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How to Draw a Pond

How to Draw a Pond

Learn how to draw a super pond with step-by-step cool drawings instructions and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a magnificent lagoon design. After all, when a rock drops into a pond, the water persists, trembling even after the stone courses to the base.


A pond is a little body of moistness. It can be genuine or artificial and houses animals such as fish, frogs, insects, ducks, and herons. In cold areas, lagoons freeze in winter, facilitating ice skating. The difference between a pond and a pond is the size. The lagoons are shallow and completely “whys” – the light hits the background, allowing plants to develop. Ponds are deep enough to have aphotic areas, “deep water areas that do not receive Sun.” ponds usually have a larger surface.


Drawing a Pond

Step 1:

Start by describing the pond. Light some stones of various sizes utilizing a long curved line separately. Then attach the stones operating long curved lines to describe the pond.

Step 2:

Draw an aquatic plant, erasing if necessary. Draw short lines through the water to indicate ripples at the base of the plant. Wave, extend pairs of curved lines in points to describe the leaves. Among the leaves, the branches emerge. Draw a set of similar curved lines per rod.

Step 3:

Draw the pipes of the Attires factory. Draw two elongated ovals for each seed head – a large and very small. Then pull the grass along the bottom of the rocks, erasing if necessary. For each grass blade, extend the curved lines at the points.

Step 4:

Contour the character of the rock with curved lines. Then draw more grass next door, using a pair of lines at one point for each blade. Then start drawing a swimming fish in the pond. Use curved lines that overlap to draw their face and mouth smiling. Share a small oval in an oval to form the eye. Use curved lines to include the pectoral fin.

Step 5:

Complete the fish. Use curved lines to represent the body and tail, the rear and anal fins, and ignore the gills between the head and the body. Then sketch a frog sitting on a stone, erasing if necessary. Use curved lines to describe your head, mouth, eyes, and body.

Step 6:

Complete the frog. Use overlapping curved lines to sketch your legs, feet, and toes. Obag A small oval in an oval form the eye and uses a curved line for the crest of the eyebrows above. Then draw a dragonfly. Draw two smaller ovals in a larger oval to form the head and eyes.

Step 7:

Complete the dragonfly. Draw the four wings. For each branch, develop a curved line and fold. Connect the wings with curved lines to include the body. Draw short lines along the wings to indicate your quick movement.

Then start drawing a water lily on the pond surface. Use curved lines to describe the first of the double petals.

Step 8:

Keep describing the water lily, using a pair of curved lines at one point for each. Then draw a second flower.

Step 9:

How to Draw a Pond

Draw the pillows on the surface of the water. For everyone, draw a partial circle, its ends connected by a concave line in the form of a “V.” Draw small curved ripples around stones, plants, and animals.

Step 10:

How to Draw a Pond

Color your cartoon with a peaceful pond.

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