and visit us.

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