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How These 3 Online Retailers Built Their Online Shopping Brands

Many people have been able to turn their side projects into profitable businesses over the past 20 years thanks to the internet. These businesses grow thanks to the increased customer access that eCommerce provides.

Being able to access an eCommerce website at any time is similar to opening a new shop, and it provides customers the impression that they are supporting their preferred retailers, even if they are hundreds of miles away. With a customisable, user-friendly design that highlights a company’s unique attributes, an eCommerce website may also be used to emphasise a special brand, product, or service.

Three active internet merchants have achieved this, transforming their creative projects into successful enterprises. They turned to Square Online to assist them in making their eCommerce ambitions a reality.

Allowing your goods to tell the tale

As a thriving, green business that takes satisfaction in assisting clients in leading healthier lives free of pollutants and chemicals, Boneca Lathers is an artisanal soap firm that began as a hobby in the home of its owner. Since starting off with just a few basic soaps, it has expanded to sell a huge selection of artisanal soaps, scrubs, bath salts, cleansing grains, and soy candles. Launching a website that highlighted products in their best light was one of the factors that contributed to the business’ success.

Boneca Lathers founder Melisa Melo explains, “I needed a quick, simple way for people to explore my items.” To give my business a more professional appearance, “I wanted to move away from my Etsy shop.”

An “About” page that provides some background on the company, a “Shop All” page that lists the whole inventory, a page about personalised products to give as gifts, and a contact page are all included on its product-focused eCommerce website. Less is more in Boneca Lathers’ eyes. Although the entire website is only five pages long, it is jam-packed with useful information and sales-boosting images of its handmade, small-batch natural soaps.

Melo was already successfully promoting her goods offline at pop-up shops, craft fairs, and vendor events. To unite her customer base and create a smooth online and offline experience, she discovered how simple it was to connect her offline sales with her new virtual area after developing her eCommerce website.

With the Square card reader, Melo claims that connecting her Square account to her website to aid in inventory management was a “no-brainer.”

The creation of your online brand identity

Creating your own website allows you complete control over the design, layout, and appearance, in contrast to social media platforms and online marketplaces, which sometimes limit user interaction to a single page with few options. You can differentiate yourself from rivals by being free to tailor a website to your specific needs and having total control over your brand.

A home products eCommerce website called White Gardenia Co. that specialises in teas, candles, soaps, and housewarming gift boxes needed to be able to quickly create a brand identity online. The company’s founder, Hannah Holbrook, declares in a video on her website that “simplicity” is its main objective.

From a selling and purchasing standpoint, Square’s eCommerce website is quite user-friendly, according to Holbrook. “From a seller’s perspective, I appreciate the many available web design options and store customizations. From a purchasing perspective, our clients frequently comment on how quick and simple it is to place an order on our website. And everything appears to be so tidy and sharp from both angles.

The key to designing the ideal eCommerce website is to adapt the user interface to a company’s requirements so that customers can tell they’re not just browsing another marketplace. Holbrook made imaginative design decisions when developing the White Gardenia Co. website to represent the company’s corporate identity, which centres on simple, clean living. This helps the company create a true online presence where it can interact with customers.

Creating (and expanding) your internet audience

A company’s brand can be strengthened and its customer base can be expanded with the aid of an online store.

Poor George, a former Etsy vendor, uses its online business to reach a far larger audience with its Hudson Valley design. Although the physical store is situated in the centre of Cold Spring, New York, its online store now allows it to reach clients all over the country with its handcrafted clothes, accessories, apothecary products, and housewares. According to Cadah Goulet, the founder of Poor George, this not only helped them reach a larger consumer base but also provides the store more respectability and aids in keeping customers who came in while on vacation.

“Instead of sales growth, authenticity was my main concern. A website is a wonderful option for customers who wish to buy something they already purchased in the store again, according to Goulet. The town where I have my brick-and-mortar business sees a lot of tourism, so it’s good to be able to keep consumers online when they can’t always travel into town.

Concentrating on what makes your company distinctive

With the help of an online store, these self-made business owners were able to establish their brand on their own terms. Sellers can create pages and create a user experience that is tailored to their particular business goals by utilising a DIY website builder. For Boneca Lathers, that meant adopting streamlined product pages to highlight their goods. Poor George connected its physical presence with an expanding online community, whereas White Gardenia employed design tools to create its online identity.

You can give priority to the elements of your store that are most important to your audience by choosing to control and oversee the creation of your website. This enables extensive experimentation to determine what works best for each unique organisation. An online store can assist entrepreneurs in concentrating on designing a stunning website that highlights their products to the fullest. Additionally, it enables vendors to expand their businesses as their clientele expands.

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