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How SkillsFuture and UTAP Help Your Achieve Your Dream Career

Studying in Singapore comes with several perks, with SkillsFuture and UTAP being one of them. SkillsFuture and UTAP are government initiatives that are oriented towards skill development and entrepreneurship for individuals. These programmes provide credits or training subsidies to pursue a wide range of specifically listed skill development courses. If you are keen on learning and enhancing your skills, the Singapore SkillsFuture credit and UTAP fund can help you in many ways. So, let’s dig into essential details about this programme and how it helps boost your career.

What are Skilllfuture credits and UTAP funds?

  • Singapore Skillsfuture credit aims to provide a $500 opening credit for Singaporeans aged 25 and above. They can use these credits to pursue skill development courses listed under the SkillsFuture eligible courses.
  • UTAP funds refer to various training subsidies that can be availed by NTUC members of age 40 and above. These subsidies help them pursue skill enhancement and re-skilling courses at the lowest fees.

Note: To avail of these funds, one must be a resident of Singapore.

Benefits of SkillsFuture Credit Courses

  • Boosts your competency – Today, most companies worldwide are switching to a skill-based approach. Thus, learning new skills and enhancing existing skills help you stay at par with the latest standards.
  • Makes you ready for future challenges – The dynamic nature of the market makes companies subject to new policies and capabilities. By pursuing these newly designed courses, one can become ready to solve future challenges in their company.
  • Improves employability – By enrolling in these courses, you can choose various career paths. In this way, you don’t stay limited to just one career and increase your chances of being employed in various industries.


Pursuing these courses can be a boon if you are a fresher or mid-career working professional. Not only do these upgrade your skills, but you get industry ready to face future challenges. However, one must remember that Singapore SkillsFuture credit and UTAP funds can be applied for a specific list of courses. If you plan to pursue one of these, enrol in the best academic group in Singapore. With their years of excellence, they have a vast alumni base who have made the best out of their credits and funds. Visit their website today to check the course list and details.


What is UTAP?

The Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) is supported by the NTUC-Education and Training Fund (NETF). This programme is launched to help skill upgradation and re-skilling of working personnel in Singapore.

What age group can avail of the UTAP fund?

UTAP fund can be availed by NTUC members aged 40 and above.

When will the SkillsFuture credit expire?

Singapore SkillsFuture credit of $500 can be claimed by Singaporeans aged 25 and above (as of 31 December 2020), valid until 31 December 2025.

Does one have to be a resident of Singapore to avail SkillsFuture Credit?

Yes, Singapore SkillsFuture Credit can only be claimed by Singapore citizens.

How to enrol in the best SkillsFuture credit-eligible courses?

A wide range of SkillsFuture credit-eligible courses are available in the best academic group in Singapore. 


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