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Gmail Not Checking Spellings? – Here Are The Fixes

Gmail is an important part of our daily life now. We use it for official communications, business purposes, and also with connecting and sharing content with our friends and family. However, the major use still remains relevant in the corporate world. One of the most important things for any employee or student or anyone else will be writing mail correctly. Gmail has an important feature for aiding us on this. It is known as Spell Check. If your Gmail not checking spellings or Gmail spell check not working or you want to enable it, this article is for you. 


How to Fix When Gmail Not Checking Spellings

  • First, see if the Gmail spell-checking is turned on for your account; that should solve the problem.

  • To create a new email in your Gmail account, click the plus sign next to Compose.

  • Select the Options menu by clicking the ellipses (…) in the New Message box (bottom right side).

  • The Spell Check menu should be chosen.

  • This will activate Gmail’s spell-checking for your inbox.

  • Instances of misspelled words will be highlighted by the spell checker. The error may be fixed by selecting the appropriate option after clicking on the highlighted word.

  • After you have finished drafting your email, you may use the Re-Check button to do a second spell check.

  • Click the arrow next to Re-check to get a language drop-down selection. Choose the language you want to use for spell check here.

  • If you want to see if the issue with Gmail not verifying spelling has been fixed, try writing a new email and sending it.


Steps to Solve Gmail Not Checking Spellings Issue on Chrome

  • If your spell check not working on Gmail, you must follow the steps below.

  • Enable spell checking on Google Chrome if you want a spell checker on every website you visit, including social networking platforms. In Microsoft Edge, by default, the spell checker is turn on.

  • Launch Google Chrome and select the menu button ( Three dots, upper right corner).

  • Choose Settings from the list of choices.

  • To access more settings, scroll down and choose Advanced.

  • In the Languages section, scroll down.

  • Flip the switch to “Spell Check”.

  • Choose “Enhanced spell check” from the menu. There are fewer features available with the basic spell check option.

  • Then select Customize spell check from the menu.

  • Any terms you wish the spell checker to skip over while looking for spelling problems can be entered here.

  • You should now be able to use the spell checker on all websites after relaunching the Chrome browser.


Final Words

If any of these methods do not work to resolve Gmail not checking spellings issue, contact Google. If you’re having trouble with Gmail’s spell check, you can let Google know about it by submitting a support request on their website. While you wait for an answer, you may go through the available guidelines to see if any of them provide a better option. You can also contact any third party email support provider to fix this issue. 

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