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How to bring natural light into an apartment?

The lack of natural light in a room can have detrimental effects on the health and morale of its inhabitants. If you are in a dark room, it is important to look for simple and effective techniques to bring light into this room. So what can you do to bring natural light into an apartment?

Free up space around windows

Windows are the very first channel through which daylight freely enters your apartment. To do this, you must take care to declutter the space around them. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove all furniture and accessories that are close to these openings. You must release them within a radius of 40 cm around your windows. If you are a person who is used to installing furniture next to these openings, you should avoid this behavior as much as possible.

After decluttering near your windows, you can open them wide to allow natural light to enter your room. To do this, it is best to open these openings in the morning from 10 am and 11 am and close them at dusk around 5.30 pm. So you can take full advantage of daylight all day long.

Install roof windows

The installation of roof windows is one of the very effective solutions to bring natural light into your apartment. If you have the means or if your accommodation allows it, do not hesitate to install them. These openings are perfect for illuminating every corner of your room throughout the day. They also allow you to benefit from the immense benefits of natural light on a daily basis. In addition, roof windows adapt perfectly to narrow spaces as well as neighborhoods that are too close.

These openings are very easy to install. If you want to do this, it is better to add an external electric blind to it. This will allow you to avoid the inconveniences that are often caused by rain. You can also modulate the sunshine by using blackout blinds.

Install mirrors in your room

The essential trick to bring light into your apartment is to install mirrors inside. Indeed, these accessories allow natural light to be reflected throughout the room. Thus, they can effectively illuminate the dark corners of your room.

If you want to install mirrors in your room, it is better to choose a large one or mirrors in accumulation. You can also hang a series of mirrors on the wall. Depending on the orientation of the place, it is advisable to install them on the wall where daylight hits as long as possible. To bring a real touch to the decorations of your interior, you can also bet on a small collection of mirrors. However, you should avoid overusing them, as they can disturb you while you sleep.

Favor white and light curtains

The use of colored and heavy curtains is perfect for decorating your room, but they reduce the light that comes from outside. Thus, they prevent natural light from entering your apartment. Likewise, the double curtains interfere with the lighting.

To bring natural light into your room, it is recommended to frame your windows with a unique raft. It won’t take up too much space. In addition, you can fold it down on one side only to let light into your interior. Also, this curtain should be white and light. Thus, it will be able to let the light rays pass. If you want maximum brightness, you can bet on the installation of roller shutters.

Painting the walls of your apartment

Even if the windows let natural light into your room, it should be reflected in the other corners of your interior. For this, it is strongly recommended to paint the walls of your room with a suitable color. To this end, you must favor the use of light colors. Generally, it is advisable to paint the interior of your apartment in white, but you are not forced to use this color. You can bring a warm tint to your interior to limit the feeling of a cold atmosphere. For this purpose, you can bet on the color yellow, blue, green, gray, etc. However, avoid bright colors like taupe, pink, red, etc.

Install light furniture in your room

The installation of imposing furniture in an apartment prevents light from penetrating perfectly into the latter. For this, it is preferable to use minimalist and light furniture. For example, you can favor blond or white wooden furniture. Check models now. These bring an impression of warmth. In addition, they bring a magnificent touch to the interior of your apartment and perfectly reflect the light of day. It should be noted that the choice of furniture with a light base also makes it possible to avoid the grip on the ground.

Apart from installing light and light furniture, you can lay parquet on the floor. The latter must be installed in the direction of the light in order to promote perfect entry of the sun’s rays into your apartment.

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