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How Custom Sleeve Boxes Are the Best Choice to Pack Your Products?

Custom packaging has now become a necessary tool to pack the manufactured goods. It provides numerous benefits to the products as well as business. The main functions of custom packaging include product safety, presentation and brand marketing. To earn these benefits, product manufacturers now focus more on designing their product packaging boxes. Choosing a perfect packaging box is a really critical task. Packaging can either enhance the product value or ruin it all. Select the latest design packages like pillow boxes or custom sleeve boxes to provide an appealing packaging to your products. Investing in the right packaging can bring more customer traffic and generate higher sales revenue for your brand.

Let’s See How Custom Sleeve Packaging Is Worth Choosing

While designing your product packaging, selection of box style is the most important point to focus on. Keep in mind the points to build a profitable packaging box and then start designing your box. A quality packaging is necessary to pack the high quality products. Durable box material, appealing design and easy to handle style is all what it takes to build a perfect packaging. 

Yet sleeve packaging is not new, but it has the charm which makes your products steal the display show. Let’s customize your sleeve boxes according to your preferences and product demands. You cannot make a better decision than choosing custom sleeve boxes for packaging your products. Slide down your screens to know more about how you can customize your sleeve packages.

Endless Customization Possibilities

Customization allows you to design your packaging the way you want it to be. You can customize the size, shape, designing, printing, finishing and embellishment of your sleeve boxes. A right sized packaging box is mandatory to provide containment to the products inside and keep them secure during the long shipping process. Select the size of your box according to your product dimensions and let your products slay in it.

Moreover, you can also customize the designing options for your sleeve packaging. Print the box with the graphics that resonate with your product inside it. This synchronization will make your packaging more interesting for the customers.

You can also make your boxes more efficient and attractive with window cuts or handles. Sleeve boxes with window cuts on them let the customers view the packed products. Integrating handles to your sleeve packaging also make them easy to carry. Give a luxurious look to your custom sleeve boxes by using ribbons or other small decorative items to decorate them.

Provide Efficient Printing Options

However, you can craft your custom sleeve boxes with any material. But usually, they are manufactured from cardboard or corrugated material. They provide effective packaging for a variety of products. Packaging boxes crafted from a sturdy material really goes a long way, ensuring your product’s safety.

Using cardboard material for your sleeve boxes opens the doors to many options for their printing and finishing. You can apply any latest printing technique to your box, to make it more appealing. Use CMYK, CMYK +1 or PMS printing to print your box. Get your box finished with glossy or matte lamination to let it shine brightly. You can also opt for spot UV or foil stamping to provide a premium look to your boxes.

With the large surface area, they allow you to print whatever you want on them. Either print your brand logo to advertise your brand or the product information to let your customers know more about the product before purchasing it. Design your sleeve boxes wisely to get the most out of them.

Let Your Consumers Enjoy Hassle Free Unboxing

Sleeve boxes consist of two parts; a tray and a sleeve. First the product is placed on the tray and then wrapped with the sleeve around it. However, you just have to slide it with your finger to open it. Let your customers unbox their parcels without creating any mess. Customers now love to record the unboxing of their products. So, the packaging box with an easy unboxing method makes the unboxing more fun and exciting for the customers as well as viewers.

Let’s order the sleeve box wholesale for your business and grow your sales by packaging your products in this attractive box design.

Order Wholesale Custom Sleeve Boxes at Economical Rates

Among a number of box manufacturing companies in America, we have listed here the names of some well renowned and reputable companies. 

  • Global Custom Packaging
  • Emenac Packaging
  • YBY Boxes
  • Kolaxo Packaging

However, all of them are providing high quality services but to enjoy other side benefits, order your wholesale sleeve boxes from Global Custom Packaging. In addition to the services that clients ask for, they also provide many free services including graphic support and order delivery in the United States. Let’s order yours now and enjoy!

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