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Five Quick Methods to Organize a Small Commercial Kitchen

Starting a food business or running a restaurant may sound like an easy task, but is it easy or not? Remember that every business requires hard work and challenges to succeed. You cannot find any job where you do not have to strive hard and get loads of money. Food-related companies are a bit different than any other. We all know that food is a human necessity. That is why there are fewer chances of loss in the food industry. Opening a restaurant can be a good idea if you want a risk-free career. You can choose any cuisine or aesthetic theme for your restaurant as per your liking. According to the statistics, the restaurant industry will grow by 10.6% in the coming ten years. 

Many things are necessary for the restaurant, such as the perfect location, employees, marketing, etc. But there is one thing that is most crucial for every restaurant. The kitchen is a central place to cook delicious meals and prepare sauces. It is a must to have a well-equipped kitchen at the commercial level. You can find many appliances or even Pub Glass Washer For Sale if you are short on money. In the food business, how you make the meals matters the most. People prefer the food taste, cleanliness, and quality more than any other factor in restaurants.

For commercial kitchens, the space should be large enough to function. Unlike domestic kitchens, you would have to prepare multiple dishes in the same kitchen. You will also need separate units in the kitchen and space to keep electric appliances. Everything goes in the flow if the kitchen space is enough. The problem arises when you have a small area for a commercial kitchen. Working in a tight space in a commercial place is no less than a challenge. You can face many failures if you do not have a comfortable environment for working. Remember that having a smaller space does not mean you can compromise on food quality.

Efficiency in commercial kitchens: 

What is the key to an efficient kitchen? The answer is a well-designed kitchen. An efficient kitchen is safe for producing several mouth-watering meals. Know that an efficient kitchen can lead to a higher profit margin rate. You will have several workers in your kitchen. You need to train all employees about prepping meals and keeping everything organized. You will also have to track the leftovers and other items in your pantry. No lies that an organized kitchen will lead to a successful restaurant business.

Below we have mentioned five ways to organize a small commercial kitchen.

1. Choose the appropriate layout:   

The kitchen layout determines the functionality and output level. Know that a wrong design can cause many blunders in your commercial kitchen. There are many types of layout designs you can select. You will have to choose a design arrangement that helps the workers to move freely without obstacles. You can define a path to prep, cook, and serve the food. Some of the kitchen layouts you can use at the commercial level are as follows:


Assembly line


2. Departmentalize your kitchen:

Many businesses try departmentalization of their work areas for maximum efficiency. Know that departmentalization can reduce the hassle in your kitchen. You will have to separate your kitchen into several zones and sections. One section will have common work characteristics. You can make prepping, cooking, boiling, cleaning, and garnishing departments in your kitchen for the best result. Each zone will have its specific functions, equipment, and ingredients. This way, you can reduce the number of employees doing different tasks at the same counter.

3. Practice mise en place for less trouble:   

Mise en place is a French culinary technique for better functioning of your kitchen. This technique is a must for every restaurant kitchen. Mise en place means putting everything in place. This technique is also known as prepping. You will have to do the cutting, chopping, and preparing before hitting the pan. It also includes gathering all ingredients before you start cooking. Mise en place can make your kitchen well-organized by reducing the chances of mess.

4. Invest in multi-functional equipment:   

Accept the fact that you do not have enough space to invest in every single piece of equipment for your kitchen. That is why the best option for you is multi-functional equipment. A single piece of equipment can serve many purposes. You can invest in a cabinet stove that will give you the space to store food items and cutlery. You can cook your meals on top of the cabinets.

5. Don’t forget the FIFO method for inventory:   

FIFO stands for first in, first out. It means that the item that goes in first will come out first. It is a storage technique for organizing inventory and reducing spoilage of food items. You can try this strategy to keep your kitchen well-organized.

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