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Geometric Patterns Give Wallpaper a New Dimension

Fast-becoming the hottest trend in home décor, geometric patterns have taken on a new dimension in the wallpaper trend, according to all the experts we talked to. These patterns do particularly well in clean-lined, angular mid-century modern homes.  Let’s take a look at some of our favorite geometric wallpaper trends to inspire you in your next home design project!

Where geometric patterns are gaining momentum

Recent studies by the Society of Decorative Arts in America show that geometric patterns are not just taking over any more but they have come back with a vengeance. Geometrics have made such an impact on the design world that they are popping up all over, from fashion to furniture to interior design. They’re so popular, in fact, that some designers say they’ve become nearly impossible to avoid- and they’re especially prevalent in clean lined, angular mid-century modern homes. But depending on the severity of the design, the color, scale and placement can work well anywhere you place them. And for those who prefer easy cover tapet rather than painting or other more involved methods of covering their walls – we found some great easy cover wallpaper options for you!

How they look in real life

The geometric patterns on the walls in this home office are a perfect example of how these patterns can be used to cover tapet. The room is clean-lined and angular, so the patterns do well in it. This design is also beautiful because it’s not too heavy and has an easy cover pattern that will work for most people. You can see how easy it is to cover your own walls with this pattern using our easy cover wallpaper option!

geometric patterns

Where they don’t look so good

However, geometric patterns don’t always work in all spaces. They do particularly well in clean-lined, angular mid-century modern homes. But depending on the severity of the design, the color, scale and placement can look jarring. One major consideration for prospective homeowners is whether or not they have small children. Geometric patterns are best avoided in rooms where kids spend most of their time. Since it’s difficult to get them to sit still and avoid tapping their fingers against the patterned wall surface.

Tips for making geometric wallpaper look great

  1. Choose the right color. Geometrics can be fun, but it’s important to choose the right shade for your room. A light, bright green on a dark background might not work as well as a deep taupe or light grey on white. If you’re going for something more subtle, go with neutral shades like black and beige or grey and brown.
  2. Be mindful of scale and placement. The size of the pattern will depend on how much space you want to fill up with it. Small geometrics work well in hallways while large patterns are great in living rooms or bedrooms. Where they can be seen more easily from far away and act as an anchor point. It ties everything together visually.

Great examples of 3D geometric patterned wallpapers

The most popular geometric pattern for wallpaper is the hexagon. It’s also the most versatile. The hexagon can be used as an accent. Or it can be used in combination with other patterns, colors and shapes. It creates an even more eye-catching focal point on your wall. Hexagons can also be used to create a whole new pattern. By combining them with complementary shapes like triangles, diamonds and trapezoids.

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