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Shoe shopping is more complicated than many people believe. What type of shoes should I get? What will they be dressed in? Branded Shoes for men are articles of clothing designed to secure and comfort the human foot. Shoes are also used in design and development. Over time, shoe planning changed dramatically from one culture to the next, and the structure was initially linked to work. Given the current situation, you might believe that your branded shoes for men are the most important item in your closet. As you may be aware, you can coordinate your entire outfit into the appropriate shoe, whether sneakers, cute shoes, or a charming high-heeled strap set.

ABS is a significant footwear store in Pakistan. Examine the most cost-effective best deals to save money on your purchase. The styles of men’s shoes range from casual to fancy, trendy to classic, and low to tall. Each shoe type serves a specific purpose. On the other hand, many shoes go with everything and can be worn with various outfits and occasions.

Branded Shoes for Men

Look at Some of Our Favorites


Loafers are the ideal pair of classic and branded shoes for men’s online footwear. This slip-on shoe is versatile, cool, and classic, resembling a moccasin with leather uppers and a flat heel. Loafers fall between casual and formal men’s shoes, so you can wear them to work, on a date, or while running errands.

They’re also a significantly more comfortable shoe option than other branded shoes for men. Many men like that they can be worn with or without socks and still have an active-inspired rubber outsole. Smooth leather tassel loafer styles have elegant silhouettes and are available in versatile black, brown, and tan.


The moccasin originally inspired the loafer. However, the two styles are distinct despite belonging to the same footwear family. Moccasins are less formal than loafers and have distinctive stitching around the uppers.

Around the house, you can find options for everyday wear or moccasin-style slippers—and A Branded Store carries both. Our driving mocs are crafted from supple suede and feature sophisticated horse-bit detailing and durable rubber soles. A Branded Store’s men’s moccasin slippers have a warm faux-shearling lining and convenient indoor/outdoor rubber outsoles.


The oxford is arguably the most fashionable men’s shoe style. This lace-up dress shoe, first seen in Ireland and Scotland and later named after Oxford University, is distinguished by closed lacing and over-the-vamp shoelace tabs. Many have wingtips (also known as brogue detailing), a pointed cap toe extending toward the shoe’s sides. A longwing brogue is a fancier version of the classic oxford shoe.

Can I buy men’s oxfords at A Branded Store? Sure thing. Contrast stitching, clean leather uppers, removable EVA footbeds, dependable outsoles, and a traditional silhouette distinguish our practical yet polished and professional styles. Oxfords can be worn for a variety of occasions.


Derby shoes are frequently confused with oxfords; while they are similar, knowing the difference is critical. This dress shoe has open laces with tabs sewn under or into the vamps rather than closed laces. The derby shoe was originally worn for hunting and horseback riding, but it is no longer as sporty as it once was.

You’ll find handsomely structured derby branded shoes for men with sturdy yet soft suede uppers when you shop the men’s dress styles at A Branded Store. Our styles are versatile neutrals such as tan, grey, and black, with exposed stitching and partially wooden soles.


Another popular men’s shoe style is the Chelsea boot. This slip-on leather boot is casual, versatile, and easy to put on and take off, with signature elastic side panels and a pull tab on the back.

Chelsea boots can be dressed up or down with business or casual attire. A Chelsea leather boot has an elegant, lightweight look thanks to smooth brown or black leather uppers, twin gore panels, supportive co-molded footbeds, and active-inspired rubber outsoles.

Branded Shoes for Men Online


A casual slip-on shoe is neither a sneaker nor a dress or formal shoe. This type of footwear, with leather uppers and performance outsoles, can be worn with a casual outfit on various occasions.

A Branded Store’s slip-on casual shoes feature weather-resistant nubuck or smooth leather uppers, sturdy outsoles, and textile-covered EVA footbeds. With a casual shoe, the gore side panels make them easy to put on and take off, and each pair includes innovative podiatrist-designed orthotics.


Walking shoes are another type of sneaker, but they are classified separately. This men’s footwear features optimal heel-to-toe strike zones to support your gait and keep you comfortable as you walk forward and log your steps.

What are the best men’s walking shoes? Without a doubt, the ones at A Branded Store! That’s because A Branded Store’s men’s walking sneakers have full-grain leather uppers, a moisture-wicking mesh lining, dependable yet flexible high-traction outsoles, and premium biomechanical orthotic support. Lace-up or hook-and-loop straps are available.


Lace-up sneakers are the ultimate in casual streetwear. They come in various styles and materials and can be worn with anything from shorts and beachwear to jeans and chinos.

A Branded Store carries men’s casual lace-up tennis shoes in retro styles, modern silhouettes, and everything in between. Styles with suede, mesh, canvas, or nubuck uppers, matching or contrasting laces, and co-molded EVA rubber soles are available.

Online Branded Shoes for Men

What Is the Importance of Shoes?

Shoes are required because the feet function as a mode of transportation. You can walk, run, or stand for an extended period if your feet are comfortable and safe and everything around you is in order.

Shoes promote foot health as well as foot recovery. Because no two feet are the same, matching shoes can help you adjust your feet, lower limbs, knees, hips, and back to improve your stride length and develop your movements.

Get Your Favorite Ones Now!

Men’s casual shoes help explain the format in most situations nowadays. Athletic and legal attire are also commonly worn with casual shoes. They are moving and can cover long distances. This is a compelling explanation for how they became famous in such an unusual event. Formal attire, for the most part, has evolved. Proper shoes for men will no longer be made of patented cowhide calfskin.

Aside from the types mentioned above, the number of branded shoes for men from which to select based on their needs has increased significantly. You can find different shoes to match your outfit with us.

Almost every brand has a location with a store. But what if you don’t have time to go sandal shopping? You have nothing to worry about. A branded store is the best platform for purchasing shoes for men if you want to do online shoe shopping in Pakistan. Our store has a large selection of shoes to match your outfit.

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