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Hemp Packaging & CBD Labeling Design Guidelines

Despite being a nascent industry, cannabis is still establishing norms around design and labeling about hemp packaging. In an industry where new brands are constantly popping up, industry competitors are looking for ways to stand out among consumers.


Hemp Packaging can assist in those efforts through the use of adequate packaging. Listed below are some essential elements of design that you need to consider when creating your following line of products.


Labeling And Packaging Regulations


Like the pharmaceutical industry, packaging in the cannabis and CBD industries are highly regulated, with stringent requirements. Companies must create visuals that capture consumers’ attention while providing necessary consumer information. It’s not enough to slap an attractive design on a box, and you’ve done yourself a disservice. Usually, compliance standards must be met by the product, the packaging, and the management systems.


This handy guide from leafily, a cannabis education site, tells you how to label and package your stuff by state. Although there are similarities nationwide, every state has its approach, and you’ll want to check to ensure you’re legally protected. You must take into account several types of regulatory requirements when it comes to cannabis labeling and packaging.


Storage Or Display Of Cannabis Products


hemp boxes

Washington State, for example, requires all cannabis products to be stored behind a counter or similar barrier to prevent customers from directly accessing them. When consumers can’t easily handle your product, as they might in a more conventional industry, you may want to emphasize how a box looks on an untouched glass display.


Children-Resisting Features


Among other things, the California Department of Public Health requires that cannabis products have child-resistant packaging. Therefore, it is critical to take into account the relevant materials and layers that will be able to meet this standard. There may be tamper-proof measures, such as pressure-sealed products with no easy-open tabs or flaps, making it difficult for children to open them.


Label Requirements For CBD Products


Your labels should include vital information for consumer safety, such as the ingredients, warnings, health risks, impairment factor, proper dosage or batch number, and barcode to identify the product. 


In addition, you may also have specific requirements for separate sections of the label. For example, California requires cannabis manufacturers to include a “primary label” and “informational label” on their products.


Eco-Friendly Packaging


This plant-based material is 100% renewable. Food contact certification makes these products suitable for use in edibles and other cannabis products. Even more than other glass jar options, the jars are considerably lighter. Which reduces shipping costs and fossil fuels used to ship them.


Cannabis growers and producers can access sustainable packaging options, though not always in local dispensaries. Sadly, many of these options are significantly more expensive per jar than the leading competitor. To achieve more environmentally sustainable cannabis packaging, consumers need to ask for it and pay a higher price.


Awesome Value


If you are a business owner, you can choose to customize your CBD lotion and oil bottles with several different types of boxes. Some boxes are easy to assemble and have sealed seams on one side. If you need to print something, you will be able to choose from a variety of printing options. Among the available options is digital printing, which is a relatively more affordable option. Digital printing is an excellent choice for small orders because it does not require printing plates.


You might want to consider using hemp packaging to distinguish your products from other brands. Packaging for CBD hemp oil products is recyclable and is incredibly sensitive to the environment. We offer a vast range of hemp boxes that come with an assortment of other features to help your products stand out and enhance their value. Add a personal touch to your CBD hemp oil boxes to make your brand more appealing and increase its sales by adding a personal touch to them.

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