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How Are They? Latest Updates On Argyle Pink Diamonds

The sparkles of Argyle Pink Diamonds since the 1980s continue to live.

Back then, when the mine was discovered by geologists, it was like they’d found something so magical that could replace any tangible treasures. Moreover, it encapsulates the characteristics of the perfect diamond— mysterious, rare, and unique.

The mystery of what makes pink diamonds pink is still up for debate. However, just like other diamonds, they went through a lot of pressure, and they’re just as hard as the other diamonds. In terms of rarity, most pink diamonds were found in the Argyle mine which also makes them one of the most sought-after diamonds.

If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or your loved ones, the uniqueness of pink diamonds can help express your feelings. It can show how important a person is to you by giving them this exceptional stone.

Unfortunately, after almost 40 years, the Argyle mine can no longer provide high-quality pink diamonds. Are you interested to know the state of Argyle pink diamonds? Check the list of updates below to learn more!

1. Rio Tinto launched a programme for Argyle Pink Diamonds

After almost two years of closing, the Rio Tinto company, owner of the Argyle mine, launched Icon Partners to further improve the brand of Argyle pink diamonds. The programme is about teaming up with the best market developers and permitting them to exclusively market the remaining polished Argyle pink diamonds to the appropriate market.

The Icon Partners are the most-trusted experts when it comes to creating the best jewelry pieces to continue the legacy of Argyle pink diamonds. Whether it’s a tiara, necklace, heirloom, or engagement ring, you can find the best pieces brought about by Icon Partners.

The said exclusive market is chosen so that the remaining pink diamond pieces will be well-taken care. In addition, since it’s a way to continue the legacy of the said stone and the Argyle mine, Rio Tinto is doing its best to carefully maintain its status.

So pink diamond collectors and investors must celebrate since the precious stone won’t go anywhere.

2. Argyle Pink Diamonds are still great investments

Although the Argyle mine is now closed, it doesn’t mean investors have to give up on Argyle pink diamonds. It might be obvious that there will be no more pink diamonds that will come from the said mine, but there are existing loose pink diamonds and jewelry to invest in.

Additionally, Argyle pink diamonds are great investments since their value continues to increase. And although investors will be betting their money on existing Argyle pink diamonds, they don’t have to worry.

Even if they hand the diamonds from one generation to another, there won’t be any problems due to their natural durability. However, of course, it’s still necessary to keep the diamonds in a safe container and practise proper care.

According to experts, the story of pink diamonds makes them more interesting to invest in. They’re not as ordinary as the other investments, since they’re unquestionably mysterious.

Argyle pink

3. Demand for pink diamonds continues to go up

Did you know that the demand for pink diamonds increased when the Argyle mine closed? There had been a high demand for Argyle pink diamonds even before the mine closes. However, it became bigger especially when Rio Tinto announced the Icon Partners this year.

A lot of investors, collectors, and diamond lovers got interested to acquire more Argyle pink diamonds. If you can see the performance of fancy-coloured diamonds, including pink diamonds, it’s evident that the value is still as great as when the mine was working fine.

It’s not a surprise that the existing high-quality pink diamonds are the only supply. Some investors rely on other pink diamond mines since they can still provide natural pink diamonds. But some don’t mind considering lab-grown pink diamonds.

So if you’re looking for a way to obtain precious pink diamonds, consider other options before spending a lot on the existing ones.

4. You can still confirm the authenticity of an Argyle Pink Diamond

As an investor, should you honour the certification given by the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender? Of course, you should! It’s not just you, but a lot of well-known companies and personalities are aware of how essential the Argyle certification is.

Of course, there are the 4Cs (colour, carat, clarity, and cut) used to measure the value of a diamond, But in terms of pink diamonds and other fancy-coloured diamonds, the colour says it all.

For instance, if the colour of a pink diamond is superb, it can outweigh the other 3Cs. It’s mainly because the value of fancy-coloured diamonds relies on their colour.

Argyle pink

When an Argyle Pink Diamond has a certification, it means you can easily track the chain of custody from the mining to the latest owner. It’s a great way so that the owners have peace of mind about how delicately the pink diamonds are handled. And if you have any questions about a pink diamond in your possession, you can easily obtain an answer.

Now, there’s a reason to celebrate! It’s nice to know that even though the Argyle Mine closed, Rio Tinto found a way to continue the legacy of the precious stones. Do you also find it fascinating? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this by commenting below!


Aliana Baraquio is currently writing for Musson Jewellers Australia, a rare and enduring jewellery design business that has been providing the finest jewellery for over 40 years in Sydney. Her free time is composed of her phone and new comics to read on. 

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