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How Hospitality Companies Can Use SMS to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

The hotel industry’s use of SMS for business has transformed the game. Providing a great and engaging experience for your consumers is no longer restricted to the time they spend at your facility. 

SMS gateway allows you to communicate with your clients before they step in the door and after they leave, whether you own a hotel, restaurant, spa, or other service-oriented business. Streamline and automate important activities like appointment scheduling, bookings, and loyalty programmes while engaging consumers one-on-one to answer queries or promote a visit to your firm.

Make the Customer Experience Easier

Any hospitality expert understands that your clients have high expectations of you and expect first-rate service. Going above and above means relieving as much of their tension as possible before they walk in the door.

 Allowing clients to create or amend plans without having to phone in may save the needless irritation that comes with sitting on hold, being passed from representative to representative, and having to repeat oneself numerous times.


When travelling, there are often too many things to keep track of. A peaceful trip may easily turn into a hectic experience, from booking flights to packing luggage and scheduling activities. So much so that 37% of tourists in the United States confessed to cancelling or postponing a trip due to stress. 

SMS as a customer care channel

Adding SMS as a customer care channel allows your clients to concentrate on all of the pleasant and relaxing activities they will be doing rather than dealing with changes in logistics.

When it comes to restaurant reservations, similar concerns might develop. Nothing makes a bad first impression like attempting to chat on the phone with a hostess in a busy restaurant or looking for a place to wait for a table while gripping a beeper and hoping it goes off. 

Given that 70% of restaurant customers do not return for a second visit, it is evident that many businesses are not engaging their consumers properly. Allowing your customers to use their waiting time as they choose and notifying them when their table is ready is a refreshing new experience. Sending a follow-up text asking how their visit went or informing them of forthcoming offers helps to keep your location in their minds.

SMS enables you to communicate with your visitors in a fast and simple manner. Customers may take care of business and then go about their day by automating typical travel and reservation activities through SMS. Allow your visitors to check in and depart through SMS, eliminating the need for them to visit the host desk. 

As a result, your personnel will be able to spend less time on the phone dealing with complaints and more time going above and beyond to make your facility a more delightful place to visit. You will be able to please your customers and staff while saving your company money.

Infinite Possibilities

SMS allows you to engage with your consumers in a variety of ways. You can keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds while also gathering feedback to enhance your processes and encourage return visits. Consider all of the ways SMS may be used to communicate with clients, such as:

  • Reservation alerts – notify your visitors when their table is ready.
  • Check-in – register consumers and deliver a tailored experience.
  • Coupons and promotions – provide coupons and promotions to boost repeat business.
  • Event announcements – publicise new promotions, entertaining events, and excellent offers.
  • Collect feedback — poll your visitors after they depart to verify they had a good time with you.

Make the wise decision

SMS is one of the most effective methods to engage with clients and guarantee they get the best service possible. Stand out from the crowd by tailoring your messaging to the demands of your consumers. Atmosphere Messaging from Guni may help you save time and money by automating procedures and generating workflows that your consumers prefer.

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