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Five Best Hosteller & Places to Stay in Jibhi


Himachal Pradesh is mystical of its natural charm, flowing rivers, lush green meadows with flowers, oak,deodar, and deodar Known for forests and of course, the great Himalayan range, which is topped with snow. Along with the popular places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, it is home to many eccentric hideouts and one such place is Jibhi. With its minimalist industrialism, Jibhi is the perfect place to enjoy the serenity of the Lesser Himalayas. So, to make your holiday extra special, here are some of the best places to visit in Jibi.


Nestled against the remote meadows of the valley, The Himalayan Wild Retreat is one of the best hotels in Jibhi.Great location with an amazing panoramic view of hills and river. They also have an open rooftop restaurant for you to sit back and relax while taking advantage of nature and its beauty. The staff is very humble and cooperative. They also serve good North Indian food, which is an added advantage.


For all backpackers and solo travelers,hostels are always the best stay option.Firstly,because they are budget friendly and secondly,you get a chance to meet new people. Hence,hostel is the best place to stay in Jibhi.Situated amidst lush green hills,all the rooms here have breathtaking views.Amenities are also top-class,such as a 24-hour front desk,shared lounge,restaurant, night bonfire and free Wi-Fi.So,if you wish,you can always choose Hosteller Jibhi for work.


Jungle Book Homestay is an excellent place to stay in Jibhi.Jungle Book Homestay has everything a hotel has to offer including three well-appointed suites,en-suite balconies,a bathroom and a dining area.This is also one of the best hotels in Jibhi.The host takes care of each visitor,provides local cuisine,and organizes trekking,adventure tours,village tours,fishing tours and cross river tours.It is one of the few homestays in Jibhi with Wi-Fi.It is also a common choice among adventure seekers,Because the homestay organizes 3 to 5 night trekking tours to the Great Himalayan National Park,which is just 10 kms away.


With its expansive view and serene views,Lost Escape is another wonderful place to relax and unwind in Jibhi.The establishment offers a regular bed,freshly cooked vegetarian breakfast,and the warm hospitality provided by Ashish and Prachi (hosts) is beyond description.From organizing village treks to bicycle rentals,The Lost Escape knows how to please any guest And earn a spot in the list of best places to rest in Jibhi.Another highlight of this beautiful homestay is that it is totally pet friendly.


One of the best cheap hotels in Jibhi, Pine Valley Cottages and Café is the perfect place for you. If you want to be in solitude and relax.This cottage has it all, from utter luxury to stunning views. We all love a big window by the bed,And you’ll get them here. Here you will also find excellent vegetarian breakfast and free Wi-Fi.


Jibhi’s Rock Top Inn is a common place to relax.Premium amenities like a dining room,an outdoor pool and a hot spring bath make it one of the list of luxury homestays in Jibhi.It is situated on top of a hill and provides a panoramic view of the surrounding trees and apple orchards.With 6 suites,a restaurant,a children’s playground and a front desk reception that is open 24 hours a day,Rock Top-In Hostel appeals to both family groups and adventure seekers.English cuisine is served to both visitors,and the rooms have tea and coffee making facilities.


This is one of the most famous houses of Jibhi,situated amidst deodar and deodar forests.Jibhi Homestead is the ideal place to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your mind and body.This homestay has a large spacious bedroom with an apple orchard view which can accommodate up to four guests.The homestay offers clean homemade food,but guests can also prepare their own meals and plan camping and trekking If they are told ahead of time.


Shivang Homestay is a popular place to relax and appreciate nature.This homestay is located away from the main Jibhi city and has everything you need for a relaxing weekend trip.Some of the features that differentiate Shivang Homestay as one of the best budget homestays in Jibhi include basic food,hot and cold water Includes tour directions and an incredible view.The host is attentive,courteous and personally present to each guest.


This Jibhi lodge has everything from mountain views to the sound of a restless river at night.This lodge is comfortably and partly nestled in the roots of a giant oak.So,here you are going to have a lot of childhood memories coming back.


Tree Souls Hostel is the best place to stay in Jibhi if you are looking for a comfortable stay on a budget.This budget friendly homestay has won millions of hearts by offering amenities and services close to the renowned luxury homestays in JB.Featuring spacious rooms equipped with simple amenities,this establishment also has a kitchen area where you can prepare your meals.Everyone gets a complimentary meal,and picnics and bonfires are organized along the river.


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