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How Australian Businesses Are Using SMS To Boost Productivity?

At the moment, it is believed that 5 billion individuals worldwide have access to sending and receiving SMS for communication, and bulk SMS marketing is particularly influential in Australia because when it comes to grabbing attention in the crowded digital marketing environment.

If you operate a company in Australia and SMS marketing isn’t part of your overall plan, you should consider why.

Almost every Australian has a communication device in their pocket, which strengthens the SMS marketing industry. Let us now discuss SMS marketing.

What exactly is SMS Broadcast Marketing?

SMS marketing (short messaging service marketing) is used to engage with clients and provide them information about your organisation. It is a digital technology that use text messaging to disseminate promotional and advertising messages to people. SMS Broadcast marketing is a channel that is comparable to email marketing, but it is more effective. It enables businesses to deliver marketing messages to clients’ mobile devices. You may reach more people, in more locations, at any time of day by improving the power of your SMS marketing plan. Even if your target audience is preoccupied with work, they will certainly check their phone.

Advantages of SMS marketing-

  • 89.9% of Australians own a mobile phone.
  • It has very high open rates (98 percent open rates).
  • Affordable.
  • High return on investment.
  • You may send SMS messages in bulk.
  • It is a straightforward and to-the-point channel.
  • You may also discover more about your consumer.
  • Increased customer involvement

SMS marketing data for 2021

Some examples are:

In 2020, 60 percent of individuals in Australia depended primarily on a mobile phone for communication.

Over 70% of Australians aged 18-44 do not have fixed-line phone service at home, therefore they mostly communicate through mobile phone.

In Australia, the SMS open rate is 94% and the SMS read rate is 78%. In contrast, they only have a 34% email open rate.

According to the source, Australia has 32.89 million mobile connections, which equates to 130 percent of the population.

In Australia, 96% of people use their mobile phone to communicate by sending text messages.

Planning a successful SMS marketing campaign

Your Bulk SMS marketing campaign’s goal

Your bulk SMS marketing plan, like any other approach, requires a quantifiable aim to direct your efforts. For example, your objective may be to have a 50% to 60% click-through rate to claim vouchers.

Create a target persona to reflect your target audience

Now that you’ve established a goal for your SMS marketing, examine who the ideal audience for your SMS campaign is to achieve that objective. Create a target persona to assist yourself and your team in understanding the kind of person you are talking to through SMS.

“Is SMS marketing the ideal medium for you to attain your goals and audience?”

Although bulk SMS marketing is an efficient medium, you risk a high unsubscription rate if your consumer does not like getting your campaign through SMS. To others, receiving promotional materials over the phone may seem like an invasion of privacy. When your SMS and content are helpful and timely, your audience is more likely to respond favourably. A pure promotional material campaign performs better when sent through email. Any important information should be delivered by SMS. For example, an exclusive deal with expiry dates and information on last-minute event changes.

Platform for bulk SMS marketing implementation

When you want to send messages to hundreds of individuals, you won’t do it one by one since it will strain your thumb. So, utilise a bulk SMS marketing platform to send your SMS to hundreds of individuals as swiftly and easily as possible. Always create your SMS content and ensure that it complies with applicable legislation.

Reasons why bulk SMS marketing has a bright future

bulk SMS marketing in Australia outperforms most other mediums due to high engagement rates

While other channels of marketing, such as email and social media, are important. When it comes to SMS marketing engagement metrics like open and response rates, they fall behind. The open rate of an SMS message is 98 percent, and 90 percent of marketing initiatives obtain a direct response. That’s the kind of engagement rate that most conventional marketers want.

People trust SMS more than any other form of communication

Because just 10% of SMS campaigns are classified SPAM, most consumers believe SMS is a reliable means of communication. In compared to email, where almost half of efforts generated red lights. According to the poll, 9 out of 10 respondents prefer to receive branded communications through SMS over other marketing methods.

SMS’s potential reach as a channel

There are now 7 billion SMS communication subscribers on the earth. Every human being just needs one subscription. With a potential reach of- well, everyone- you should not be tricked into including SMS marketing into your overall marketing approach.

People make purchases using their mobile phones

The majority of people use their cellphones to shop and look for products on search engines. Every day, consumers across the globe spend nearly a trillion dollars on mobile phone purchases. People are more inclined to buy from your company when they make their selection on their phones. You may use an essential channel to boost on-the-go decision-making. While compared to other devices, mobile users boosted their intent to acquire things when searching on their smartphone. Furthermore, 92% of customers who look for the goods on mobile will make a buy choice.

Most individuals use SMS software for business, whether they are consumers or brand representatives. This might explain why 71% of marketers think SMS is at the heart of their strategy. SMS is a method of communication, and people use their mobile devices to investigate brands and make purchases.

Providers of SMS marketing services

  • Guni SMS
  • Twilio 
  • ClickSend 
  • Swift Digital 
  • Amio 
  • SMS Solutions Australia

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